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when the justices ruled hobby lobby and others could deny woman birth control due to their reliegous reasons. justice ginsburg commented when it comes to birth control the male justices have a blind spot and so does the court. and testing that which will also have a far reaching effect for companies and business every where when it comes to woman and pregnaccy  . the case involves peggy young who says ups refused to assine her work that fit her pregnacy. since she was told not to lift heavy packages the case will if the justices prove they are not blind when it comes to certain things like pregnacy mostly the male ones . that it would change  the way business consider pregnacy and could make it that things like workers education and military record for senority on the job too.  may lead to craziness . though mostly the case will prove if the court has a blind spot or not with certain issues including woman health .


looks like the repubs plan of if they can never repeal obamacare till they control the senate and a have the white house again. the repubs plan is to just let the courts try and do their jobs by having to deal with lawsuits against the act. including a few trips scotus and the justices as for the second time since the justices upheld the act. they get the thing back this week. this time the issue is can places like hobby lobby exercise their right to not carry out parts of the act they disgree with due to their religeous beliefs. mostly the part that says companies will have to include coverage for birth control. for the justices have to decide can hobby lobby being a corporation claim freedom of religeion to not want to cover birth control knowing a ruling would make it so a lot of woman who work for the company will find it harder to get birth control not to mention close to a assault on their right to make health care decisisons. plus as some one says if the justices rule for hobby lobby and the others in the suit. whats to stop them from saying they are against the minimum wage or labor laws. later. as the health care bill once again is visting the justices of scotus. this time the birth control manadate with hobby lobby the one escorting the issue to the court.

and even though now the health care law is in effect for the new year. its also starting off the new year. with the justices of the scotus winding up not only with sonya issuing a stay over the part requiring coverage of birth control. mostly due to religeous objections by churches but the stay now looks to be in play till the court deals with the case they have with that part of the health care bill that is on their docket from home depot who sued saying stores have a right to not cover birth control if it is against their religeous beliefs. the stay ought to make the repubs happy given now they don’t dare try to repeal the health care act since people are now benifiting from it . so let the justices wind up helping them in their own way by delaying now parts of the act or look at its constitutionality . as the part that has business cover birth control for workers got delayed by justice sonya

the rate obamacare keeps sprouting up new leaks when the president thinks its got fixed. now another thing pops up this time after ruling that the thing is constitutional scotus gets to visit and decide the fate of another part of it. this time the issue is the birth control mandate. mostly if business like home depot can have the right to deny birth control under their claim of it violating their religeous beliefs. yes home depot and a few others are asking the justices if its okay for them to not follow the birth control mandate part of the act. citing the reason religeous beliefs. and the justices decided to take the case. the rate obamacare is winding before scotus wonder why the justices just don’t rule on the whole thing including the mandates once and for all clarifing their last ruling. for the repubs and dems who have turned against the act now. seem to have a new weapon against obamacare just file and ask scotus to deal with its legality piece now by piece. this time the birth control mandate and religeous reasons for places like home depot to say nope not going to comply against my beliefs