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and not only did one pairing have the judges reveal that who ever alliah did not pick would wind up stolen. but puppet adam came back again. as the next round of the battle rounds of the voice happen. with the steals as expected flying and the judges letting lose their pairings. with one of the final steals getting down to adam and gwen making one guy pick gwen even though he was an adam fan. as the voice gets through the battle rounds with the steals becoming a tool by the judges . and next one more battle rounds then the knock outs.

and just as it looked like the long saga of if orson wells the other side of the wind would finaly end with the thing completed at last after netflix revealed it made a deal for the rights to it and also will fund finaly completing it yes completing it which orson wells has tried to do and his co film maker has tried for a long time to finish given all the battles over it including demands by some for the master print. plus the rumor that orson had five versions of the thing made trying to finish . but proving that the thing can not end with a bow at last comes one more twist. as those who pledged to try and finish it using crowdfunding before the netflix deal happen. that included clint eastwood. are now seeing red and demanding as expected wanting indigo to give back their money even though the thing did not make its goal. but given how many twists and turns orson wells final film has gone through to see the light of day once maybe finished what is one more.? as some fans who tried to help complete it by crowdfunding feel screwed now by netflix and their plans to finaly not only at last give movie fans a long lost gem and final film from the legend orson wells but also in a first for them foot the bill to at last complete the thing after so long of orsons camp trying to finish the thing . and using the master print that those who have tried to help make it complete kept demanding before offering up the money. but got no where.

and thus with the teams now filled on the voice. that included alicia being the last one to fill her team plus showing she has some mad pupped skills when just to mess with adam while she was getting the very last member for her team. she took out a puppet that was made to be adam. and had some fun. plus adam wound up with a country singer this time on his team. which means next is the battle rounds and that means the steal will be in play and go flying . as the voice completes the their teams with even some puppet fun too.

and in a switch two tribes become three forming a new one called taba but cassadra showed why she is a villain when spotting some goats she decided the tribe should eat them. even after the goats malcom caught turned to be a mother and baby she still wanted to eat the goats yes she wanted to eat a mother goat and baby wonder if the lady laughed when bambies mother got whacked . but thankfuly the goats lived plus trazan manage to snag an idol during a challenge. due to a clue he was given. right at a a challenge another twist and for the second time caleb got sent packing from the game though the first time was due to illness and also the same time he made it in the game day nine. as two tribes become three. caleb repeats some survivor history and cassandra shows she is one lady deserving of being a survivor baddie and also cold . by saying we going to get a mama goat and a baby goat. yes willing to orphan a baby.

and thus kicking off season 32 or something. survivor returned at last with fan faves from ozzy to tony to malcome to cassandra the surivor queen to treezan and caleb at last having his shot to play the game. and right away the mara tribe was in trouble from the get go from first forgoing getting a tool kit to tony stirring up the parnoia as he went idol hunting. and winding up after the first tribal sent siera packing. the next one sent tony packing too . right before he could really try and do some damage . as the immunity idol turned out to be a old fashion divers helment. and the other tribe was kicking butt. but mostly survivor kicked off a new season with fan faves back to try again and for cassandra try and make her reign a three time survivor winner. plus will ozzyy learn from his past mistatkes. not to mention in a twist idols are abudent and no revote if there is a tie at tribal.

and thus manhunt ended its season now with the hunters winding up out foxed not by one of the remaining couples since they caught one earlier. but the two couples that were still standing and the last ones the hunters had to go after wound up showing they know how to play the game from the wife of one pulling a bait and switch on the hunters when they track her car and go after it in a parking lot only to find she had her mother fill in for her while she and her husband go get the 250 grand out of the bank and race for the airplane. to take off and win which the other couple did the same thing. as manhunt ends its season with the hunters being outmatched by not one but four . which means should the show return the hunters better be upping their game more. manhunt ends the hunting now with four the champs

and normaly for the voice when they start their season adam is the one who seems to have to play catch up with forming his team but this time including by gwen too. blake wound up being the one who will have some catching up to do as try as he might those getting a turn of the chairs either went with aliah adam or gwen. with adam even using gwen and blakes love to get one contestant to go with gwen. plus a few hopefuls the judges did not turn around but odds are a few may be back next season as blake winds up schooled by the other judges who go to town on the voice. the second episode of the new season and so far blake doesn’t have much of team. though this could just be a warm up and blake will go to town next episode

at least the oscars never end with out any drama. as just when it looked like la la land had nabed best picture oscar to the point the cast where even giving speeches turn out that due to a mix up and the wrong envelope the true winner and also causing a surprise upset that still has people going wtf happen the winner of best picture instead turned out too be moonlight. at least the oscars never are boring and drama free. as a mix up gives la la land a big win and then denies it . as moonlight becomes the real belle of the oscars

and after eight seasons shark tank made a milestone 100,000,000 in deals were made at last. they hit the mark . with the milestone including beach towels which the guys got the first deal of the episode. some oranic thing that they declined the offer . no deal. then a drone that not only got the sharks fighting but a deal. plus of all things pants made with elephant designs that had four sharks then three with lori first out then teaming up with mr wonderful only to have the guys keep going back and fourth and in the end getting the deal with damion. as the sharks made a milestone of 100 million in deals. next one to go for 200 million and so on.

and thus the wall did live it to its one thing of changing lives as its season has now come to an end with a pair of sisters vieing for some money including to avoid foreclosure and made a nice sum till the red balls came and lost it all but wound up with the show proving it changes life by walking away with some cash thanks to the one sister ashie signed the contract giving them a gureentees of what they started out with . as the wall has ended its run for now proving its theme of it will change lifes is no bs.