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talk about taking business practices to a new low and making it a worthy canidate for a what are they thinking hall of fame. radio shack proving that its a busines that now is like a chicken with its head cut off. made the step of downsizing to be more profitible by notifing its workers its laying off by emailing them. yep about 400 workers got notified by email that radioshack has decided to let them go. yes management told those effected by email instead of the old fashion pink slip in the paycheck or calling them to the office and telling them sorry we have decided to let you go unfortunetly. the notices started at its texas headquarters after management told staff notices would be coming. this is a first for business to lay off workers by electronicaly means. though most see it as kind of rude to the workes by management not having the guts to tell them face to face they would be layed off instead took the cowards way out and sent emails saying your position is no longer going to exixst.and thankfully the workers do get compensation. for being let go though no doubt radioshack also has it electronically like direct deposit. this also proves that technology is getting so that people are forgetting the basic old fashion communication methods. for after all the management could have taken a little time and told the workers face to face they no longer have a job instead of sending an email telling them no longer employeed wonder if it was made pink.
what ought to cause some headaches for the writers of astrology books if a new proposal goes through . the solar system would no longer just be known as nine planets for astronomers are now claiming two more planets may if all goes well be making pluto no longer the last planet for soon the line up could be mercury venus earh mars cerce which is a planet size asteroid but during the 19 century was considered a planet would get that classifcation again. jupitersaturn uranus neptune and pluto and followed by its moon charon that is the same size as pluto and xena. a body bigger then pluto. though most want to classify anything like a moon as a planet saying that the term  is ambiqous.which means that even dwarf stars or moons could be considered planets. but the proposal has support and is to be voted on by the internatiol astronomers union on august 24. though the discover of xena says that its a little looney for it could under the proposals terms wind up with hundreds of planets by the time the counting is done. since anything round planet shape like asteroids or stars would be included in the definination of planets. not to mention the hassle it would be for textbook makers to update their material to now include xena cerce and charon. and what is the judge who let the lady who killed her priest husband out on bond free to walk the streets for she shot her husband a priest for whats to stop her from deciding to flee since she has to live outside the town with friends. and two months till x3 hits dvd which should do good in sales espically with the special edition having stan lees first comic work in a long time.
what has got to be a real stupid crook. to think he could actuly try and do something like having a hitman rub out his ex wife and girlfriend. now faces about 124 years total for a jury in colrado found stuart shader  guilty of trying to commit murder. for he wound up  in prison when his asked his girlfriend a practing witch to put some belloba seeds in his wifes coffee  since belloba is a posionus plant . then told her he would understand  if she wanted to run to mexico after the deed. in stead she turned him into the cops and he wound up in jail where he then tried to hire a hitman to rub the girlfriend and ex out. and then got turned in by an informant. you would have thought the guy would have learned when the girlfriend turned him in  to give up trying to kill his ex. instead he tries to get a hitman to do the deed. surprised he didn’t try to hire a mob one . thankfully the ex and the girlfriend don’t have to worry about him for he is going to be spending a long time in a concrete walls. and by the time he gets out hopefully he will have his desire to rub them out overwith.but talk about stupid crooks.
with the senate finaly set to vote tuesday on funding stem cell research knowing bush has threatended a vetoe and knowing the democrats led the charge in the house. most say that bushes threatend vetoe of funding stem cell research may have handed democrats another silver bullet espically since the house vote was short of vetoe proorfing the bill the first time. and they will not hesitate making it an issue for voters who favor the research. not to mention that one of the biggest pacs espically for reelection funding is the medical ones. bush vetoeing the bill may have give democrats another key. to gaining control. though the senate also has another bill that would include funding for studying new treatments of adult stem cells and to make it illegal to harvet embroyes to destroy for stem cells.espically if a woman gets pregnant just so she can donate her embroya to extract some stem cells. but mostly the bill finaly okaying funding for stem cell research for bush vetoeing it as he says he will may have just handed the democrats another key issue to sway voters. even though some democrats oppose research also besides all is needed in the senate is 70 votes to make it vetoe proof. looks not tomention that the dems will also remind those against stem cell research how they behaved during the terry shivo battle. including bush. but not much longer and the senate finaly votes on stem cell funding. and without being able to sneak in any admenments.

the pennys number may be up

citing polls showing most people find the thing useless and  the rising cost of the metal used to make it the mint is for the first time ever moving towards stopping printing the penny  and making the u.s become penny free for its costing the mint more to make the pennie that is stil only one cent not to mention  how many it costs to produce a buck. the mint says that if certain things aren’t changed the penny could become obsolete for there is even a bill asking congress to do away with the penny even though producing coins is a money maker for the mint. the idea failed once. which also included rounding things up to the nearest nickel that failed also. though plans are to propose it again. for most find the coin a nusence coin. but if the mint does move forward and do away with the penny the big question is what will happend to all those still in circulationon. like lining ash trays or in junk drawers or just jars. for if the mint does decide the penny is done with people will still be stuck with a buch of the coin that would be useless or worse a collectible. though the idea of a penny less socitey may not be too far off. and nasa is going to try and give the united states their own fireworks for thats the next time they are going to try and get discovery moving.

