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and the deadline for people to sign up for health care under obamacare after being extended fast approaches again since odds are the president will not extend it again. which also means the president once again is running out of time of getting a victory out of the thing and helping to make it harder and harder more and more so for repubs to keep going after it to repeal it and use it as a weapon to take the senate which they found out so far worked when they took that special florida seat but mostly the deadline is getting not only for people to sign up but the president to get some more gold and prove the act for all its faults is good and also to take some fire from the repubs to use it against him and dems.time running out for the president to get some more points from the health care act and keep his legacy in tact

and just when it looked like obamacare was going to be a long over due xmas gift after all the glitches even with the repubs restorting to dirty tactics to sabatoge it with misleading adds now. seems the health care act is winding up about to produce another lump of coal . as with the time limit about to hit the last day buyers who use the site now are finding a bad gift mostly sticker shock from the price of their policy including the normal out of pocket stuff. yes seems the health care act once again is a balance of being a new over due xmas gift for those who need insurance and now a piece of coal due to sticker shock of the plans prices. even the cheapest. almost making the president wish he could asks for a redo now.

looks like the president may now not want to add obamacare to things he is thankful for . since its been one glitch after another and now added on to it comes a delay in the online exchanges for small business till next year citing by then the website should finaly be operating bug free. the exchanges were for small business to shop for insurance for their employees . but now wit the delay they have to go through a broker or an insurance dealer just when the president thought the health care law would start back running right another thing comes crashing down guess he can not add it to the list to be thankful for.

and thus once again just like the dems will use the shut down against the repubs the repubs see obamacares little fall off of the tracks and the president having to save face. as like any other tool that could help them keep the house but also make tracks to the senate . the repubs see the health care mess as a new gift for victory and power by using the thing against dems who not only face reelection in mid terms but now are busy trying to save their own political face over some voting and backing the thing. even as nancy says the dems will remain strong on it. the repubs wind up getting a new gift a weapon to use politicaly the health care roller coaster wreck as dems run like hell trying to save them from the new damage of it with voters who will soon decide their fates

and with some dems crumbling and like the repubs did with bush. wanting to try and not only save their political butts but also given all the glitchs finaly deciding that obamacare now needs to be fixed. the house passed their version of the patch to let people who learned due to the health care act they will lose their plans even though the president said they could keep them. the bill allows insurers to continue to offer plans even if they don’t comply with the law. but blocked a bill by dems that would have let existing customers to keep their plans through next year and plus wold have made insurers have to reveal their options and wold have let Katherine to help protect consumers from discrimation over rates.

and figured given that obamacare was based on the very same version of the law mitt himself signed in mass. that mitt would sooner or later speak his opinion on the thing including the glitches and damage control the president and katherin are having to do. by saying the president has harmed his second term by actully lieing about some parts of the health care act. mostly the claim that some one would if they liked their insurance could keep it only for people to find out they are being dropped due to their insurances companies not being able to comply with the law. yes the same guy who signed the blue print that got used for the thing is now calling not only the president a lier about it but still following the repubs opinion on it and thinking it should not have passed even though he himself passed the original version in mass. mitt finaly speaks his opinion and takes some shots at the president on the health care act.

given and knowing they will not be able unless the repubs even though dems more and more are having buyers remorse passing the thing given the train wreck. repealing it . the call has now after the webite debacle even though its back running so far. congress is back to asking for a delay for a year again. and leading the charge thune asking for a delay so they can rework the thing . which will never happen. for the repubs will never ever consider or work on a better health care bill. and two the president made known over and over he will not repeal or delay any more. he already delayed the mandate that business with over 50 workers have to supply insurance. as the call up again lead by thune. delay health care act. no chance.

for odds are even down to the wire the house will not wind up finaly accepting that they will not win on health care even a one more year delay of putting obamacare into play for the president would veto any stop gap bill to keep the lights on if it snunk to his desk. odds and the government is already preparing and getting ready to hit the trigger that by midnight tonight the shut down will happen. since the house will not budge on a clean stop gap bill that does not try and let them finaly get rid of the affordable health care act. defund it or delay it so the repubs will wind up proving what babies they are and come midnight the government looks like it will shut down . and hope the repubs are ready for chris chrities words to come true that if the government shuts down a lot of the politicians in washington tea party repubs and some dems who are actully going with the repubs will find them looking for some new work. mostly the repubs who will get the blame as the shut down looms ready to be a reality . since a miracle will be needed to avoid it and its not happening thanks to the house.

just when it looked finaly the debate and the health care bill has finaly ended its potential slide to be a new train wreck mostly from the house threating to shut down the government to defund it and also some of its key things delayed another year. turns out another group that will be most effected and also may get some benifits from the thing are now letting their voice heard. mostly small business and also some start ups mostly are divided since not only will the act be giving them the chance to maybe offer some health insurance yet don’t know if doing so may mean having to cut hours of workers due to the price or have to still not do so and risk workers moving to other business for the health insurance plus also the thing is looking to help some start ups mostly in the medical insurance sector who see a benfit from the exchanges including some start ups being able to shop for their own insurance plan and not get denied. though some also see the cost coming from the exchanges too high. plus some start ups normaly get insurance on a spoucces plus also their is the mandate that business will have to try and offer health insurance to their workers too as another group letting their voices heard on the health care act. small business who may either get screwed or could benfit from the thing that is becoming a run away train of confussion.

interesting the repubs are so bound and determine to undo the health care act.yet they find it okay to be able to use some of its new benifits for themselves and their staff with out having a fit. as congress got an exemption from their rates rising as was part of the act. yes congress can pay into their health plans and their staffs with out a raise of rates .a little benifit from the same act they have been trying to kill. talk about hyprocicy. bet if they were told they was going to have their health care taken away if they killed the act they would leave it alone .