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the  country including stock brokers get scrambling since the house failed to reach a deal to avoid the cliff. and the clock ticks down to a little tumble to start the new year. the president while on the holiday break in his home state. is now looking to the senate even as they also are on break . to try and maybe pull off the miracle at the very last minute the house failed to do mostly once again due to the tea party of the republicans causing the conservatives to bulk at Boehmers plan even though any deal the senate could make would still need the house to pass to not only avoid the cliff fall alittle bit but for the president to sign then after wards congress would be back over having to raise the debt ceiling later. as the president hoping for the miracle that did not happen to come from the senate

stating that to avoid the finicial cliff for once they are along with the president willing to consider some changes in medicare and social security to help avoid the finical cliff as any deal. but making it known to repubs dems in the senate say  they see some changes will proably and needed to keep social security and medicare from busting too but also made it know the cuts if any will not be as big as the repubs  want which means just like the president no trying to go for a deal that almost guts the systems and the dems also made it clear any deal must include taxing the rich . in other word for once  the thought of going off a so called finicial cliff and avoid blame has both sides willing except the tax the rich both sides willing to consider as any part of the deal things they never would touch like changes in social security and medicare

with things looking good that the republicans could take away what little majority the dems have in congress. their first order if they take total power will be to repeal the health care reform bill. even though doing so will not only face a veto but put the republicans in a sticky political situation for one it would have people think the republicans are for special interests by letting the insurance companies be able to deny coverage for preexisting conditions again if its repealed. not to mention the budget office has stated the reform bill would cut the deficiet some what and given the republicans are now all on trying to cause any more rising repealing may have them looking like hypocrites. plus repeal would be vetoes. and the other idea the republicans have to repeal is by not okaying funds for the thing which risks the president to wind up shutting down the whole government.yes the republicans could find themselves in battle if they dare to not fund the health care reform bill with the president who could shut down the government which will really make the republicans look bad. as their first plan if voters give them total control repeal health care reform.