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and thus some acts still live for the semi finals round on america got talent. with their fates in the hands of voters. and no surprise mostly due to the fact paul lenlin did the ulimate trick he made his dummy do a chucky and come to life  as he walked off stage after a pretend fight with the dummy. made the dummy appear to come to life all be itsself . and thus got the first vote in. followed by drew the young comedian who has won the hearts with his story about using comedy due to the fact a tragedy has made him forever stutter. plus the guy in the dragon suit manage to also make it in some how and the judges wound up having the final say on the final act of the night to go through and with a three to one vote howie picking the other act they samatha. as some acts can breathe easy now they are going on to fight to win america’s got talent for another round with more results to come.

and what is also  proably the final round of auditons since soon they start the cut for the live ones.  from a cute angel named heavely who blows the judges away to a guy who lifted a bleacher of people not to mention a new record holder smashing fruit. plus a father and mother get into the act juggling and messing with crows bows the mother throwing them around  to  a horse act of sibs who made it plus a young daredevil who jumped 18 feet from a crain and got through even though he scared hedi. then toping it off  a lovely lady who showed age has no limit and are proably going to have her grand kids wonder if maybe grandma needs a nursing home now. the lady got into a car with explosvies and blew her self up and got through even though she got one no vote.as agi proably now finishes what may be their last round of audtions or not.

not only did aig wind up cutting the final twelve down to the six who will go on but delt with the muppets mostly miss piggy running amok and trying to take over the show. as statler and waldorf  wound up keeping howard entertained.  as the top six who now go on to the final one by one were named.  emily west.  acro army.  quintivas .  matt franeo who is the only magician to survive all the way through to the finals. and sons of seridep due to fan save.  with the last pick the judges wound  up with a two to two tie vote for the last act Mel. and Hedi voting for miquel. and Howard and Howie voting for david and emil the celo due . so the fan vote determined the outcome which made miquel the last of the top six . the acts left going on to the finals and one walking away with the million on agt plus also the muppets showed up too.

and unlike other rounds looks like there are no saves for the top twelve on agt as after their do or die performance even the balancer not using scooby in his act.  the acts now wait to see if all their stunts will let them fight another round for the million or since there are no more saves from the judges and no voter save if one acts time and dream is now going to be over tonight with the results. do or die time approaches the top twelve as they learn their current fate and results this round on agt

and thus five more acts still live to try for the million on americas got talent. with howie getting to vote this time around for the last act which was the dance troop acacopary. among the acts going through singer paul yeti. the balancer christian.  as five more acts survive . with others including that illusionist with his pal damion going home just narrowly getting the vote. plus a former contestant doing a bit where he is in love with hedi. as five more acts go on with one more round of the same thing to go on americas got talent.

and thus the top forty eight took some cutting and for the next twelve acts they better be taking notes and really bring their a game since only five can go on to the next round. and five did  from singers emily west and the only male one miller dakota. to magic group david and liamon to dan  the comedian who made howie thrilled to have one of his own chosen. and to howards delight the tap dancers did not make the cut . and the last group and proving once again how hard the judges have it the had to pick the last act to go through and it was the dance troop brola cowego as five go on to the next round for american idol and soon joined by five more next round.

and now after performing last night the first of the forty eight who survived. and all the acts managing to make it through for the judges did not even press the x at all.including the tap dancers howard does not care for . now the twelve will learn their fates tonight for the result show. which means they will learn how fans voted . and if they will still remain part of the forty eight and go on to battle to be in the final and go for the million or if the act is finaly down with americas got talent now. as the first twelve learn their fates and how the vote went. and if the tap dancers go through will howard be grumpy the rest of the show?

and thus the top forty eight acts were made finaly with the judges showing how hard their job is . espicaly when it came time to make some cuts. that included almost all the male singers going though nerves played apart in most of them bombing including the senior citien guy . plus also telling some of the kid acts sorry your not going on to radio city for the live shows and going for the million. the bands even though they still played original songs ticking off howie manage to do better. some go through. and the judges also had a touch call with the strong guy acts cutting among one of them the middle age guy who pulls car with his teeth did not make it for the next rounds. as Howard , and Howie. and Mel and Hedi. wind up doing the hardest part of their jobs as judges on americas got talent . makeing the cuts for the top forty eight for the live rounds then more cuts till the acts that are left to try for the million.

what wound up turning out not only to be a theme thing but also will wind up having a few acts cut for the finales. the judges on agt wound up not just getting one contortion act but three including one who wrapped them around howie. all went on then a pair of brothers did something with celos no one ever thought possible. played hendrix. then came a dancing roller blader that had howard buzz him and howie liking him did not go through. then later came the acts that sent the judges scrambling mostly because they involved bugs one guy breaking the record for the most tarantulas on his face mel went running and howard and howie also moved where hedi was even holding the tartanula then came a guy who was eating hissing cockroaches. the judges did not send him through .as bugs and contortionists seem to be the most on agt. and now one knows what one act can send the judges running for the door. bugs

and kicking off the new season of america’s got talent. the acts came out to show their stuff and a few surprises from a guy who is 91 years old pulling a car with his teeth that had his brother and his wife and his girlfriend in it. howard said no but howie . hedi and mel sent him through. then came a guy who balanaces on his hands on stilts and went all the way to the ceiling got in. with a movie deal by howard for his kid then howard used his save on an act his golden buzzer. plus came dancers who used shadow and sf. and host nick pulled a fast one on the judges by performing as a mime and when the judges said no he let lose and told them to shove it and even acted like security was needed only to reveal it was him. plus a young singer melted hearts including having mel walk on stage and hug him. for turns out the kid has been in and out of foster homes since five. due to his real parents drug use and figured he would never find a family but did . and howie said agt family has adopted you and they sent him through as americas got talent is back for another season.