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with monday being to doors fans the 40th anniversary of the doors hit album la. woman will will include a new  release fans also have something to be really happy about as  turns out the doors will be kicking things off by on their facebook and then to radio releasing a never before released track called  she smells so nice that  was discovered when the producer of  the orignal record brian while going through and cleaning up the master tracks for a fortieth release of the album found the thing. so  doors fans will get a treat a new doors song  and jim morrison now doubt is smiling over the song coming out and proably also laughing with glee and drunk in heaven.

what the dems kne ocudl happend but givne the way thethign sare right now didn’t think woudl acutly happend. and kfigurieng htat they would not get much republican supprot witas they work to help get preisddint obmas agande into place amogn his top thigns. ecuaito and fialy overhaolign healthcare nto tomention getitng a budge passed sithe dmes are facing a revolte tyring to do that form their own supporters. seems as they finaly get a chance to read some ofht ebills they eithe rpassed like th esitmuls pakcage or looking voer a rought draft before debate the dms are finding form their own supporter that some of obmas agand may wind p evne htough  in thoery they may be good are comcuaing a revolte by supporte which the republicans could sue and no doubt jump on to tyr and rgain powere. tthe dems own supporter and constiuteions are reovlting over th dems shwoing htier willing nes to pass the president agand aos quicl. yet when bush was aroudn the republicans suppoters didn’t caus such an uproar looks like th ehoney moon of  the presidnt being able to get msot of hjis agand is doen with as dems ar enow facing a reovlt proalby going ot be more carfull with passing some of his aganda or risk losing power again.
wo thign afte romba is doen gworkgint o tyra nd staiblien th eeocnmohy evanutly is to tyr and be th epreisnde who will fix it so judtes can quit making so calle dmiscarraig eo justice to vicitm family member sinas a a judge has givne probatin sot robert paterson ith edehydration daeht of a toldler named augujackson evne though robtr say shi siste rwa srepsoinbil fo rhte toldle rdath by deniing him liqoue sand food and wa also foudn ot be driaking and smoking dpot and put hot suac oen cups as sh eaid to show th etoddler not to drink out o fother glass plus the fac taht the toddlr was someone else kid and the woamnw a sdelcare unfit fo trial and robe tplead gulity to mansluahger as par ot fplea barign he couldeven though he caliemd he only witnes the abuse goign on he sitll did nothign ot tyr and sotp tit by giving htat least giving ht etoldler osme liqoud or food or mayb eclaling for help sinc eth eowamn who robter say ddi the deed loalso has los ther kdi sdue to dru guse.but sitll rober did nothign to spreven the aubs a sa wintess said he stood by and wa spasiv when he knew ht suffierng. but the jduge sitll gav ehim probation any way in th daht much to th emothr of th etolldre dismay. probatioh in the daht and ht eereal kiler is to oinsane to stan dtiral yet.but sitll alittle miscaraig oe justice as no one is being punsieh for the dehydration daht of a innocnet otldler.f or the juge ha sgivne probaiton to oen of ht eaccused and charged and th eoth emain prep is too insane ot be charge dwith the crime. and a mothe rha sto go on with out her baby and a miscarriag eo justicne sinc eh one srepsoinbile4 fo rher loss getseme to be alloe dto go free without punishement.
and now obma and mcian have done all they can to try and ge their messag across to voer of th elas tminut and all they can do now is jus tliek veryone elsoe  and wia for thje polls ot opena n ballot sot be cast. to leathen laern who will be the on wo will take ove and snedrepalce bush and star the country bak cont he takc bush deriale id from. thogh wonder how long boef something goe sworng voting wise and like the last presidnatl race. oen of ht ecaindats t wind sup resotirng ot aksign the supreu.s supremc cout to stoep in a gian moslty mcian trying to tak enone las tplay form bushes playbook or oen fthe losing side scrmaing fraudn. for surelyt eh gop is not goint to jsut stand by if oamba does win nto if they can try and steal it for mcian in theend. as mcian and obma now hahave twnety four horus to kill befor ehtey learn who will be mvoign int o the whietehous eand who can start trying to get the economy out of the hole.though not till jan officlay but its down to waiting fo the polsl to open and votes ot be cast. bet both obma and mcian areon pis and needles. knowing htye hav eot wiat. for their fate by voter.s thogh obma s proalby also planning his grandmother faunrela who saldey died today. sympathy goe sout to obma and his fmaily for their loss .
even though ti doesn’t do much to lower obamas lead and sh is sitl the under dog and neneed a bizare mircle or do what bush did to ge the presidency the firs ttiem. hilliary proved that she  is not going to stop for she took wv antohe rmake or break state for her and  proving aht shobamaswindingis stil lgoing othave a long battle to ge tthe nomianitaon for hillirya is not going to sotp now till proalby every last primary is done with then proalby tyr and work her magic to get the superdelagets to giv eher the nomination make the udnergod win in the end like rocky. and also proving hilliray is like a pit bull after some prey tha tplus mos tothe sate supprotewas mad uep of cacuasins who supprote her form th stare and mos tfavor her gas ttax holiday also. a big defeat for omba show i s looking at the next pimary in orgon. plus the win shows hillirya power to atarac the gkey woker vot eand pick sup some more dleagtes thatoug still far behind plus has to contiue riase money. but hilliray got a mke or break win and goe sont th eudner dog not sotpping til the last priemiray and thn maybe a mircle by the superdelagets or take a page from bushes bookand ge the u.s supremc ourte to give her the nomination by some fluke technicallity. as hiliray pick sup a win . and contiued the battle