what are they thinking

once again another summer installement of what are they thinking true stories were normal intelligent people wind up in situations doing things that has you wonder what are they thinking . and for some what are they on. mass a father is having a fit over his son schools offering kids a  fluff sandwitch a sandwitch made of marshmellows. the dad says its wrong and not nutrious to feed the kids that thing. kids love it. in miss a mayor vows not to wear pants till his city devistated  by katrina is back on its feet. in ny a scupltor is putting his treehouse up for rent. yes a real treehouse. in vancover a woman comes home and finds a bear in her house eating oatmeal.  a revers goldie lockes and the three bears. in idaho cops invesigating a car accident find an extra head for turns out the guy who caused it killed his wife and was fleeing with her head to dispose of it. in texas a sign mispells the name of a spelling bee contestant. and winner in el salador a woman was arrested trying to smuglle in a grenade into a prison. in wash a dentist whose work area was unclean and used dentist tools to clean up cat litter gave up his license instead of facing punishment. in linconln a man showed up at the hospital with a bottle stuck in his rectum. in md a former manager of a restuarant was aquited of assulting a employee by sticking a hose up the guys rectum. and one week and finaly superman returns hits though they now say the complete film won’t be shown in three d at imaxfor the print is going to arrive in the time needed to convert the whole thing to three d.

ipods headed to the bathroom.

soon to go where some technology devices shouldn’t go a company knowing how lucrative ipod asseories are and with apples blessing have come up with a toliet paper dispenser that acts as an ipod charger called the icata. it will allow the ipod to be charged and then let the person then play the thing. all while they are in the bathroom answering natures call. to me that idea is headed for areas that even the ipod and similar technology shouldn’t go . for one one wrong move or tug too hard on the dispenser and the ipdod could fall and break or worse someone could need a fresh role and send the ipod into the toliet. not to mention whose idea is it that people need their music when they wipe their butts for the idea is a little too creepy  and kind of going over board for ipod lovers. not to mention breaking the privacy that is the bathroom. and the price for the thing is proably going to be like the same as a regular toliet role dispenser though proably a little more since its going to charge the ipod. but as stated some places even the ipod shouldn’t be sent and the bathroom tops the list.

gratefull dead curse strikes again

i wonder if the gratefull dead ever got the idea that maybe naming the band that wasn’t such a good idea as the so called gratefull dead curse struck once again. with the death of its last keyboard player vince welnick who died of unknown causes at 54 sympathy goes out to his family.which has some dead fans saying once again the curse of the job of keyboard player for the dead has struck for vince replaced   breant mydland who died of drug overdose who replaced orn mckan who died in a car crash  who replaced the orginal keyboard player keith godchaux. having fans thinking that the job is curse with all those who had the job and died though keyboard players horbsy and constaine still live. which should say that the so called curse missed two victims. when really some of the former keyboard players died because of bad timing with faith for if  the job really was cursed the gratefull dead would never have become the legends they are for no one would ever want to play the keyboards for fear of the so called curse for the latest death was just god and jerry deciding they needed his talents  . though most fans will belive its the curse of the job of the gratefull dead keyboard player. and al gore has decided not to run for president in 08 that proves that there is no limit for how many times one can run for president.  but sympathy to the family of vince welnick the latest of the so called gratefull dead curse
proving that bills never die in congress but sooner or later get brought up again till they pass. the senate worke dout a deal that will end the stalemate over the imigrantion reform bill. with plans to try and get it passed by memorial day. the deal brokered by the republican and democrat leaders ends the stalement by one deciding who will pick the groups that will make up the committe to work on a compromise with the house. and also  the new deal will allow democrats say on some amendments to the bill which was one of the reasons the bill died for the democrat were saying they weren’t being allowed to debate amendments the republicans wanted to the bill. plus it will also allow 11 million immigrants working to be on the path to citizen ship though some claimed the orignal plan amounted to amenisty. and with the deal in place looks like another potential issue in the upcomming elections is done with though bush and the republians word has it are scared of the democrats taking control for one thing if they do would be to hold hearings on bushes actions like ordering the nsa wiretaps without warrants and now word has it that he has them making a database of phone calls of peoples. but proving bills don’t say dead on capitil hill and that if congress wants it bad enough a bill lives. the imigration reform bill just got new life.

gay student suspension leads to protests

it didn’t take long when word came out that one of kentuckys university suspsended a student for posting on his my space account he is gay . yes the college suspended the kid for being gay and talking about his dating life. and the college is run by the baptist church. already protests have come out in support of the student and his boyfriend is asking the colleges ten million funding be taken away which could be done if the governor uses his line item veto power to strip it from the funding bill.  this proves one thing that one some people in charge of that college have a screw lose for suspending someone for that reason. for two things  could come out of this one the college may face a sexaul discrimination lawsuit for the suspension for after all it was illegal in the first place. under federal protection if not a hate crime since the adminstration who ever decided to do the suspension must be homophobic. and two the guys my space legaly is his for the school also violated his privacy not to mention that has got to be the most assine thing a university has ever done. and also today is the seventh aniversary of the masscre at columbine high school  the most evilest school shooting ever. and thankfully none of the news channels harped on it mosty to not give any more publicity to the monsters who did the deed and also the victims and surviors don’t need to be constanlty reminded of the tragedy espically on the aniversary. for some aniversarys of evil events shouldn’t be made big deals of just open old wounds. for the victims