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and what is sure to have people more and more believe putin helped meddle and rig the u.s election for trump because he thought he would make a nice buddy and puppet. at the gtwenty summit trump and putin finaly met face to face and besides working on a plan together to get a cease fire in syria. with rebels and forces but the big topic at last trump and putin talking about russia meddling in the u.s election both vowing to not do that again . and the president saying he believes putin did not help interfer or order the hacking that helped him win. which is going to make some believe more an more putin did try to help trump win now plus also is sure to have some of congress going nuts as putin and president trump meet and talk at last about russia interfering.

and thus mostly to save their butts again and after backing off on the president demands for his wall money and also his threat to defend the health care act or remove parts of it but mostly to save their butts the repubs manage to makes sure a short gap spending bill to keep the lights on at least for the week. passed after dems blocked one due to trump and co trying to sneak in a attack on the health care act and funding the wall. government still fucntioning at least for a week.

and citing when the south dakota legislature wound up moving to repeal im23 and passed a weak replacement. citing that the voters were lead astray why as proof the thing needed to be passed plus also planning to send a message to the south dakota legislature that voters will not tolorate their little game of every time they pass something the legislature doesn’t like they move to try and undo the voters will. the backers of im twenty three say they are going to try and put the thing back on the ballot for a vote again and to make sure the south dakota legislature can’t try should it pass again and undo it are moving to put it on the ballot as a constitutional amendment which means the south dakota legislature would not be able to move to repeel it and black it from going back to the voters with their state of emergency move. and if the thing does get on the ballot and pass the south dakota legislature is going to be no doubt seeing red for im twenty three not dead for its back to the drawing board as a constitutional amendment this time.

and thus in a big blow to president trump which already has him back doing damage control and lieing saying he never said he would try and repeal obamcare . since he told the house to vote on the thing after one delay and instead of taking the chance and seeing the outcome in reality being the thing getting due to a lot of repubs turning cold feet mostly those who face keeping their jobs soon. plus also even with the kock brothers are against the thing their big backers. paul ryan wound up pulling the bill from a vote. which means since the house didn’t pass it it won’t be in the hands of the senate either. the repubs don’t at last get their victory of repealing obamacare with their health plan that did nothing but give rich another tax cut and also took away insurance from a lot of people who just got it. as repubs decide they want to keep their jobs and voting on paul ryans and presidents trump health care plan is too risky so the bill is dead mostly not enough votes for passage. and paul ryan and trump now have egg on their faces.

and next besides soon the budget and also later any attempt to override governor daugards vetoes of bills though this time not in the set a bathroom bill for the legislature got smart. next for south dakota after facing a firestorm over almost denying a promised pay raise to teachers. next is for the legislatures and daugard to convince irrate voters that the bill they passed after they went and repealed im22 the voter passed thing that was suppose to deal with corruption. after repealing it and making it so the thing can’t go back and proably passed again. by voters the legislature also passed some replaced bills like forming an ethics committee. and putting a limit on gifts lobbyists can receive and also keeping the part of how long a legislature has to wait before they can be a lobbyist. though the gift to lobbyists one most say doesn’t go far for it does let them get some gifts of a set amount. plus the ethics committee odds are when its in place will be a shark with no teeth or look the other way for one of their own. even as daugard is selling the thing as he signs the bills. at least the legislature does deserve credit for being willing to pass their version of im22 after they rushed to repeal it and then made it so voters didn’t get like they did with the minium wage send a message to them by passing it again. next selling the im22 repeal and replace. easier for south dakota legislatures then the repubs selling their replacement health care bill.

and finaly discrimation got a little victory espicaly when those who do it by claiming honoring their religeous beliefs and no doubt it going to cost south dakota not only a lawsuit from the aclu. not to mention signing the bill that would allow religeous adoption agency to discrimate by choosing to not place a needy kid with a couple because the couple life style may not match their religeous beliefs aka deny gay couples and single woman the chance to adopt some needy kid because their life style violates their religeous beliefs . sort of a fuck you to a needy kid. plus also the bill allows them to do so without risk of losing funding too. even like with the bathroom bill daugard did talk to both sides. but sadly what is now a little fuck you to a kid in the foster system who could have a chance at a family but won’t get that now because the family they could have will not be allowed to adopt or foster due to the agency the kid could come from citing placing them would violate their religeous beliefs like against being gay or unmarried but south dakota prove with the bathroom bill how conservative it can be even if it screws some one . this time some innocent kid looking for a home. and proably a lot of couples or single people now because of it not wanting to foster or adopt.

and thus the race now really kicks for for the south dakota legislature to get things done and so far the session is half over with and not one what the fuck are they smoking bill has been passed or brought up including another bathroom bill for one was brought up but thankfuly then pulled. so far so good. though the only thing the legislature did so far was piss off voters by undoing im22 and making it so it can’t be revoted on by declaring an emergency . as the thing the legislature is trying to finish a im22 replacement even though any will be a shark with no teeth. since the thing turned out to be a threat to the power base. plus also on the agenda a few bills dealing beer of all things one outlawing powedered beer citing a future new threat of it becoming like cocaine. but another one okaying home deliveries now of beer . as the south dakota legislature tries to race to finish its work including a replacement for the imm22 storm it caused gutting the thing after voters passed it. and making sure it couldn’t like the minium wage be back and revoted on and passed again. plus of course the other biggies balancing the state budget and what vetoes of the governor can be tried to be undone soon.

and thus getting nearer and nearer to the end of the main session with crossover deadline approaching. plus no assanine bathroom bill. though one to allow adoption agencies to use religeon to discriminate . other wise the south dakaota legislature is busy with normal bills and trying besides one that would legalize some hemp and medical marijunnna.trying to sneak through and get passed a bill that would at long last let mid wives be able to practice in south dakota by getting a license the legislature is looking at trying to get the bill taken up which would give ladies more choices including those who choose to give birth at home. since only a doctor or nurse can do a home birth not a mid wife. not okayed in the state to practice but that could if the legislature doesn’t doing something stupid knowing south dakota and wind up killing the bill in the end for some assaine reason for its just good that the legsilature is even taking up letting midwives be able to work in the state. will it be law in south dakota in the end.

and thus now kind of saying a fuck you to school children . and the education system given that devos favors charter schools and superidents have already said they are afraid she would be taking funding for her pet projects. for the first time ever in history vp peance cast a tie breaking vote and voted to confirme devos since dems moved to block her and the vote was a tie . as trump gets another of his cabinet now filled and schools wonder if they just got a big fuck you from the president by her getting the job.

and next for both governor daugard and the south dakota legislature since they managed at the end of last week to repeal im 22 .and also making sure the thing can’t go back to the ballot like the mimium wage bill and voters say for the second time they want this thing by passing it by declaring a state of emergency and thus making it official now. unless backers of it want to try and gather the signatures again and put in on the ballot again whoich would wind up with a repeat. since like the republicans in congress having a replacement for the health care act. there is no way the south dakota legislature will pass a replacement for im 22 that does what the voters one espically at the end of the session. for any bill that would at least keep the parts voters wanted like a independent board to keep legislatures honest or a limit on lobbists gifts no way for those things are the main reason the south dakota legislature once voters passed it went for repeal as quick as they could some of the thing threatens the legislatures power . plus also the reason they went to prevent it from a revote for they know it would pass again. as south dakota legislature now has to do damage control over repealing im22 the ethics ballot. i would not be surprised if some south dakota legislatures find themselves out of a job because of the repeal.