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scientitsts trying to figure out a way to deal with new restistance strains of disease to antibionices may have found some insight thanks to none other then ants. a study from wisconisn found a breed of ants called anttine ants were actully carrying in their armours their own bacterira that produced antibioncits against a fungus that wold if not stopped destroy their way of life for the study showed thanks to the bacterira the ants and the fungus have been in a stalement for a long time. giving new insights into trying to win the battle against drug restiance strains of bacteria  for doctors. the ants depend on fugus to live that gives them shelter and food though live in constant siege from a paristica fungus that the ants anitboitics in their shell seem to keep the parisite neutrilized giving researchers the belife of a symbotic relationship . the research was conducted by an internatial team. the research opens up a whole  lot of questions no one thought to ask till now and also may give scientists a way to work on developing ways to treat bacteria in humans that seem to become drug resistance to antibioncis. and if that happends the scientists will owe it all to a breed of ant  proving that natures insect world may hold the key to advacements in medical treatments showing that men and natures creatures even small ones can actully have a lot in common including  making sure they have the ablitiy to neutrilize threats to their way of life like evil fugus or bacteria and king kong is at third and slolwly sliding dispointing those who had high hopes for it at the box office though the dvd of the orginal is doing good .

scientists using cloning as a baldness cure

its the one thing that scares most males. incluidng now with the baby boomer generation ageing. baldness. but scieintists studying hair may make baby boomers avoide that thing for a  british company is useing  cloning technology to replace lost hair using hair samples they hope to use the technology next year. other scientsts are studying genes that may make men sussiable to baldness. espically why african americans are less susciable to white men. but so far the scientists belive that its caused by genics and hormone levels espically testertone the scientists are also eager to find the trigger. the british company meanwhile  has begun some human studies of their process that involves using a certain cell found at the focile base that mixed with skin may produce new hair.  this teqnigue just gives into the vanity of society for after all its bad enoug that the look of being skinny is making robuse people shun but using cloning technology to try and avoid being bald when its going to happend no matter what a guy does its nature. is kind of a vainity of science just like all that plastic surgery and botox people are doing to not age. societys vanity now using science to help them. and what has got to be the most bizzare goverment action ever. the pollution control board of minisota wants to investigate its self for violations of its own rules. instead of an outside oversight commitee. for its even asked for a report if it responded well enough. even the goverment thinks its unusual. either they are trying to be overefficent or trying to skirt something . but any way the proposal is happending as societys vanity is now making men use cloning technolgy to try and keep their failing hairlines and one week left to go and both rent and king kong will be out rent in theatres and king kong finaly out on dvd. waiting to be under the tree for some fan. thats the only way mighty joe young and son of kong will move off shelves.
for decades its been said that humans and monkeys mostly chimps are closely realted in the animal kingdom. scientists who studied the chimp dna genome just proved that theory right. which holds the key to better meidical breakthroughs. as the scientists discovered similarityies in the genome with humans. like that the monkey immune system has been ravaged and attacked so many times by viruses like hiv holding the key to finding a treatment. and also  the gene that causes obesity was found when the human genome invovled including its ablity to speak. as the brain of a human changed more then the chimps also the chimps immune system made it more to be prone to aliziemers and parkisons. though the scientists say it will be years of more work to totaly deciper the chimp genome and how its similar to humans not to mention the keys it may hold to a hiv treatment. and bushes approval rating is down low again. due to katrina and the gas prices climibing and  the protesting cheryl sheehan now saying that she is happy she didn’t get to meet with bush. that it just united the anti war meeting by her actions. and three months till king kong makes his over due dvd debtute without the spider pit scene.