and thus once herr star and the grail finaly came with tulip so messed up over jesse lieing to her and cassidy busy trying to make up for bad parenting and also creating a monster by turning his old kid into a vampire who is proving that he is liking the taste for blood to much that soon the hooker cassidy is bringing home will wind up a pile of bodies and the cops will come a calling for cassidy . as tulip is so messed up knowing the saint of killers is still around that the grail spies are able to trick her including finding the saints pistols. as jesse tries to get more answers from herr star and then meets the one character who most fans of the show figured once the show got near having to bring the character on amc could have the censors really screaming at them saying change the plans you can’t show that character for if you do a big fine. aka the reveal that the grail and herr star created a clone of jesus who due to inbreeding is not mentaly all there as jesse finds out and learns the grail and herr star will not help try and find god after all jesse even using genisus power on the clone which surprised the censors haven’t told amc yet okay get rid of the clone now you can’t be allowed to show him any more due to him being jesus for its boarding almost on sacrilige as preacher finaly introduces the one character some fans figured the censors would have the mother of all shit fits and tell amc whoo hold hold it you are going to be in deep trouble if you show this character after all. as preacher gets nearer already to its season finaly with two episodes now left.