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not only would a combo of a big mac and a whooper proably be a true heart attack waiting to happen not to mention one would have to be crazy and want to torcher the poor fry cooks who would have to make it . but the thing  sounds like an unholy freak of a food only found in hadess but diners will never know exactly what something would be like as mcdonalds said no to burger king offer of combining the big mac and whooper. besides if any one things those two big rivals would ever team up that would be like coke and pepsi making something together. as mcds. spares the world the love child made of a big mac and whooper.

given how they can only be found now in only one area of the u.s they have to hostess and twinkie fans who don’t live where they are avaible. become a legend chocodiles aka chocolate much then even a host of pod cast talked about tasting them one time and wound up getting some in the mail. but now hostess fans nationwide will finaly get to experiance the legend themselves as hostess current owners revealed they are going to now roll out nationwide yes a long last twinkie fans and hostess fans. will get to experiance hostess own legend chocodiles now no longer just confined to one area for a select few to know what its like to eat a twinkie covered in chcolate besides taking one and pouring chocolate on it themselves. as hostess says the legend that is the chocodile soon to be on shelves nation wide at long last. though they should just have called them chocolate twinkies for chocodiles sounds like a play on words on a shoe .can’t wait to finaly get a hold of box and see what they taste like .

and just when the streak of no new study results of coffee would continue. harvards health department has now come out with a new one on some benifits coffee may have. this time finding that those who drank at least four cups but also used other drinks like soda were found to have their sucide risk lowered that they found coffee caused the brain to fire some neuro transmitters including some of the chemicals like dorphine and ani adreline that lowered those with a case of severe depression their risk of suicide . cut in half though the researchers due say the results should not be taken by those with severe depression as a new cure espiclaly if they are suicidal . just that scietists have found coffee can now lower the risk in half by causing the brain to fire some neurons to help deal with depression so much for the streak of silence on scientists finding any new health benifits and surprises from drinking a cup of joe. for coffee still keeps getting studied till scientists have found all the health benifits from drinking it or worse as true surprise find drinking coffee could though doubtful it would happen coffee can make people almost age slowly or get close to immortality. and as the researchers stress if one is severly depressed or sucididal one should not look at coffee as a treatment instead of seeking the help needed just that coffee was found to lower the risk of committing it.

and thus the night mare for snack cake lovers that began when hostess crumbled due to a strike with some of its workers. and having to go belly up and thus for a bit till the company got bought up and saved. thus the world was almost winding up being twinkie free for good. but as of today for those who did not make a trip to walmart yesterday today for the rest of the nation . the twinkie nightmare is over with twinkies are now back on shelves be rolled out by retailers and by the end of the week should be more easy to find along with the other hostess snack cakes following but mostly the one every hostess lover was more afraid of losing for ever. the twinkie proving being like a coackroach harder to get rid of . the wait for twinkie lovers who did not get some at walmart has ended they are back now. officialy out . and hostess no doubt going to be making a nice profit with twinkies back for snack cake lovers who want that fix .

and for hostess lovers and snackers the long national nightmare though for those who went and hoarded twinkies as if they were gold they are kind of screwed but should be happy for they can eat their supply and not worry about never having a taste of the golden cake and cream again. as hostess revealed that july fifteen will see twinkies and other snacks with cup cakes now being made from a new formula using cocoa instead of their regular chocolate but mostly for hostess lovers who paninked when hostess went bankrupt and looked to be going out of business paniked over never having a twinkie again. now they can all rejoice the night mare is over with as come july 15 twinkies proving they are as hard to get rid of as coack roaches returns. plus the spokesperson for hostess stated that the shelf life of a twinkie is 45 years they will not survive a nuclear holocaust putting to rest the urban legend that besides cockroaches that the one thing that will survive a nuclear holocaust of the world is a twinkie. plus hostess president rich said one could in the future see differant flavors and even a crunchy version of the twinkie in the future.

