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just to let all those who dare to folow the posts  here at demoncat4  at worpdress that starting tommorrow all entries will be coming from my new lap top for my old one finaly died. so if things look differant its because of that since with every new  thing it will take time to get used to it . for the last two entries were done on one i borrowed since data from my old one is being transfred to my new one. so to all who follow this don’t be worried if something looks strange her for the next day or too . its all due to starting with a new lap top .

at least paramount should be happy they got one more indiana johnes film out of steven spileberg and nwo fans now what he wil proalby be using some of his profits form the crystal skull for. he will be saving it to build toward the 1 billion he needs to fullfill his plan to buy dreamworks back from paramoutn and make it an indepen film stuido agian which means the rumoraobut steven spielberg finaly bidding paramount goodbye when his current deal expires at the end of th eyear is true. since paramount aquired dream works. asand as for if stevne does manage to buy it back who would distribute dreaworks films. the top runner is unverisal but fox and disney would also be considered to work out a deal. yes steven and disney could work again talk about the gates of hell cracking for steven hasn’t worked with disney due to issues over who owns the rights to roger rabbit disney claims they do steven has always said he has. but looks like hollywood does indeed make strange alliances now. as steven next project is to raise the 1 billion to take back dreamworks and make it an independent film studioe. and as for changes time warner is saying they aren’t planning on buying nbc which is the rumor given talk of a allaince between gm and time waner though they did say if ge did decied to sell nbac they would be the first tomake an offer to get it but otherwise nbc won’t be part of the time warner family for now. and no doubt steven dreamworks partners will be helping steven with getting the billion  wonder if george lucas would be nice and contribute some of that star wars cash .
on equesiton taht should be asked on foxes moment of turth is one wwhat were the exes who greenlit the thing smoking and two did they ever relize the trouble the show would cause the peroson having to ansswere the quesitons not to mention the total violations of privacy that is ure o have the aclu screaming mad and mamybe get the show killed not to mention having the contenst strpped to a lie dector test  surely is in violatioon of some code of game hsow ethics but mostl what waere the exe on to okay the thing or is it due to thw tires strike and being so desparate for new programing htey okay that. rom one guy being asked if he would le this wife get breats englargement to if he has inproaplety being  a personal trainer if he got too close to some patients by acidentand the hhe said yes.  for 25 grand only to los eit when he lied  and the other thing aobut it is the wife could stop the quesitons by pushign a butotn but the big quesiton is what were the exes thinking for moment of truth needs to go fast  away.
whena  candy company moves next door with its main purpose to put the pie hole out of business and the run running it is more nasty then even olvie has ned wanting to tell chuck he killed her father something emerson tells him not to do as olive wind sup with some one wanting her love and rejects him. still pining over ned then she and chuck team up to sabatoge the candy store after they bribe the health inspetor to shut down the pie hole.  so ned goes to undo the sabatoge and then finds a dead body in the taffy that turns out to be the brother of the owner marlee so ned touches him once then again when the cops come find the body and arrest ned so emerson must use his dectective skills by taking some prints with candy with chucks help. as olive is stewing in marlee trunk. and ned deals with an old friend  who is still inlove with a maniquin. as emerson and chuck figure out the health inspector killed the brother after he refused to pay the guy some bribe money after he shut down the pie hole then threated if he didn’t get certain amount he would shut down the sour candy shop andthen a fight and a finger being bit off and poor old wil takes a dip int he taffy machine and dies by taffy. but as for the health inspector he learns the hard way what happend to those who dare get on marylees bad side he takes a dip in the river. as ned confess to chuck he killed her father with his powers. as for shreks xmas special wasn’t bad espiclly donkeys twist on the night before xmas. and gingy  getitng almost homicidal plus shrek learns the meaning of xmas is family and friends to share the holiday with.
proving the old truth that animie does have the habbit to try and change a few things for the show purpsoe from the magna l reveals his true face to the  agents who dare to work to find kaie taking a big risk since l knows light requires a face and name for the death note to work . as light also tries to figure out things and budae gets a little upset that light has backed off using the death note for a little while not relizing that another target for the death note comes a calling as l reveals the stragey in trying to figure out kaie including not letting any cell phones be on in th eplace and not letting any documents leave the room with the agents as they trie to figure out kaies next move . as light goes a hunting for leads on l and some poor recptionest asks light if he is going to wind up helping on the kaie case light gets a little cocky saying he may find kaie before l. then runs into the wife of agent pembroke the fbi agent who gave light the file of names of fbi agents. his fiance who reveals she belive that kaie set up the hostage situation on the train and that her fiance gave his name to him for he wasn’t suppose to give his badge or name to any one. and she told the cops that .which as expected makes her a threat to light and that means her name is goign to be in the death note before to long as l and light plot their next move.  as light dad reminds l that he doens’t like to lose and revealing his face means he might have lost the battle. l says one battle doesn’t mean l will lose the war. even though both l and lights fates are known already
the sci fi channel has a winner with bsg razor it lived up to the hype as the story involved the peagus and what her crew did to survive after the attack on the conloys  though most of the story was told in flash back by admad and shays telling apollo everyting from the peaguses logs as how she lost her andiral during the attack and her and galactic were th eonly ones left after the colony attack plus admama reveald the cylcons were using the captured presioners to make snew ones and vowed in the present to not let that happend again and plans an attack  with peagus and apollo leading that invoves nukeing some cylcons plus int he flash back the cylcons are the old toaster head looks from the orginal series who try and make sure starbuck and her squad don’t suceed in their mission even blocking the detontaion as the one leading the plan was actuly aboard peagus during her early mission that included even raiding conly ships  for weapons and supplies and evne killing the crews to keep the fight something appollo is shocked over. not to mention the peagus captin orders torcher of a cyclon captive who is the early version of six karen. yep torcher of toaster head s. soemthing apollo doesn’t liek till adama reveals the things were done to for survival agains the cyclons. as for baltar he is mention but not seen in razor. otherwise razoer did manage to live up to the hyped not a bad film.