nasa calls off shuttle launch till jan

 well looks like nasa little holiday mircle didn’t happend as the fuel tank sensors only one this time did the same thing during testing and knowing that it important to make sure a another shuttle doesn’t explode ver nasa decided that for the safety of the astronauts and the shuttle espically since the sensors monitor the ligqiud niotrgen int he engines to even though they really wanted to finaly get the much anctipate and biggest piece ever for the space station the wiat will have to contiue till jan for nasa hs decided to postponed laucning till the january window. which menas nasa techs and  shuttle enginners will have more time to figure out what is causing the vital fuel senos guages to not be doing their jobs. hate to say it but the shuttle is tryign to tell nasa its getting on its last legs it not going to be albe to hold out till retirement in 2010 for first the foam and now the vital fuel sensor gauges aren’t working right and nasas ruel is  if four of the gauges don’t workr ight no lauch for the shuttle  so the wait for the next part will contieu till january which is also when the worlds quiet and peace will end as nancy grace comes off of maturity leave jan 7 the queen lawer bitch returns
proably the only good thing to come out of the walter reed medical scandal is it has congress so outrage they are actully looking at making v.a funding like medicare funding which means they wouldn’t have to always vote on new funding for it would be automaticaly funded just like social securtiy and medicare are. for the scandal has congress looking at using the uproar to finaly unstallel some v.a priorities including better funding for vet health care. espically with vetrans returing from iraq and aphaganistan. to make sure what happend at walter reed doesn’t wind up repeated. though so far no legislation has been proopsed making funding permint which would boost levels since given how congress have to keep voting on funding v.a levels wind up frozen at last year budget levels making it like medicare would increase it a little. though the big issue would still be coming up with funds to make it happend but the scandal has congress actully thinking of finaly doing it. even though no bill is propsed yet and it would proably wind up getting opposed by bush. one thing about a scandal like walter reed it got congress pissed off and disquested enough to finaly put vetrans needs a top priority as it has always been but this time looking at making funds permement.
talk about politics making strange alliances. with vidoe lottery being another hot issue here in south dakota wiht an initive to repeal it. for the fourth time since all the other times the state has voted to keep it not  to mentiont he goveremtn budget a  big chuck comes from the revnue . but the issue has wound up for the first time ever opponents finding themsevles with a new ally native americans voters who normaly favor it but  due to failure to get a new gambling compact so they can expand   into other areas . the natvive americans tribe leaders say if they don’t soon get  a new compact they will for the first time ever join forces with opponents and actully vote to have south dakota repeal vidoe lottery. abd given who they are a big block of voters. the issue will come down to the wire at the polls. though its kind of interesting that the tribes are using political blackmail saying if they don’t get their compact to increase their gambling interests they will vote to repeal  vidoe lottery which is the same thing as the slots at their casinoes. in other words the tribes are willing to cut their nose to spite their faces not to metion risk south daktoa  having a big hole in its budget since video lottery revenue makes up a big source of funds. besides the issue has been voted on three times and alsways survived as this political season seems to be creating strange alliances.  and two months left till dungeon and dragons fans finaly get the series on dvd. which is interesting to see diseny start to do something with the  marvel animated library and what better then with dungeons and dragons

ethics committe tells hastying to resighn

even though  he is saying he will win election. the house ethics committe is contiuing the pressure on house speaker don hastings to resign for his invovlement in the scadal  that invovled mark foley having cyber sex with young white house pages. even though bush and other  republicans like bill friest actully are supporting hasert over how he handled the paper trail of foley even former secetary of state jim baker says hastert is being used a scape goat. but the ethics committe which is planning an investigation into the scandal and other republicans want hasart to resign for they are afraid this latest scandal  that they say will take weeks to investigate for subpenos have been handed out. and yes a few republicans are blaming democrats for lifting the lid of the thing. as plans are for the ethic committe to have the investigation done before the election. though most republicans are afraid that this scandal might have finaly given the democrats the last key needed to take control of congress and are trying to get hasart to give up his job over his part in dealing with foleys behavior . espically since doubtfull the house ethics committe will punish hasert at all for ethics and congress that is an oxymoron for haserts will proably get a slap on the wrist or a little censure when the probe is done. as pressure is contuing for him to resign for the good of the party. and two months till dungeosn and dragons hits dvd giving u.s fans of the show a legitimate copy espically for the radio performance of the lost final episode requim.
talk about a new way to stop a grown daughter from having her own wedding. a utah couple is now looking at charges for kidnapping their daughter because they didn’t want her to get married. the couple  lemaul and julia reid are facing kidnapping charges for taking their daughter to colorado so she would miss her wedding day for they didn’t want her to get married but the girl is an adult. they told her they were taking her shoppping but then drove 240 miles to colorado and kept her there . when she missed the rehersal dinner her groom called the cops who tracked them down and the couple was charged with felony kidnapping. and the bride and groom named julianna and perry myers did finaly tie the knot afterwards. and are expecting a baby in may maybe that is one reason the couple tried to stop the wedding. but julianna was relectant to reveal what was said on the car trip. though you would think since the brides parents were against her getting married they would have just told her they weren’t going to attend her wedding . for after all she is an adult and she felt it was right for her to marry her husband. but instead the couple kidnaps the bride and takes her on a car trip to col so she would miss her nups. even the d.a can’t belive the case or the the behavior of the parents. and doubtfull. the partents will be spending any holidays with the newlyweds. not for a long time for kidnapping is a felony with about 15 years in prison and the groom says that the parents didn’t object to him but it was other family issues. wonder what issues make a couple kidnapp their daughter before her wedding day. talk about a new way to stop a wedding the parents of the bride take her on a road trip to miss the vows.