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proving there is proably only room for a few dangerous and crazy acts for the judges to stomach the judges on agt made their choices and for some acts their dream still lives as they join the semies.for others including that guy who was flipping around and swallowing a sword he was sent packing the judges said no . along with a rap group as the last act the judges said no too. plus the guy who layed on pins and had an atv run over him got sent packing mostly because the judges said he lacked showman ship. plus the audience vote also helped the judges pick mary a comedian who looked like she might have gotten cut the judges leaning towards her going. as a few dreams crushed a few still live on closer to the finale on agt


and just like last nights batch including one guy who freaked out the judges espically after he got run over laying on a bed of nails and looked like he was dead. mel b and howie did not like it and will proably wind up saying no more . while other acts got the judges loving them enough to proalby send them on to the next round or maybe scoring with the audience too. and they will be joined by more contestants who are going to put their fates in the judges hands and their dreams of going on and trying to win agt. or at least hope to not only get the judges okay but manage to get the audience to also let them move on all the way to the finale. though odds are no more dangerous acts for odds are another one will wind up with at least mel and howie hitting their buzzer as more acts put their fates in the judges hands as another round of agt takes place tonight some will go on some will wind up having the dream stopped.

and the craziness continues on agt as the acts had the judges thinking they have finlay lost control . from a guy who was trying to balance a potential molotov cocktail on his mouth on a balloon. to even south dakota having a group enter and go on. and also a bunch of wrestlers got into trying out and got all four xs but kept at it. then one guy kept arquing with howard to remove his x no deal. then came a so called cat trainer who brought out this giant cat that had to be some one wearing a cat suit or inside it operating it as a puppet even including a fake piece of poop that got thrown at the judges. and one act had both howie and howard push no the ladies yes did not go on. plus a few more singers. as agt seems to have wound up going off the train tracks of nuttiness. including that giant cat for that thing no doubt had a guy or girl inside operating the controls.