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and thus mostly to save their butts again and after backing off on the president demands for his wall money and also his threat to defend the health care act or remove parts of it but mostly to save their butts the repubs manage to makes sure a short gap spending bill to keep the lights on at least for the week. passed after dems blocked one due to trump and co trying to sneak in a attack on the health care act and funding the wall. government still fucntioning at least for a week.

and thus not only did kate make it known to red she meant that she would do what ever is needed to protect liz and her daughter no matter what but red had been warned that messing with her has consiquences. on the black list as she put her plan into place by not only going after reds empire some more but also making it known to red she is going to let the bodies be known where to be found. including going after reds closest allies one by one and taking them out and framing red for murder even though once rousler sends the fingerprints on the machine used to kill a guy red was suppose to target turns out to be faked and not red himself that red denies when liz confronts him but figures out kate is behind it and she ment what she said as dabari thanks to help gets a promotion. as hell is let lose and red learns that kate is not playing around for vengence on the blacklist.

and even with the new twist of the couches on the voice brining back som one it still ended with the top twelve this round adam and gwens teams took the stage to fight for survial including the returned artist they brought back and in the end their team like alyisha and blakes got cut down and thus the top twelv go on on the voice

and citing when the south dakota legislature wound up moving to repeal im23 and passed a weak replacement. citing that the voters were lead astray why as proof the thing needed to be passed plus also planning to send a message to the south dakota legislature that voters will not tolorate their little game of every time they pass something the legislature doesn’t like they move to try and undo the voters will. the backers of im twenty three say they are going to try and put the thing back on the ballot for a vote again and to make sure the south dakota legislature can’t try should it pass again and undo it are moving to put it on the ballot as a constitutional amendment which means the south dakota legislature would not be able to move to repeel it and black it from going back to the voters with their state of emergency move. and if the thing does get on the ballot and pass the south dakota legislature is going to be no doubt seeing red for im twenty three not dead for its back to the drawing board as a constitutional amendment this time.

and thus the products get nuts now on shark tank at least the first one that involved a guy who made wine for cats and some for dogs yes wine for cats though the wine is laced with cat nip and surprisingly he got a deal yes the guy got a deal for it and from mr wonderful himself. yes mr wonderful made a deal for cat wine. may have to buy a bottle for my friends cat. then came a guy who created some new seed pouches that you just plant like rows of grass and he got a deal with lauri from qvc yes a deal too. then came a lady who created a new form of chopsticks no deal. and last a guy who created a new cover to makes one tent weather proof who also had the sharks in tears when he told how he created the thing to honor his brother who died.and wound up with a deal. as for the cat wine the sharks must have really been drinking to make a deal for that since it sounds like a novelty thing . for who wants to get their cat or dog drunk?

and thus not only did the tribes get shaken up again with them also learning in another twist for survivor . exile island is back and the first one sent to it is debbie who gets told she will join the losing tribe after they send some one packing as tai finds an idol. and turns out exile island this time is a boat stocked. as the losing tribe plots the biggest move ever going after cassandra survivors resident queen . yes cassandra targeted at tribal plus also showing up on survivor mostly to give deb an advantage and some advice cochran who gives her three things as an advantage a fake idol. a double vote or she can steal an idol or advantage. and she chooses the double vote. as the queen falls yes cassandra gets voted off survivor after playing and winning the game twice no third time the charm.

and not only did one pairing have the judges reveal that who ever alliah did not pick would wind up stolen. but puppet adam came back again. as the next round of the battle rounds of the voice happen. with the steals as expected flying and the judges letting lose their pairings. with one of the final steals getting down to adam and gwen making one guy pick gwen even though he was an adam fan. as the voice gets through the battle rounds with the steals becoming a tool by the judges . and next one more battle rounds then the knock outs.

and thus in a big blow to president trump which already has him back doing damage control and lieing saying he never said he would try and repeal obamcare . since he told the house to vote on the thing after one delay and instead of taking the chance and seeing the outcome in reality being the thing getting due to a lot of repubs turning cold feet mostly those who face keeping their jobs soon. plus also even with the kock brothers are against the thing their big backers. paul ryan wound up pulling the bill from a vote. which means since the house didn’t pass it it won’t be in the hands of the senate either. the repubs don’t at last get their victory of repealing obamacare with their health plan that did nothing but give rich another tax cut and also took away insurance from a lot of people who just got it. as repubs decide they want to keep their jobs and voting on paul ryans and presidents trump health care plan is too risky so the bill is dead mostly not enough votes for passage. and paul ryan and trump now have egg on their faces.

and just as it looked like the long saga of if orson wells the other side of the wind would finaly end with the thing completed at last after netflix revealed it made a deal for the rights to it and also will fund finaly completing it yes completing it which orson wells has tried to do and his co film maker has tried for a long time to finish given all the battles over it including demands by some for the master print. plus the rumor that orson had five versions of the thing made trying to finish . but proving that the thing can not end with a bow at last comes one more twist. as those who pledged to try and finish it using crowdfunding before the netflix deal happen. that included clint eastwood. are now seeing red and demanding as expected wanting indigo to give back their money even though the thing did not make its goal. but given how many twists and turns orson wells final film has gone through to see the light of day once maybe finished what is one more.? as some fans who tried to help complete it by crowdfunding feel screwed now by netflix and their plans to finaly not only at last give movie fans a long lost gem and final film from the legend orson wells but also in a first for them foot the bill to at last complete the thing after so long of orsons camp trying to finish the thing . and using the master print that those who have tried to help make it complete kept demanding before offering up the money. but got no where.

and thus with the teams now filled on the voice. that included alicia being the last one to fill her team plus showing she has some mad pupped skills when just to mess with adam while she was getting the very last member for her team. she took out a puppet that was made to be adam. and had some fun. plus adam wound up with a country singer this time on his team. which means next is the battle rounds and that means the steal will be in play and go flying . as the voice completes the their teams with even some puppet fun too.