shen gets more then he bargins for when he and blade have to detoxify kristian going through the thirst after mating with we. as chase comes face to face with charolete who tells her to betray wes. plus decides to have some tea made from a baby which shows the one disquisting element of the show. as shen and blade also investigate an ancient serial killing vampire known as the white prince who using a familiar since his face is so aged and scarred kidnapps shens own sister. making the case personal for shen . who winds up almost pisisng off blade for letting his emotions get in the way as kristi dextoxifies. and wes wonders where she is. as chase tells wes charolotes offer and plans to bring him down. and those two scheme against blade plans to make sure wes takes down the purebloods. talk about unholly alliances to meet the ends. as shen winds up taking out the henchtmen of the white prince and winds up getting caught by the guy himself so blade comes a calling and kristian finaly reaches her breaking point and breaks out of the cell. as shen takes out the henchmen by stabbing him. and blade finaly puts down the white prince. plus also mentions whilster told him about the white prince. as they return and find the door destroyed and krisita actuly managed to  beat the thirst. as chase makes a deal with charlote. part of wes plot. and blade is getitng close to ending its season so far no okay for season two . which means like the nightstalkers film never happending if spike doesn’t go for season two they will again be denied hanibal king. and maybe learning where whistler is in the tv version of blade.
fans of the animated series dungeons and dragons can be happy for word was revealed at comic con by one of the shows writers that a legimite dvd of the series will hit in nov all three seasons in one set. with special features i say legimate for the copies that are out are bootlegged copies. not endorsed by the studio who made the show. as for the special features i am betitng one will be mention of what was suppose to be the final episode that never got animated. where the kids after so long got to go home. after turning venger back to good. called requime for the fourth season was to have the kids get off of dependence on their weapons but the show got canceled with what was to be the series finaly never produced. no doubt a mention of it will be on the dvd set. ate least fans will have the whole show all at once. and teen titans fans it was also revealed will get an animated version of the judas contract taken straight from the comic the version that the cartoon wasn’t allowed to do. but dungeons and dragons fans have something to be happy about in nov. guess disney since they own the old marvel animated library that includs dungeons and dragons finaly relised the money they can make by putting the series out on dvd. now if only the animated m.a.s.k series would get the clearance to come out on dvd.
finaly after yanking fans around for a while cartoon network. ran the first of the final four episodes of jlu. which should also be considered the pilot for its replacement supergirl and the legion . as supergirl spends her twenty first birthday training with john stewart. as green arrow and superman have a heart to heart about kara needing a life. outside of being supermans cousin. when they are suddenly transported to the thirty first century by braniac five and bouncing boy.a sign that hopefully the show will bomb. who tell them they need help for they are the only heroes left for the rest are captured by the fatal five. plus braniac five makes a comment that jlu members came to the century but only two returned. then tries to hide the fact that kara isn’t suppose to return from a battle with the fatal five. as green arrow finds more arrows in a museme. and what is an a little nod to crisis on infinite earths. john is seen holding karas knocked out body  just like superman did when supergirl died int he comic. turns out that supergir decides to stay in the future. knowing how proud superman is of his cousin. who then asks green arrow and john about karas boyfriend. maybe i just wanted to cop a feel. supergril to braniac 5. still can’t belive that the series is going off the air. personly i hope supergirl and the legion does so bad that the executive who decided to pull the plug on jlu for it. winds up no longer in that postition. and then cartton network as a way to make up resurects jlu. but that won’t happend. a nice thought
who ever is in charge of the song selection for american idol needs to be taught that of all the groups and legends of music you can do please for future shows and the love of music don’t ever again do queen. for all that is good in music. from kelly pickard dong a almost butchery of bohemian rhapsoday that actully managed to get simon to say it was bad on paper. a compliment from simon. to ace showing he didn’t know what the heck he was doing with we will rock you not even the words. not to mention seeing tyler hicks gyrating to a little thing called love after passing  on we are the champions the only queen tune thankfully was saved from american idols attempts and now infamy. and of course could queen be the show that sends bucky gone finalyt he one who took out madisa and the one suprise was chris doing induedo a tune queen never ever performs live and made it his own. otherwise for future idols please for all that is good and right in the world of musice lay off queen. as for house a boy comes in showing symptoms of a case that twelve years earlier house confronted and couldn’t solve in a woman. but knowing house he sees it as another all the way till cuttey finaly banns him away from the patient after getitng drunk and playing poker with house and randal and when house leaves for the case. randal takes over for house and wins the tournement. and beats cuttey. as house  finaly takes a tissue sample and finds the cause of the symtoms and in the end redeems himself saving the kid and letting the past of the eariler case rest. let it go house your not god. cutey to house. i am surprised you didn’t call her to stop me. a pissed off and frustraed house to chase. when cutey screams that they should have stopped him from any more procedures on the kid.