not only has finaly the title of the rarest coffee gotten claimed by a plant but the plant also has the ability to have its beans if its not planted in the right conditions wind up coming off as just ordinary coffee beans. thus making it rare. and also a new little fortune for star bucks their own version of the mcrib since they manage to make a deal to import a supply from columbia but only for a short time. along with  green mountain coffee making a deal to have the stuff in a k cup for the k machines. though the big question is will given how starbucks is charging seven bucks a cup for the chance  to try the thing will they wind up in the end winding up taking a drowning since will people actully pay seven bucks a cup for coffee. even if its the now rarest coffee ever. and does not come from animal poop finaly as for green mountain they may fair better with the k cup of it since doubtfull they are charging seven bucks a cup . the new rarest coffee may wind up giving starbucks a little splashing from being seven bucks. plus the fact that once they go through the supply from columbia they are done . till columbia gets more. since the plant is so rare and its conditions for it to produce the unique flavor are only founds in certain locations including columbia . for one could try and import the plant but odds are they would wind up with it producing just normal coffee beans.

if one ever thought that the rarest coffee in the world coming from the poop of the civiet was nasty. looks like the thing has some new company as. a canadian company  called black ivory coffee  founded by blake dinkin is making a killing as he has found  a new source of gourment coffee mostly feeding coffee beans to elephants then when they digest them harvesting the beans from their poop and sending them off to be roasted. yes  its now not just the civiet poop for gourment coffee lovers. but elephants in thailand have joined the party of most inky way to get coffee made. and the guy coffee is actully in some gourment shops for a 1 bucks a pop with the idea to expand to some more stores. next year with some of the money made going to pay for the health care of the elephants which vets have found that the elephants are not being harmed by eating the beans or getting off on the caffine . and hopefully also a nice wage to those who have to go through the poop to get the beans. as the elephant now joins the  market of having its poop used to make  real gourment coffee. that would be one flavor i would avoid at starbucks if they ever served it would rather try the civet one .

if one thinks they are going to get through on agt by trying to impress sharon by doing an ozzy impersonation . as one guy who called himself little ozzy found out not going to fly sharon may be impressed by the look and the guy even sounded like ozzy but the judges voted no even her.  then came the craziness from a guy in a chicken suit to a lady drummer no band. to them letting a young kid about six through due to his dancing and singing. to   one act so bad howard used his butt to push the button. and then came the youngest escape artist ever doing a real scary trick straight jacketed and upside down to a nasty device   suspended from the ceiling the rope burning. and he wound up making it at the last second before the mechanical jaws of death closed on him. made it through. as sharon got a visit from a little version of ozzy but he did not make it through.

sci fi channel now has added hanzel and gretel to their list of fairy tales to add their own twist too this time making hanzel as a with hunter who is called that for most of the picture who with his partner go kill witches their main goal to get the queen of witches her self played by Shannon Doherty who turns out is actuely gretel. who got taken when they were young and the witch queen took over her body. and it does not take long when Hanzel and his ally laura who the two find a young girl named ashly being attacked by a warlock named semes who craves overthrowing the witch queen and taking over the coven even offering a deal with hanzel that he will give her gretal and in exchange he gets the coven and  their paths will not cross again. as hanzel and him fight when he tries to bind a ashely  to the coven. only to fail and then turns out the witch queen wants ashely as a new host . but it does not take long and all bets are off. ashely and hanzel go after gretel laura starts to have her memories that were stolen back and tries to strip selumus of his powers. hanzel is soon to have to kill ashely and thus stop the witch queen as gretal is free the coven goes to the old  warlock and the witch queen is also destroyed as sci fi  leaves their stamp on hanzel and gretal in gretl witch hunter which is a little ironic since the two in the original story threw the witch into the oven. and now are witch hunters. guess they got a taste to whack witches.

and the idol judges after getting some of the first of the twenty four went and finished rounding up the rest some going home including one guy who had to drop out last season only to learn he did not  make the cut again with jen in tears saying that is the part of the job she hates. as they kept at it telling some they made it and some sent packing.  while the rest waited in the room for their turns . the judges used their performances to decide. and in the end the final slots for the girls and boys the judges had the last three girls come in together and two went home the last two guys one went home. plus now turns out that the judges will be adding another guy making it the top twenty five. with the guys that include a south dakotan named chrickton singing tuesday as the top 24 are chosen and the real fun and battle in idol begins. plus what ought to have the censors screaming steven took his clothes off and took a dip in the pool that was behind the judges as they were putting the top twenty four together.