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as the jokey and owners of cal charm take in the glory of his derby win plus the fact that he is the first horse from california to win the derby and be a pontenial triple crown contender since 1963 . yes since that long no horse from cal has taken the derby till california charm and next for him besides a little rest from the derby and now training for the preakness and trying to repeat his derby win and add the second jewel of the triple crown and then the ulimate test after the preakness in two weeks. the rumble of it cal charm will be able to go and take belmont and break the streak of no triple crown at last. as derby winner cal charm eyes his next thing a repeat win at the preakness in two weeks may 17 . which means a little rest for him too but mostly will he be adding the second triple crown jewel too.


and with now only two weeks till the derby and another attempt at finaly ending the streak of no triple crown winner . the bragging has already begun by the top derby contender and fav california charms owner who is already saying he sees california charm winning the derby . so far just saying winning the derby not winning the triple crown since that one would be a little bit egostistical of him and two no one knows how not only the derby will turn out but the preakness and belmont are still a long ways off to start bragging that ones horse is going to be the one to end the streak of no triple crown winner. plus the fact california charm faces some other compettion come the derby other horses looking to be the one . including the under dog moving fast to be a derby fav. wicked strong who already has the backing of boston mostly due to its owner being a boston native. as the bragging has begun with only two weeks till the first part of some horse setting themselves up to try and finaly end horse racings streak of no triple crown winner. owner of california charm derby top contender starting to say he will win getting his ego going already before the run for the roses and maybe california charm set up for a triple crown run.too boot. two weeks and california charm gets to either prove his owner right or his owner eats crow.