as part of his plan to make sure the return to the moon and also a trip to mars suceeds the new chief  of nasa has put his plan into action by shaking up the staff of nasa by one getting rid of his chief of staff and his chief admistrator and replacing them with a adminstrive associate to help with operations. plus he got high marks from congress so far over how the guy is running nasa.  for nasa chief michel griffin states that he wants nasa to move beyond just the space shuttle and station and to become a industry powerhouse like it was during the apollo era. for 14 chiefs and 10 deputies have left. plus michel also has worked for nasa as an engineer so he brings experiance to the agency and congress actually likes his plans. not to mention he plans to fix things with nasa and homeland securtiy after a little rif. for his associte admistrtor michel says will handle communication between nasa and congress keep them better informed and also convince them to give the funds for projects when the time michel seeks to rebuild nasa from its recent set backs and works towards the return to the moon by 2020 and a trip to mars. as for the shuttle returning still proably spring. and one mystery space scientists have yet to get answeres too is how planets form but nasas one telescope just gave them some answeres studing brown dwarfs which are stars that failed to create the fusion that makes them into suns.  discovered the building blocks of planets around them ice crystals and material known as olivine which are the building blocks that form into planets. but what puzzles the scientists is why this material seems before it forms planets are plentifull around brown dwarfs since they failed to create the funsion to make them bright stars. as nasa begins to rebuild and finaly has a good week. from oxygen on the moon to the mars rovers climbing down hills . a good week for nasa.