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picking off from last season. duke and nathan both survived for neither took a bullet since due to a guys trouble to wind up bringing conspircies to live including alien invasions and a metor hitting the town that magnetized the thing nathan and duke survived and decided to work together to find audrey who was tied up by some mystery guy along with the kids whose power was causing the whole thing mother who sadly wound up bbqued but not before telling Audrey the same mystery guy held the Colorado kid there months earlier. so the race is one to not only stop the kid from wrecking haven with an alien invasion which he does by letting them taking him. but also save audrey and the kids mother only to find the mother bbqued but save aundrey and start trying to figure out who the mystey guy after her is. and then when they go to dig up the grave of the colorado kid they find the body gone. empy which now has  me thinking already that mystery person after audrey is the colorado kid.  as haven is back.

and till fox confirms one way or the other that take me out is even coming back as a midseason thing . or is sadly no more trying to help the lovely ladies find love. the show had its season finale with love matches all around yes every one wound up with love from last weeks pairings saying they want more.  with each other. to  all the guys matched up who came off the love lift. and it looked like za za was close to finaly getting a guy. only to come up short. and one guy who made a crack to one of the ladies that the reason she has been on the whole season is she is too picky. when she said he did not like his pony tail. other wise he scored. and another guy scored even though he had a tattoo on his rear that said mother.  other wise the show ended with love all around and wonder if it should come back how long before all the ladies  get replaced and find dates and get as lucky as the pairs who helped the season come to an end . or the series if that is actully the series finale

besides both pakers and Steeler fans routing and both hoping their team takes the super bowl title one thing most can count on is that some watchers will be spending tomorrow with a hang over for going over board. which means trying the old hang over cures. with a new study saying the best ones now are either take some aspirin that and according to the study from the jefferson university in phile from tests in rats the best hangover cure is now aspirin and a cup of coffee yes coffee and just when i thought i would never have to read about any more studing done on the most studied thing ever being coffee now this new test found that since the hangover causes a head ache due to the booze hitting the brain mostly the acetaldehyde researchers once they gave the rats just old aspirin mixed with coffee or some other cafine actully made the head aches go away a combo. though think most will use what they feel best works for them . as coffee and aspirin found to be the ideal hang over cure which no doubt a some super bowl watcher when all is said and done will need one. as coffee just can not be left alone keeps getting studied.  now as the ideal once used with aspirin hang over cure

