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and thus not only did kate make it known to red she meant that she would do what ever is needed to protect liz and her daughter no matter what but red had been warned that messing with her has consiquences. on the black list as she put her plan into place by not only going after reds empire some more but also making it known to red she is going to let the bodies be known where to be found. including going after reds closest allies one by one and taking them out and framing red for murder even though once rousler sends the fingerprints on the machine used to kill a guy red was suppose to target turns out to be faked and not red himself that red denies when liz confronts him but figures out kate is behind it and she ment what she said as dabari thanks to help gets a promotion. as hell is let lose and red learns that kate is not playing around for vengence on the blacklist.


and liz troubles just get worse as she now is talking before a judge. telling her history with red and the team. including how she did not want the job. and also a lot about tom who red is hunting for since he holds the key to lizs fate plus also revealing tom was a spy since early child hood. as tom takes care of his latest mission. while liz keeps trying to save herself including at last revealing what the fulcrum is its a file whose info could blackmail the most powerful rich people in the world and also have some the bad guys want it to see if they are in it. plus the black list has no physical copy and turns out tom is actuly on the thing as liz tries to save herself. while red goes after the one person who could save her. and setting up another show down with red and tom. and given reds mood tom is proably in more trouble then his latest target.

not only does the black list end their season tonight with some questions answered at last which james spader said one may be the one about red and lisa relationship why her. plus also tonight sees every one dealing with a threat that even red is scared of berlin. but that is not the only thing happening for the black list. for nbc made it known that later in the season they will be moving the black list to thursday they have given up on trying to restore thursday to its old comedy roots. instead going to take a risk and letting the old voice lead try and work its magic to help a new show in the black lists soon to be old spot. as not only does it wind down its season tonight . but come next season it moves to thurs too. though given how good the black list the move should not hurt it . if it does nbc may be doing a fast scramble of their scedule or if something gets canceled later.