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and even though now the health care law is in effect for the new year. its also starting off the new year. with the justices of the scotus winding up not only with sonya issuing a stay over the part requiring coverage of birth control. mostly due to religeous objections by churches but the stay now looks to be in play till the court deals with the case they have with that part of the health care bill that is on their docket from home depot who sued saying stores have a right to not cover birth control if it is against their religeous beliefs. the stay ought to make the repubs happy given now they don’t dare try to repeal the health care act since people are now benifiting from it . so let the justices wind up helping them in their own way by delaying now parts of the act or look at its constitutionality . as the part that has business cover birth control for workers got delayed by justice sonya


even as he tries to compromise by now making it so groups like the catholic church and other faith groups have to notify their isurance company about their objects with birth control due to their beliefs. even as some groups are exempt for example one church running a soup kitchen does not have to comply with the birth control mandate even as groups file a challenge and go after scotus to hear them and try to throw out that part of the health care law. plus that the groups were given a reprieve and have till jan 1 to comply with the law. never the less the president is sticking to his guns. with the birth control clause in the health care bill and religeous groups like the catholic church and of course the repubs are screaming.