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and looks like this season of the bachelor is not short on drama from picking up with the rose ceramony from last one that sees dominique go then another one sending christian and brittiny home too. plus also a trip to the bachelors home town showing one of the ladies is not suited for farm work. and then at the cocktail party came a catfight between astino and another lady antino making it really known she is not taking kindly to the insuations they think she is dumb. words flying . and this is just an episode of the show wonder if the two will fully be at it when the ladies tell all arrives. as three go and a catfight on the bachelor .


and thus after earlier throwing brit under the bus when he learned her views on his home town. sending her bawling and packing. and then not even having the cocktail party.  plus also going to meet the final ones families who some were not so thrilled with him. in the end after jade confessed to a few things in the end the final three of the bachelor are now known whitney , becca and kaitlyn wound up with the rose and thus  sending jade home empty handed and her journey on the bachelor over with have to go find some love else wear. as the final ladies got picked to try and win the bachelor now.

if Bachelor Juan pablo did not have enough trouble trying to protect and do damage control of his rep and the show due to Addie leaving early saying he was inappropriate with her in a hotel room maybe. Juan better be careful while deciding who of the final two contestants he is going to wind up picking.as in 24 hours the woman get to sit down and finaly start talking . yes which is a traditon for the bachelor and bachlorette before the finale. airs in a week. in 24 hours abc has the woman sitting down and finaly talking about their time on the show and mostly giving their opionons of what they thought of Juan . which no doubt should wind up having some fireworks given the rep juan pablo is building as being to some of the woman a little sleazy. as juan better be ready for some fireworks in twenty four hours as the woman finaly will talk and be telling all . as the bachelor nears Juan Pablo having to make his choice which like all the other bachelor and bachlorette shows may not wind up with the couple together.