what ought to make peta people really happy and those who have considered becoming vegetariens a new reason to really consider it a new study says lowering  the amount of red meat in the long run can actully be benificial for ones health for the study states that  a lowring high saturated fats like cutting red meat to one meal a day lowers the bodys risk of high chlosterol  and some cancers though the medical proffessionals are not saying totaly give up meat just cut down on it. for after all meat is one of the four basic food groups. so if one wants a balance diet you can’t totaly cut out meat. though as dr. lawerence who headeds the study says replacing it with fish in barnese sauce sometimes will be good since high satured fats increase high chloerstaol and risk of strokes and a heart attacks. but lowering red meat intake  one may lower their risks he found in the study and the portions that the study recomends is 3 to four  ounce servings not the big 24 ounce steaks any more and also the study says to limit the amount of grilling meat too. due to the carcegens. they produce for turns out the study found the body can’t store the protien  found in the meat people are consuming and strains the kidneys trying to get rid of the access protien from meat. but doesn’t say cut out meat all togehter and somewhere peta people are salivating. for they belive animals shouldn’t be food. though if everyone in the world stopped eating meat we would have an over run of cows. for some animals are on this earth as food. the study is just saying lower the amount of meat for the health of the body.  like  haivng fish instead of hamburgers all the time or steaks and balance with grains and fruits.   though as with every study someone may find that this study turns out to be wrong . though right now peta people are proably happy and wondering how to use the results  to help their cause.
one  thing i hate about having to go to the eye doctor is those drops he puts it to wash out the eyes for those things smart and turned one my eyes as a side effect from the chemicals yellow so i am sitting here looking like i have eyes of cat. till the stuff is done through my system. and my eyes are in perfect health according to the doctor.  just yellow from the drops.  and  i didn’t take that mask that is in my profile for contray to belife i am not wearing the mask all the time. for after all  you have to conduct yourself in public. symbols like that are best left at home besides it makes it eaiser for the doctor to do his work.  but eyes are operating normaly even if they look like a cats.  and two months left till v for vendeta hits dvd all versions wonder which version will sell better then the others. too bad the director couldn’t get alan moore to do some cometary on the film version of v but he hates hollywood more then he hates dc comics . so doubtfull he would do commetary on the dvds of any film of his work. though maybe the watchman film. since alan actully liked the script.
finaly proving that cloning technology is perfect for stem cell research harvard medical has joined the race to clone human embroys to harvest for stem cells something that disgraced south korea willium hwang  was claiming he had done. the research is being done as a means to create stem cells for treatment of sickle cell animia and other blood disorders and is being done in harvads pedictric wing. making harvard one of the few doing the controversial research. with plans to next focus on diebetes and also eventually use as treatment for lue gerings disease and california is also pursing the tenquie. though its controversial over using cloing to create human embroys. and funding is not included for it in the funding bill that the senate has to finaly get the guts to vote on it. plus harvard has already worked on a tequnique using a persons own dna to turn into stem cells. this adds onto it since the technology is to make material for transplants. proving that even though the one who first claimed the idea was a fraud. that doesn’t mean someone else can’t try it. as harvard once again isn’t waiting for the senate to finaly give funding for stem cell research harvard is working on it any way. knowing how much catch up with other countries the u.s has in this field. for i have kept saying that the scientists could solve the problem of having enough stem cell lines by using cloning tecnology to make more lines. guess harvard belives the same thing.
though i personaly wonder if the researchers who did the study actully were smoking the stuff when they were doing the research.for a study just out from berkley which should make pot heads happy found that those who smoke marijuna don’t increas their risk of lung cancer for the study found the tcb in the marijuna somehow kills off dyieng and aged cells before they become tumors. though the researches make it clear that the study is a free ticket to go out and smoke pot for pot can still cause dammage of neuro functions. plus the fda has already stated it will never approve marijuna for any medical use. and pot has highter tar and other chemicls than normal cigerettes. but the study found it doesn’t have any link to a higher risk of lung cancer espically with the baby boomer generation who are the highest risk group to be using pot. i still wonder if the researchers were actully taking part themselves by lighting up a joint for their findings for the whole study is one where you have to wonder if someone wasn’t on something and the fbi just tore down that barn where they are searching for the remains of jimmy hoffa.  though as the old song says thats one body that will never be found for those who made hoffa vanish weren’t going to be stupid enough to leave any evidence behind for jimmy is and proably got fed to fishes . though stranger things in cold cases have happend. wouldn’t be surprising if the fbi did find jimmy remains. at that barn.
for so long those who suffer from chronic fatique syndrom have  almost been told the disease that is still debated as if its actully a real aliment for its so hard to diagose and misunderstood. but that may soon change as researchers have found a link  that shows the disease is caused by something in a persons genetic makeup that reduces their  ability to deal with physical and pychological stress. the research is the first piece of evidence that genetics  combined with stress calld caus cfs and that the findings could now lead to better treatments and better means of diagonising the disease and even predict who are likely to develop it. ground breaking results as one researcher at the center for disease control and prevetion has said. the research was conducted by four teams who discovered among other things. those with it have higher level s of alostic load or stress hormone secretion blood presure  and and wear and tear on the body. plus certain genetic sequences in stress moderating genes for those aflicted by it. and woman suffer it at four times higher then men. as finaly chronic fatique syndrom has bene proven that it is a real disease and not in those who suffer from it in their heads as they have been told. and the queen of england turns eighty today. and has no plans to step down and let charles take control espically since most don’t really want him and are bringing up talks again that its time to do away with englands monarchy.
even though smokers are the highest risk group for lung cancer . nicotine itself isn’t proven to be a cause of cancer. but those who use nicotine gum or the patch while they quit are actully according to a new study  hurting themselfs for the nicotine  may wind up undermining the effects of chemo drugs on the cancer cells. by protecting cancer cells from the mostly widely used chemo drugs researchers evealed at a cancer meeting. the study involved lung cancer cells that were treated with three of the widely used drugs gemcitabine cisplatain and taxol by putting nicotine on the samples. they found that the nicotinecaused the cells to increase production of a a protien pair known as xiap and survin that protected the cells from the effects. the findings  have researchers  ponder the possibility that nicotine supplements  given to help people quit may actully hurt them if they need chemo by reducing the power of the drugs by protecting the cancer cells. which could lead to smokers who are high risk for cancer may wind up having to go cold turkey complety for their helath. and this study won’t have the fda trying to recall nicotine from the shelves. the study may have smokers trying to quit wonder if they go the nicotine route are they willing to risk  of it they require chemo that they will wind up with the chemo not be able to do its job do to the nicotine in their system. and v is fifth at the box office with ice age 2 headed to number one.
proving that medical science is never exact when it comes to a definiate answer of what will help the body improve itself some researchers threw cold water on the study that says modarate drinking of alcohol  like wine to help lower some cancer risks and prevent heart attacks. isn’t true at all for they now said it doesn’t change things at all that those who were at high risk of heart attack or suffering from some cancer the study said the drinking would help some had no change at all  drinking or not.  the study the researchers at a california found only seven of the studies gave the results and some of the groups were tetertotlers plus those who quit drinking for heatlth reasons the researchers found that they still had a death rate even without the booze  though they say as always more studies will be done proving that research is always going on and that the results alway will very. and the researchers still say doctors who recomend modorate drinking  to some heart patients should continue cautioning them the risks of drinking. as always.  for science is always changing and varying results. just like the ongoing study of if long term cell phone use could cause brain tumors.  proving science is never an exact field.