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and thus the wall did live it to its one thing of changing lives as its season has now come to an end with a pair of sisters vieing for some money including to avoid foreclosure and made a nice sum till the red balls came and lost it all but wound up with the show proving it changes life by walking away with some cash thanks to the one sister ashie signed the contract giving them a gureentees of what they started out with . as the wall has ended its run for now proving its theme of it will change lifes is no bs.

and another first as bar rescue finaly has come back with new episodes. john and co go to rescue another bar and find not only does the honor wind up drinking on the job and the kitchen is a mess again but john bartender can’t use the beer taps to train for they are so dirty. plus the owner has to hire some more staff quick because he does not have much staff. who wind up with the tools john has brought and the bar manages to get rescued and the guy is not drinking on the job plus has staff too another first on bar its back

and thus for proably the second time since this show started. the couple playing the wall wound up walking away with nothing. as the players a pair of brothers who one turns out is a bus driver who saved a woman from committing suicide even though it pissed off the company he was working for . wound up just as they made some bank including a million a few times. the one brother kept causing red balls to come and wipe out every thing they had and in the end they wound up with nothing. and then the guy didn’t sign the contract. but still blood proved thicker then money as the brothers found not getting anything did not bother them. as already the wall nears its season end its finale is next. and hopefuly its revealed it got renewed too.

and thus the wall can now add a pair of teachers who were also siblings to those whose lives they changed by playing the game. though sooner or later some one is bound to sign the contract for the gureentee again. as the sibs a match teacher and science teacher played the game and wound up leaving in the end with over 2 grand mostly due to when the red balls had to drop one landed in a grand slot and took some money were up to 6 grand lost it . plus the lady missed on answering al capone as the mobster held in alcatraz as the wall adds a couple more who now have a change in fortune from playing it as chris is about to kick off matching ryan seacrest in the most working guy in hollywood now with the wall still going through its season and soon talking dead starting up shortly

and another first for shark tank after a bit lori with mark wound up making a deal for a product that already did business with qvc a more portable shopping cart wound up with a deal by lori and mark in the end after damion made in offer too. for turns out the creators sold it also on qvc so it was kind of a redeal for lori. plus the sharks also gave a deal for a new version of the old cooler. more portable . passed on some play mats with mr wonerful babysitting the creators baby while they pitched the deal. and also gave a deal to rinse kits a portable shower kit. which no doubt should soon show up in the as seen on tv section of a walmart and other retailers near you with on the as seen on shark tank shelf. maybe next to the licky the cat grooming mouth comb. for some actuly have bought the licky for real.

and looks like this season of the bachelor is not short on drama from picking up with the rose ceramony from last one that sees dominique go then another one sending christian and brittiny home too. plus also a trip to the bachelors home town showing one of the ladies is not suited for farm work. and then at the cocktail party came a catfight between astino and another lady antino making it really known she is not taking kindly to the insuations they think she is dumb. words flying . and this is just an episode of the show wonder if the two will fully be at it when the ladies tell all arrives. as three go and a catfight on the bachelor .

and thus once again the wall winds up changing lives as a couple who not only inspire others from their kid with down syndrom to give other disabled a chance. but also mostly just going raise their kid without complaint the couple wound up when all the balls were dropped including the dreaded red ones. that some manage to not take so much money a dollar mostly but when it came time to either sign the contract or rip it up as chris hardwick explained to the wife who even trippled on one answer. in the end the contract was ashes and the couple total a million bucks. after taxes is still a big chunk as the wall keeps on changing the lives of those who play it wouldn’t be surprised if any time now it gets the okay for a full season and another one later for fall.

one thing about match game now is the panel are not afraid to risk having their answer bleeped out as one question had them decide that one could have a crystal vg yes the word vagina as answer to the question the whole panel though one on it had a differant name . and when it came to the bonus round sadly the contestant wound up bombing out on that one as the match game let lose the laughs and proved hypithicaly one may want a crystal version of a body part.

and thus the blacklist returned for its second half of the season with already things explosive from agent narberi turning out to working with an enemy with some bad guys come to town after a device. and also has some of the government involved too . to red calling in a favor by getting liz reinstated as an agent by getting a presidental pardon by reminding the president of the u.s red did him a favor and now he has come to collect yes for it seems even the highest government official in the world of the black list is not immune to reds charms . but liz winds up with her job back and narbi gets the third degree for doing what she did by the chief after she is rescued from being taken hostage by the group she is working with . as betrayal return and red calls in favors on the black list back for the rest of its season

and on the first shark tank of the new. the sharks had a little gambit and some laughs from a company that came up with a way for one to groom their cat yes groom their cat themselves called the lickie which is a giant brush you put in your mouth and groom the cat. they didn”t get a deal but the sharks had some laughs over what to me has to be one of the most creepiest and disqusting pet products that has shown up on the tank. in my opinion. then came some mens underwear no deal. followed by a guy who created some new type of coffee kcups no deal which looked like the shark tank was going to wind up with an episode where no one got a deal till the last product a couple who makes perfect dolls that fit the little girl. customed to her they wound up with the only deal of the episode. and also put a smile on the sharks face better then them having the cat grooming thing in their mouths.