and thus for who fans. an end of an era has happen as peter capalida gave his swan song as the twelve version of the time lord . in the doctor who xmas special that saw the doctor trying to avoid regenerating winding up teamed up with his very first incarnation played by william hartnell and currently played by a actor in make up to look like william they are teamed up to do one thing return a guy back to his time so he can die since saving him has thrown the time line out of whack. spoilers for those who have not seen it . yet the guy turns out by the so called baddie posing as billy who fans saw last season became a cyberman then left the doctor on the tardis to die . billy really as alien named testimony gathers the memories of the dead and restores them to life in similaries then returns them to the time of their deaths. the doctors who the first doctor also refuses to regenerate yet must restore the time line plus also fans so rusty the only good dalek to bid addue to twelve and in a surprise that has has fans mixed clara saying bye bye too and giving the doctor his memories of her back. end spoilers. and then what always happens in the doctor xmas show twelve says addiue and regerates to thirteenth welcoming jodi whittaker the first woman to play the doctor ever. next the adventures for thirteen. feelings mixed sad to see peter time as the doctor end but all thins end and looking forward to what jodi does with the role. dr. who xmas special ends one era begins another for the tie lord