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and thus after being teased jesse and tulip who already is being shady when she tries to avoid going to new orleans which is where jesse and cassidy and tulip are following a tip god might be there as a blues singer . tulip trying to not go back there given that is where as she tells cassidy who figures out she is hiding something that tulip yep she wound up giving the big bad of this season herr star a make over aka his face looking like a male body part aka a penis. as jesse when he rescues a damsel in distress soons also finds out as she is working for the grail and herr star . testing jesse control of genisis.


and thus amc is closer to showing it has the guts to do what hollywood is too afraid to do mostly try at least a pilot for garth enis preacher as a tv series by revealing it has cast two roles  so far the first ones being tulip and of all the characters arse face yes arseface who fans know is a guy who due to a failed suicide attempt in the book winds up with his face turning out looking like an ass. a fan favorite . amc has cast actress ruth neggs who also plays raina on agents of shield for tulip. and actor ian colletti for arseface. which is interesting for one would think besides tulip amc would cast the leads first the very first one being preacher himself. though at least they are proving that amc has the guts to let preacher have a chance given how contraversal the material is. by starting to cast the pilot . and maybe the series. by starting with two roles the female lead tulip. and a fan fave character arse face who should be interesting to see if the censors try and bleep out the name. as the preacher pilot closer to reality now with casting going on. the big question is who will wind up being preacher and also cassidy . as amc shows that is is going to take a chance on preacher the one property that hollywood will not touch  by starting the casting stage of the pilot. tulip and arseface down jesse and cassidy and the saint of killers next.

amc has proven that is is willing to take chances first okaying the walking dead and a spin off keeping most of the blood  and staying true to the comics core. and now not only is amc adding itsself to dc comics tv fold but they went with help from seth rogan went all out and really showing guts picked and okayed a pilot for none other then preacher . with the idea of it becoming a series in 2016. showing guts given how preacher is controversial due to the fact it involves a preacher named jesse  who gets taken over by the off spring of a demon and angel and given the voice of god. and along with is ex tulip and bf cassidy the vampire go on a journey to track down god and call him out for fleeing heaven when genius the spirit in jesse arrived. plus also they are being chased by the saint of killers. not to mention includes a character calls arse face. but mostly due to its reliogus stuff . preacher is controversial for hollywood has tried to do a preacher film only to get cold feet. but looks like now preacher may thanks to amc being bold its hollywood journey may be over at last. the question will they go ahead and make it a serious too or will fans just have to be happy that preacher finaly got made as a pilot. plus if they do take the risk and okay preacher for a series. are tv viewers really ready for a live action version of a character called arseface?

proving how out of the box amc is when it comes to their shows. since normaly a show has to try and survive even having a first season before it learns if its going to be back for a second season and try to last a long time. but taking a chance better call saul the breaking bad spin off will come close to being worthy of the shoes breaking bad has left behind. and having to delay when better call saul will premire the first half of 2015 amac okayed a second season already of thirteen episodes two more then the first which will have ten. which also gives the produers more time to not only work out any bugs that could cause the show to not live up to the hype given that its about saul the shaddy lawer life before he crossed paths with walter white. amc proving to think outside the box and taking a chance since most shows try and at least make it through its first season before a second one gets the okay. amc gives its breaking bad spin off that won’t air till next year now . a second season already way before fans even see the first and if its worthy of filling the shoes of its predessor breaking bad. as beter call saul coming to amc for two seasons now.

and thus for fans of don draper even though they will have a long wait for the finale and learn how mad men goes into the sunset. tonight begins the first half since amc deciding they can get more out of spliting up the finale season decided to break it up . first half tonight for about seven episodes second half including the finale not till next year. never the less fans of dan draper will get to start to watch him and the rest of the mad men start their swan song as the finale season of mad men begins now . first half second half not till next year. which the finale is sure to be really big for amc due to fans waiting to finaly see it and they can milk it for all its worth

while promoting his new film with zack effron. seth rogan revealed that amc contray to rumors that should they okay and let the proposed tv version of garth enis preacher happen they would not only remove the swearing but also try and cut out and gut most of the religeous stuff to make it fit for tv the one big thing that makes preacher so good. seth said nope all amc will tone down is the swearing but told them and creator garth enis they have the okay to do anything to the characters but the three main ones are to be left in tact and also will keep most of the religeous stuff that makes preacher so controversial with some. plus also hinted they are looking at make up for arseface. not cgi. plus amc wants preacher to be done now like walking dead. a long drawn out season by season story line which given how long preacher is that works. as seth says amc will not try and totaly screw preacher if they let the thing go to full tv series. we shall see if they keep their word. given they are a network.

and saying to mostly be a companion for the walking dead. and proving how bold amc is when it comes to projects including ones that have lanquished around hollywood a while . amc made it known they have given the go ahead to a tv series based on warren ellis preacher. which is the dc series about a texas preacher named jessee custer who after getting possesesed by geninus an off spring of an angel and demon that causes god to flee heaven. he and his ex girlfriend tulip and best friend cassidy a vampire. go on the hunt to call god out . and along the way attrack some enemies including a fat big baddie named herr star whose face gets sliced into a certain male body party plus also contains a guy whose face winds up looking like a dogs butt. not to mention all the religeous sacrilage the comic committs like a retarded jesus clone. for its the releigous stuff that is the main reason every attempt at a movie or till amc finaly decided to be bold. hbo was working on a tv series too. and warren stated he is involved with the series whose show runner is breaking bad alum sam catlin and based on the script by seth rogan who will be exectitve producer too. as at long last preachers long crazy trip in hollywood finds a home amc . which not only should be interesting to see who gets cast as jesse and company but also the bounty hunter known as the saint of killers. not to mention will amc really include arseface the guy with a dogs butt for a face. in a live action version? no word on when the pilot will and series will air. which winds up joining the ranks of comics projects. from arrow to agents of shield. plans for izombie at fox dmz at sci fi. flash. netflixs marvel stuff coming. and also fox doing the leque of extrodinary gentleman. and a pre batman gotham show. and now comes preacher at long last given how every time preacher is looked at the studio or like hbo gets cold feet over the religeous tones and backs off. but now amc is taking the shot.

if there is one dc comic that has been almost doing as long a journey to the big screen as wonder woman is its preacher. the story about a priest named jesse cutter who gets possesed by the offspring of a demon and angel who is so powerful it causes god to leave heaven. and jesse with his ex tulip and his best friend a vampire name cassidy go to seek out god while being hunted by heavens bounty hunter the saint of killers. several attempts to make a film version have been tried only to get no where. but now looks like sony with seth rogan aboard yes. seth rogan is on board since he kind of teased that after seven years he looks to be making of his favorite dream projects a reality and then listed the names of some of the charcters including arse face a guy who has a ass for a face. sony made it known they have okayed a pilot and amc will get it. which given how garth enis takes shots at religeion to the point of blasamy almost. not only should the thing finaly go to series. will the censors have a field day make amc cut out some of the more intense stuff but. also the head aches that is sure to come from religeous groups taking offense to the content of preacher. which is proably the other reason no film version ever became reality. no casting revealed yet or when amc will air it. as preacher looks to maybe end its long journey to other media since a film version never happens. by sony okaying a pilot for amc.