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its the holy grail for aids researchers finding a vacine or drug that prevents the disease or keeps people from getting it and scientists just got closer and may soon if testing going on gives good results be able to have a pill people could take  to prevent aids. though some say if it happends it could lead to okaying uprotected sex for it would once again given those false hope that they no longe have to worry about the risks.  two drugs already in use to treat hiv are showing promise of actully preventing the infeciton in monkeys and has them wanting to do quick human trials. if the tests prove the drugs actully do that those at high risk would be given them. like gay men and woman in africa but would also be included along with condoms and couseling to be carefull about sex parternes. though given how some are altready getitng the drugs in less then legal ways the scientist fear it could lead to more strains that like the aids virus after each new cocktail that will become restiance to even the new drug. the drugs the researchers are looking at are known as tenofovir and emtricitaabine . though the right timeframe that someone would have to take the drugs to prevent infection is one thing the scientists will have to figure out. but at long last  aids researchers  look like they have become finaly one step closer to the key to totaly wiping out the aids virus for good or the start of eventually making the long dreamed of aids vacine though if the drugs work in the tests the scientists will then have to figure out how to make them so they are able to work everytime so the virus isn’t able after so long of use become immunce. but finaly aids researchers are getitng  another break in trying to rid the world of the monstrosity that is aids.

nih looking for parkison drug

stepping up its search for a treatment for parkison the goverment is looking at studying some substances that show they may slow down the progressession of the disease instead of just treating the symptoms. first on their list is noen other then an over the counter diet supplement. the nih plas to enroll some early stage parkisons patients  to study  if high does of the drug coenyme q10 which is produced in the body. the scientists think the compound may preserve nerve cells that would die because of parkinsons. for the compound is thought to help energy supplying cells function normaly which doesn’t happend once parkisons hits. also on the list to try is an antibiotic and mussle supplement used by body builders. for early studies show they may also help slow the disease. which is a wanted but elusive goal for a lot of people with the disease. though the holly grail of parkisons disease is a neuro protector that would protect patients remaining dopamine cells. for the nih says they are looking for the aspirn of parkinsons but so far know of no such drug. as scientitsts  contiue their search in the battle against parkisons disease. by looking a things they haven’t looked at before. and three weeks to go till v for vendeta hits theatres. which contiues to get good reviews by those who have seen a screening though ropert and eberts opinion on it has yet to come which will be march 17
what is another key for aids researchers working on a cure and the biggest breakthrough yet. researchers discovered testing the drug combo calledtruveda on some monkeys found that they became immune from getting infected by the hiv virus immune to aids. something scients have long dreamed of happending in the battle against the disease. though they say there is still a lot of work to still do like figure out how the monkeys became immune once they took the drug.   or if there is something in side their bodies that somehow made them immune to the virus. the scientists do hope to figure out if the findings can work on humans also. something they have long strived for doing.   thouigh bushes policy on fighting aids includes abstience. espiclly for woman in other countries who are at high risk because their man doesn’t want to wear a condom. for the scientists plan on testing to see if the drug that worked in monkeys can work on human by also including as they should the groups most vunerable to the scourge. as researchers got a major key they have waited for monkeys becoming immune from getting hiv. which they hope somehow can show the way for humans to be able to do that.
it took a long time and they should have done it quiet a while ago but the nih and drug companies have decided to team up and study gentic variants that make people  vuneralbe to some diseases by studing enviromental factors such as polution diet  even behvior triggers them to get full blown illnesses the price tag is 60 million and drug companies have agreed to get inivoled. so far pfipher has agreed along with the gene  detectionequiment maker affymitrix has also agreed to help and none of the companies will be able to keep their work or profit from it the nih says that drug companies helping with the project is crucial in gentic research. though the nih also is hoping congress gives 40 million to the cost but with bush freezing levels due to his budget plan. the nih better keep looking for private funding. for they already lost a child health study money. though given how congress is feeling about bushes budget plan they may help the nih but  its still going the private route and one of the diseases it plans on including in the projet aliziemers and the nih has already offered 68 milion to the project. and the research will be shared with all scientists. and not exclusive. as a new marriage of medicine begins with this project one that leads to hopefully many more in the future if congress can fix bushes budget monstrosity and put some funds into it.
what is being hailed as a dream pill .  and may get approval by the fda later this month  . the drug maker sanofi avenue found in clinical triesl their new pill acomplia aka rimonabant has proven to help people lose weight. stop smoking and lower the cardo risks of diabetes and heart disease. for the tests showed in curved the cravings that had people hungry or reach for a smoke. if the fda approves it as predicted it could wind becoming the first blockbuster obsesity treatment and sales of it are predicted to become as high as 4.8 billion just for the pill  to be used like that. the study showed a dose of 20 miligrams helped patients lose 5 to ten percent of their weight. raised good cholesterol levels  lower triglyceridies and improved blood sugar and blood pressure. for turns out its the first in a new class of medicines that work in the bodies endocannabinoid system blocking the brain from using the cannabionoids 1 receptors that produce the craving levels for stuff like nicotine. and it also blocks the blood hormones that increas insulin and fatty acidis that cause rise in cholestreral as medicine just got the first of pill that does three in one  and may be the first of many to come. plus turns out that aids drugs work better earlier treating the disease in people instead of the normal waiting till symptoms show up. for most wait mostly to avoid the complicates from treatments due to the toxcidy of the drugs as medicine has once again made great strides and breakthroughts.
proving once again that some researchers will study such bizzare things for potential cures for diseases. for scientists who study hibernation say that if humans could acutlly do it or at least harrness torpor things like sids diabetes and obestiy could be cured gone.  the studies also show it could aid trauma victims. help protect organs for transplants even lead to safter treatments for weight loss and blood thinners and actuaully unlock some of the mysteries of some of the processes of the body. since animals who hibernate switch their metabolizisms to burn fat instead of carbs so they don’t eat and regulate their bodies metabolisim. plus they found that the the appetite surpressent lepin also plays a part in hibernation and also that young humans could benfiti more if they could hybernate. the only problem is that humans  wouldn’t like sleeping three months for one the bodies would require having to dispose of waste products two the human body can’t go without water and food for that long a period even if it shows a cure for sids and diabetes for humans  never have hybernated and doubt they will. though this shows medical researchers will leave nothing even how strange to find treatments and cures for diseases.

