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doing some damage control mostly so cal charm legacy as almost capturing the triple crown if it weren’t for a foot stepped at the gate by another horse and tonalist whose belmont win caused steve to wind up saying that he was a coward since he did not race the derby and also saying that the race was like a 6 foot nba player playing basketball against a kid in a wheel chair which steve wound up saying he was sorry for that remark for he ment to say cal chromes jokey playing against the legendary wilt chamberlin instead. even though no amount of steve saying sorry will undo the damage that is already done as most now see steve corburn as a sore loser from his tirade over cal chrome getting denied a triple crown . plus saying that if he ever got the chance again he would run the derby and go home. as steve does some damage control from cal chromes belmont loss. mostly over his wheelchair remark the main reason he should say sorry emotions got the best of him.

and like horse fans who will be watching to hopefuly see after 36 years of wainting cal chrome try and run into history and wind up some how giving fans a triple crown winner after 36 years as like every one one else cal chrome is counting down the hours till he takes his shot at history and is let out of the gate at belmont and let lose to try and run and wind up having enough speed to do what other derby and preakness winners have done before him and fallen short take belmont and the triple crown in the end today. as the clock now ticks down till cal chrome gets to finish his dream and run now for the triple crown . and maybe end the streak at last. hours to go now.

and thus now after today is done. horse fans watching for omens as the time ticks nearer and nearer to the belmont and cal chrome trying to make history and become the 12 triple crown winner after 36 tries. one omen already being he has the number two spot when he leaves the gate the same number the legendary secretariet had when he took the triple crown . as now after today horse fans will just have to wait twenty four hours till seeing if cal chrome not only takes belmont but makes history and breaks the streak and is the 12 triple crown winner. as belmont and cal chrome triple crown attempt gets near the 24 hour mark now .

and cal chrome luck keeps blessing him as now after today belmont enters the three day mark and also three more days for him to prep to make his grab to finaly take the triple crown and win belmont. as now cal chrome has wound up drawing the second post for the gate which means he will be straight out running when the gates open though he will have to fight to make sure he does not fall behind the others who will be gunning to make cal chrome triple crown dream not become a reality as luck keeps smiling on cal chrome trying to nab the triple crown sat and win belmont draws number two posting straig out of the gate . as belmont is now four days till maybe some horse history and a streak crumbling.

as the hype and talk keeps building that cal chrome is going to wind up come saturday at belmont wind up breaking the streak and maybe becoming a triple crown winner. as is normal for any race. cal chrome has a few obstacles standing in his way he will have to beat to take belmont and wind up with his goal of belmont. mostly besides being able to keep his speed up to win belmont and the triple crown but also a few rivals who will be gunning to deny cal chrome his glory and all the perks of being a triple crown winner. the big one being palice malice who cal chrome took the preakness from. not to mention a fresh horse named summer bird who skipped the derby and is not in contention as triple crown contender spoiler like palice . as facing cal chrome on his path to horse immortality and giving racing its first triple crown winner. a few rivals and making sure he has the speed to pull off belmont as the race now is entering the four day mark till cal chrome gets to see if all the hype over him will pay out .

and the clock ticks down for horse racing as in five days after today cal chrome will finaly get his shot at not only trying to add belmont to his winnings but also his main goal wind up attempting to add triple crown winner cal chrome and thus join the club at number 12 should he pull it off and become in now five days from now the first horse since affirmed in 78 to claim the triple crown. as the clock is now ticking down till cal chrome will finaly get to try and add belmont to go with his derby and preakness win but mostly to try and at long last be when all is run at belmont this saturday be known as triple crown winner cal chrome and thus the one who broke the streak of no triple crown winner at last at least he will try too. plus if he does make all that happen cal chrome will be making a few people have to eat a dish of crow too . as five days and horse racing gets to see cal chrome go for the final prize he wants belmont and a triple crown win. and membership to the elite club of triple crown winners. clock now is just ticking down to that stuff soon being tried.

and only one more week to go and cal chrome will get to take his shot at doing a clean sweep and becoming after 36 a triple crown winner and bringing the number of those who managed to win the triple crown a hard given the track at belmont. bringing up the number to 12 . as cal chrome gets his shot to try and add belmont to his wins plus also has to in a week ward off other horses who will be looking to deny him belmont and thus keep the streak of no triple crown winner alive for another . as one week and cal chrome goes to end that streak and try for triple crown winner cal chrome.

and for cal chrome as he continues his prep work for his try to win belmont and finaly break the streak and become a triple crown winner at last. one major hurdle that could wind up screwing his chances up is now gone as one of cal chromes main rivals for belmont and his triple crown quest. none other then danza who came in third at the derby and preakness. and would have been looking to try and stop cal chromes chances of having the triple crown at belmont. is no longer an obstacle cal chrome has to think about as his owners citing the health of the horse. have pulled danza from belmont which means one rival for cal chromes triple crown dreams to be a reality gone. and one hurdle he has to over come in two weeks. though cal chrome still has to win belmont by beating the other ones there that will try and thwart a triple crown from happening by cal chrome including now with danza gone his other big rival kid cruz who is not only the first race horse to be owned by the first openly gay couple in horse racing history but also is showing a strong rival to try and deny cal chromes quest to win the triple crown with his owners saying if kid cruz does that they will have their own michel swan if kid cruz denies cal chrome the belmont. as one hurdle for cal chrome run to try and add belmont and have the title of triple crown winner. is now out of the way a rival named danza not running belmont due to health . making cal chrome attempt to claim belmont and at last break the streak of no triple crown win a little easier in two weeks.

and proving some common sense plus the fact i don’t think new york really wanted a repeat of when they denied all have another the use of a breathing strip and thus no belmont for the triple crown. plus the fact all the money they would lose if they had said no to cal chrome being allowed to have his breathing strip on his nose. as the govererning board that controls belmont said cal chrome can have his breathing strip no problem which means fans will get in three weeks to watch and see if cal chrome not only adds belmont to his wins and finaly breaks the streak and takes the triple crown but also becomes the 12 horse ever to do so. yes cal chromes chances to go for the triple crown still live. for he can keep his breathing strip to make sure he has a good airway. other wise he would have gotten scratched from belmont. as the dream of a triple crown being claim could happen in three weeks by a horse named cal chrome now . will he make that history ? and also wind up serving a few dishes of crow if he should manage to capture the triple crown

and as buzz grows after he added the preakness and claimed part of the second jewel of the triple crown. over if cal chrome can manage to take belmont and become the 12 horse to join the club of those who took the triple crown. and also finaly do it after so long. cal chrome chances to try and do that may wind up not happening and get derailed now the cause of that happening according to his trainer. the okay to use a nasal strip to help the colt breath better. since under the governoning rules a jokey can not have any equipment that has not bee approved by the board. cal chrome could wind up having his chances to go for the triple crown at belmont dashed if the governoring board does not oaky the nasal strip since he used it for both the derby and preakness. fans could wind up with no triple crown for another year all due to a nasal strip threating to after taking the derby and preakness dashing cal chrome chances to try and join the club and be the first to take the triple crown. hope he goes and tries his luck at belmont in the end.