as sadly fans and hollywood and also those who he helped when he was doing the mda labor day telethon are now dealing with the passing this week after a long career of jerry lewis who died this week at age 91 as fans and his loved ones mourn and remember his legacy . the big question and speculation now will be starting mostly will the library of congress honor their agreement with him to wait ten years from now and show at last his long lost infamous film of his the clown who cried having his print of it donated. which if one doesn’t know the film has jerry playing a clown who the nazies hire to entertain kids in a concentration camp and marches with them into the gas chamber in the end. that jerry seeing how messed up the idea was took the print and locked it away in a vault. with only a select few seeing it. with jerry sadly now with dean in heaven the big question among fans now is will the library of congress honor jerry request and wait ten years now then let fans dare see the clown who cried or will they risk his estate having to take them to court and try to dare release the thing early. odds are they will honor just as a way to honor jerry and go with the ten year agreement though given how messed up the thing is will if they do release it in 2027 will any one really dare see it? myself nope have no desire to even after hearing so much about this thing and how messed up it is.