fda approves inhaled insulin

what is now an new altertivie for diebetics who don’t like needles the fda has finaly givien approval to the first inhalent  form of insulin  which will give millions the alternatvie they have wanted in fighting the disease. the insulin made by pfizer will be marketed under as exubera is the first new way of delivering insulin since the discovery of the hormone. pfizer joinlty devleoped the drug. clinical trials done before approval was granted showed  that the drug managed a diabetics blood sugar levels just as well as injected insulin but the fda pannel that recomeneded approval says the drug doesn’t mean diabetics  finaly toss out their needles or pumps for injecting the insulin for the drug is not a replacement of those methods just an altertive to those who don’t like using those methods. though the pannel also expressed concerns of exuberas dispenser and patients who experienced coughing or decreased lung capiticty when they used the drug proving that its not going to be for everyone. pfizer says they will be doing tests on th drug with lung disease patients seeing if it might have another use now. as the fda has just given diabetics a new weapon in their fight with the disease and a prescriptiong is proably requried to obtain it. for those wanting to  see if it will work for them. and king kong may be done tearing up the box office but the classic orginal keeps on flinging its strength as the dvd is a big seller even in this year.
for so long  its been natural when someone is sick to go to the medicine cabinet and take some cough syrup thus avoiding a visit to the doctor. turns out the leading doctor of the ama says stop for studies just released revealed the over the counter stuff doesn’t actully fix the cold that drinking plenty of fluids and chicken soup is better  in treating that cold for normaly the common cold lasts a few days that the over the counter cold medicines really don’t help with the symptoms at all in fact taking them could cause people to delay getting medical attetion for real bad coughs like whooping coughs new guidlines set up  recomending seeking treatment if the cough lasts more then three weeks and seeking the vacine to treat whooping cough thoug some in the medical profession and of course the makers of the coough syrups including the number one robotussin dispute the study claiming that their stuff must be doing something if billions are spent annualy each year. and now it turns out the disgraced south korea pioneer hwang wang may wind up being charged by south korea for faking his stem cell research including  faking the lines themselves though it did turn out he cloned the dog in the dispute. and it seems figureing out that he could face legal trouble he might have fled south korea for his current whereabouts are unknown.
seems don hou has started a trend when he had stem cells transplanted into his heart for other patieints are going to thailand and going through a new stem cell therapy where the doctors are taking stem cells from the patients blood and putting them into the heart to build it up. showing how far behind the united states is falling by trying to make stem cell research about abortion. for the stem cells invovled aren’t embroyonic stem cells but adult cells taken from the patients own blood. which goes around the controversy and eithical issues. plus the scientists say they will soon test the therapy for parkinsons disease and eventaully see if it will work as a treatment for diabtees also.  and of course spinal cord injuries will be on the list. the process is actully waiting for the u.s to approve it since it doesn’t invovle embroyonic stem cells. for the scienitsts say this new therapy will allow the body to use its own stem cells someday to repair dammage and may do away with trying to aquire embroyonic stem cell lines gvien the controversay over them. this new therapyis proving that the senate should get the funding bill finaly passed since the more delays and debate over the ethics of research the farther behind the united states falls . epsically now with talk of testing the therapy for parkinsons and diabetes .
neuroscienitsts studying the brain espically working on a treatment for aliziermers have made a discovery that changes what they long beilived about how the brain functions for the researchers found the cells known as acrolites which they long belive control neuron function the scientists discovered acutlly played a part in controling the blood flow to the cells of the brain in other words the main nerve that determines the strenth of neurons for turns out the acroylites are the main supply of lipid in the brain which increases or decreases by the flow of blood and oxygen to the mind. and the neuroscienits say the findings change the views on the mind they once belived and may lead to new ways to scan the brain more acurate mris and cat scans plus it now gives them the theory that dammaged acroylites due to like blood vessel dammage releasing high concintrate of iron or calcium due to hemmoreges or anerusims may now be what causes alizimers since the disease destroys the mind and neurons. and since the acroylites now are found to control the blood flow of the brain. the scienits say the findings may help in finding a treatment for the disease as scientists contiue to try and unravel the mystery of the brain.