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and thus proving controversy and word of mouth does have power even for sequels to old classics  go set a watchman did it and has wound up its short time out sold a total of a million copies nabbing the number one spot on some best seller lists like u.s todays mostly due to the curiosity that got generated over atticus finch being racist in it. and mostly if harper lee really granted the okay to have it printed or those were just saying so to get the thing publied to ride her coatails but mostly the addicus finch up roar that has some kill a monkingbird fans saying they may not read it due to that heart breaking reveal. as  go set a watchman hits a million.  and best seller top set

and even with all the controversy that was around go set a watchman mostly now that it has atticus finch found to be a racist and against the u.s supreme court ruling  of desgration. plus also that it whacks a character . but even the controversy could not stop the book once out from getting closer to by the end of this week maybe high if not number on on the best seller list as its first weeks out and  its total copies sold a million. though that is proably due to fans of to kill a monking bird wanting to know the rest of the story of scout . plus also the controversy of the thing. as go set a watchman  goes sliding to be on the best seller list maybe top of it  when its new sales numbers are counted. so far a million.

and talk about proof that harper lee still after all this time has her touch of the written word. go set a watchman has just been on books shelves for about 24 hours and  its already claiming a sales record as number one in sales at barnes and nobles. and no doubt by the end of the week if not the month may be number one on the best sellers list soon. but mostly due to word of mouth and the controversy over how it changes addicus finch and also the big thing if harper lee really wanted this thing out in the first place.  the book has not been out long and its claiming sales crown even knocking out the fifty shades of grey book  that is told in kristians grey pov. yes its even knocked grey down a peg. and go set a watchman has already started to show maybe being a best seller. taking a record already .

and thus after all the controversy and hype mostly the controversy being did harper lee ever intend for go set a watchman which was an earlier version and now considered the sequel to kill a monkingbird to be released at all after the manuscript was found in her stuff.  plus the revelations that spoilers scouts brother jem croaks and the biggie atticus finch the hero of the book turns out that he might have been a racist after all including hooking up with the kkk. that after all the controversy and hype now fans get to judge for themselves if harper lee kind of did some damage to her legacy by letting this book be published at last when maybe she truely wanted to do a j.d salinger and keep the thing hidden.  but never the less harper lee fans now get to judge for themselves was harper lee right to let a sequel to kill a monkingbird one that will change some views on atticus finch . as go set a watchman is now out its arrived on shelves. still wonder how long before some studio says they have the movie rights .

and thus now in only hours and hours from now unless some one manages to wind up finding the book out early like at a midnight sale or something. harper lee fans now don’t have to wait much longer and go set a watchman will at last be able to be in hands of to kill a monkingbird lovers. even though the book will still have damaged the character of atticus finch by revealing he has racial views and even a part of the kkk. though most will proably just think of the character from his monkingbird version.  as the wait starts ending for harper lee fands axious to get a hold of the sequel to kill a monkingbird at last. no matter how it could change and tarinish the opinion of the characters readers have had from kill a monking bird. plus wonder how long before some one tries to ban this one as they did kill a monking bird

and now after today fans will just have to kill the last 24 hours they have to wait till they finaly get to aquire a copy of harper lee’s  go set a watchman even after the big bombshells that have leaked about one character biting it and some revealations about Atticus. fans now will have to tide themselves over for 24 hours more after today then the most talked about book is out in fact would not be surprised if stores can have a midnight sale ala like they did with the harry potter books. otherwise fans will still have to wait then to go set a watchman is  on shelves at last. wonder how long before hollywood has the movie rights .

with now only four days and counting and fans who read the sneak peak at the first chapter realing that spoiler warning again that harper lee whacked scouts brother jem. but from those who manage to get an early copy of the book turns out the main reason harper lee besides being asked to write to kill a monking bird instead when she pitched the book . is turns out spoiler warnings again turns out that besides forgetting the thing existed turns out that the reason harper lee proably deemed the book unpublishible is that it would wind up destroying the view of atticus finch fans got . mostly because those who got an early copy discovered that atticus is a racist after all and even attended kkk meeetings in the book. no wonder harper lee never let this book see the light of day for so long for proably fear that it would make fans who had such a belief that atticus finch was a good guy and new racisim is wrong. wind up crushed to find that he is actully has racist views let alone a member of the kkk. as more bombs keep coming making go set a watchman proably going once released tuesday high on the best seller list due to controversy and the surprises in it.

even though there are five days to go before harper lee fans can at last get a hold of the still a little controversial monkingbird sequel  go set a watchman. controversial for there is still some debate on if harper lee herself really did okay the thing finaly seeing the light of day even though her lawer and agent keeps saying yes she okayed it. but with five days left. fans who manage to read the sneak peek of the first chapter lee gave the okay to be on line. fans are shocked as spoiler warning engaged.  fans who read it wound up shocked to find that  harper her scouts brother jem dead . or as the chapter puts dropped dead in his tracks one day. but does not go into details of how jem did that. and if this happens in the first chapter. wonder what other shocks she could have in the rest of the book. as with only five days to go before go set a watchman is in harper lee fans and kill a monkingbird lovers too. a sneak peek already has fans buzzing and upset as harper lee reveals the fate of one character not good.

even as most harper lee fans know that given her age and health and also she being reclusive that she will not once the just discovered manuscript of hers go set a watchman that her attorney found and is a sequel to to kill a monking bird mostly since it has a grown up scout go home to visit her aged and ill father adicus. which harper also revealed that was the reason kill a monkingbird was written for her publisher read it and was intrigued by flashbacks of scout and asked her to write about that and the rest is history a instant classic plus a movie too. plus harpers words when she learned about the thing said she thought the manuscript had been lost. as to kill a monkingbird winds up with more to the tale coming now . a new harper lee book coming..

even though roman polanski should the u.s ever finaly get to extridite him will only serve a prison term for being a fugitive due to statue of limitations. roman better proably be on his guard as his victim sam is about unleash to him a bomb shell finaly going come sept 17 her memoir telling finaly her side of the case. including as sam states some information and facts no one has known till the book hits. but besides what will be in the book. sam is also looking at some no doubt controversy for . she has on the book jacket. the picture roman took of her before he then wound up after ward drugging and raping her. yes sam decided to use the photo roman took of her . which is sure to have people screaming once again for roman to finaly face some justice. and wonder sams mind frame using it. not to mention what she finaly says in the book will be interesting given how. not only has the statue of limitations expired to ever try roman for rape but she has stated she moved on and would never testify if roman would be on trial again. which means no case with out her testimony. but at long last romans polanskie is finaly telling her side of things but also is going to cause some fire works with the book due to the picture on the dust jacket being the one roman took before he raped her. the book out sept 17 titled in the shadow of roman Polanski by sam chenwerth. the picture shows her at age 17. and no doubt once the book is out the u.s may once again be gunning to try and get roman .