and thus now in 24 hours not only will the third jewel of the out of play triple crown fall to some one but also either orb or oxbow who both took part of the triple crown and thus doing so threw belmont out of contention for a triple crown run by either one. either orb or oxbow will wind up trying to not only have the last triple crown jewel and cap their career. as at least a derby or preakness and belmont winner. but also both orb and oxford either one in 24 hours may be walking away with some payback for having the other one shoot down their chance to go for a triple crown. or belmont being the crazy mistress it can be in the triple crown hunt could wind up with rose finaly full filling her desire to be the first female jokey with a triple crown jewel in her clutches. as 24 hours some one is walking away with belmont . and maybe in orb or oxfords case pay back. or rose instead finaly making the history as the first female jokey twice she has been denied. during the triple crown battle.