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turns out that gov rounds looked at the issue of why page almost got the three drug cocktail instead of the two one under south dakota law and he sought opionos on the issue weeks ago the reason he delayed the exicutionof elijah page who gave up the right to appeal that issue. for he belived the drug mix up was valued enough to delay the exicution which has now open up a lot of death penalty issues. and it turns out the state new about the problem for months. for a lawer working on an appeal of another death row inmates appeal found the mix up . and caused gov rounds to consulte with  those hw trusted on the issues like ag terry when a hearing was held to see if page was comepent for requesting to die his lawer also brought up the issue with the conflict. after hearing that rounds decided to call off the injection so page will live till next july when the changes in the law will be in fect though a fight in the legislationover updating the issue is bond to happend. over updating the law to avoid the conflict that delayed pages exicution. who still wants to die. even if he has to now wait plus rounds doing so has also given the others on death row a chance to try and use it in their appeals claiming now till the law is changed tha the two drug cocktail would be cruel and unsual punishment forbbiedn by the fourth amendment. though a couple death row inmates time to use that issue is reaching its limits of being able to use any new thing. as rounds actions still open up questions and new issues of the death penalty. an issue that is big on the legislature when they start the new session soon.
the one thing the federal legal program to help the poor with legal help keeps saying that it has to turn away people because of lack of resources but turns out its executives haven’t tried to cut down on using their pay to lavish themselves and live high on the hog. according to some agency documents the associated press obtained. according to their study the execs have used taxpayers money to give themselves things like expensive foods chauffered rides to locations where they could use a cab. even a spacious headquarters and members of the board even double the compansation they get for meals. and they actuly have the nerve to defend their policy .saying that administration expeneses are a separate thing. from the funds that are given to the clients. though looks more like some fat cats are trying to get themselves a free govemrent hand out  for their pockets instead of using that money to help more poor clients. and the senate finance committee is taking some action by threating to not give any more funds unless the corporate burecrats trim the extravegance . though withholding funds would only be a band aid for the honchos who are so use to using the funds for extrance would just proably dip into other rescources  thus forcing the agency to send more clients away since the big wigs of the agency aren’t going to suddely give up their extravagance for they will just start ripping off the clients or even juggle the books to make sure the budget keeps them in the style they are use to. though if congress wants to really stop this time to do an investigation and send the high hogs packing. and two months till x3 on dvd that includes stan lees first comic work. in five years. for the special editon. though the dvds companies should just make one edtion of a movie with everything right away instead of mutiple versions instead of fans having to buy the same movie over and over for any new stuff.
as i stated when i started this blog the one thing i wouldn’t do is try to review the comics i read. but i picked up the first issue of marvels civil war. that they have been hyping to death. and got to admit it lives up to the hype. as the story starts off with the washed up new warriors way out of their leque going after some villians. and ends in tragedy that then has the marvel heroes in trouble as the goverment decides to pass the hero registration act.  requiring heroes to regisiter their real idenities. causing rifts .in the community. as sides are soon chosen. and showing how intese it is for the heroes. the watcher shows up as the heroes discuss what to do causing doctor strange to utter his presence now does not bode well. proving that the story is really going to be something if marvle has the watcher showing up. and not only that but showing war is brewing captain america gets into a fight with shield and steals a jet. and what has got to be the most creepiest part iron man makes the comment leave captain america to us. and push ahead with registration as planned. showing what side iron man is on no wonder marvel can’t get the movie version up and running  and this is just he first issue. with six more to go. but if they are like this one marvel will have done what they planned with civil war. though didn’t like the human torch taking a mob beating. and the watchers appearance was creepy.

alan moore feud no more

its been two days now since comic book legend alan moore finaly told dc comics where to go. and dc still has made no comment. alan moore has had the longest feuds in the comic industry mostly with dc. and one time with marvel also. but mostly dc. for it began when they canceld the last issue of his run on swamp thing considering too controversial. then dc tried screwing him out of royalties for his greatest work watchman. that plus dc having the habbit of screwing with his work by either destroying it or refusing to print certain stories he wanted to use one that was in public domain then buying wildstorm the company he had his comic line with. the final blow that finaly let alan tell dc what to do was when joel silver claimed he was involved in the movie version of his v for vendeta. for he stated after the bombs of the movies of his from hell and leque of extradinary gentlemen which also had him in a lawsuit claiming theft of the script. alan says he doesn’t want involement or the royalties of any movie versions of his works. in fact alan even got so mad at dc he pulled out of the fifteenth aniversary of watchman that was to include action figures. but alan finaly has his wish he will never have anything to do with dc again. and he has already turned down the royalty check for v for vendeta and also the hopefully soon to finaly film watchman. in my opinion its about time mr. moore. for you deserved better then what you got from dc over the years

snakes eyes orgin at long last

he is the greatest warrior of the legendary gijoe team. his mask hides his burned face. he has never spoken a word.  all that has been revealed about him is he and storm shadow were once friends. but at long last gijoe fans rejoice for devils due the company that has the comic license has revelaed they will finaly reveal snake eyes orgin and yes they will mention why the baroness hates him so. for it will start off with his early days and also reveal what his face looked like before it got scared by jet fuel. the big revelation from the press release is that snake eyes could actully talk before being mute. yes snake eyes could talk. its called snakes eyes declassified hits in august. which is interesting considering devils due killed off the baroness and destro jr. and lady jay in their other joe comics. and has destro unmasked and locked up in a dungeon. but it is well worth getting at long last snakes eyes orgin told.

marvels turn

the only other good things right now about dc to finish up my last post is them bringing back the character who hooked me on dc ragman in the infiniti crisis tie in day of vengence where ragman the enchantress. blue devil. nightshade briar rose black and of all characters dectective chimp decide to go after the spectre and stop him from destroying all magic in the dc universe. which i should mention they have all been drinking at the time of the adventure. and throw in eclipso who has merged with the killer in idenity crisis look out. that and the second tie in omac project for i am dieing to know if batman is the white king of checkmate and to see him or wonder woman give max lord the smackdown he has coming for bumping off blue beetle. as for marvel. the one thing i don’t like right now is that the current storyline in one of the xmen titles have an evil group wanting to take over the world by combing storm and rachel summers powers. which as an old issue of what if showed the one thing in the xmen universe you don’t do is combine storm with the phonix force. for the consiquences are as bad as if dark phonix would merge with galatctus. that and new member juggernaut missing. everything else from marvel is working. though still don’t like emma frost and cyclops being a couple.

two things when i started this thing i said i wouldn’t post about polictics and anything to do with the comic book industry. but with the news that the legendary and my favorite artist the one and only george perez has signed a ten year exclusive deal with dc i kind of decided to forgo not posting. about the comic industry. at long last one of the legends is back working in the field. as for the comics themselves. being a long time marvel and dc fan since i was born. i find myself not really happy with how certain dc and marvel creative teams are going with the characters. one main beef is lately every new storyline in the batman books has someone finding out batman is bruce wayne lately its the scarecrow.  for dc needs to have the spectre do another mind wipe for almost the entire dc universe knows batman is bruce wayne. for the one cool part of batman is his mystery and dc seems to slowly be destroying that by having his real i.d discovered. though the good part so far is the mystery of who hush is and the return of jason todd as the red hood for he has vowed to finaly in the current storyline to finaly book the jokers ticket to hell for beating one of fictions greatest sociao pychopaths with a crowbar isn’t enough in my opinion. and how jason todd is back is easy riddler dipped his body in one of rhas al ghouls lazurus pits is my theory.