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and thus the race is on by  congress to get a high way funding bill passed and signed by the president by the end of the week or the transportation dept will have to defund projects. the big sticking points is the thing including resurecting the export import bank for even though an amendment passed the house is against it . plus also the amdenment to repeal health care died but will be resurected again  and the big issue that has congress racing is that the house and senate want to pass differant versions as the final one been there before with other bills. same old methods. as the race is on to get highway funding done will congress win or will they wind up with egg on their face and do damage control as states wind up not being to at last do work on their highways

and what is a rare blow from his own party the senate fell short of being able to bring up and start working on fast track legislature the legislation the president says he needs to finish some trade deals . and congress wants mostly so the next president can use it if its from one of their parties. but dems objecting to the trade deals and also wanting congress to include two other deals in it wound up with the senate not having the 60 needed to start debating on the deal. a rare blow to the president from his own party. as dems wind up shooting down fast track for now.

and trying to keep up its rare momentum of working together after both sides agreed to a bill giving them a say in any iraq deal plus also close now to giving the president fast track  power. the next test now looks after holding up for months that by the end of the week since the thing that kept it tied up the human trafficing bill due to some stuff with abortion looks to be able to be passed which now means some say by the end of the week eric holder may finaly have to pack his bags and clean out his office and congress since lynch also has the okay by jeb bush asking for her confirmation. that  the end of the week now congress could make some history too and confirm the first african american lady as attorney general . test for congress new bipartisian ship coming  finaly confirming lynch as new ag.

and figured sooner  or later that congress would finaly decide  mostly as the president is saying trying to give another tax break to the rich and will not back and proably veto a bill that turns out has support in the house by both repubs and dems including getting written by nancy peloise herself and odds are the senate will be able to muster the votes to pass it too. the bill long talked about to repeal the estate tax aka the death tax even though people will still have to pay state estate tax. the bill would repeal at last the one at the federal level. and surpringly it has dems supporting it but will wind up vetoed by the president even though its kind of an idea for why should one wind up having to see what they worked for all their lives and once dead have  to still almost work to make it or see it all gone. as congress finaly gears up and targets the death tax to die.

and now though his plan to also raise some taxes on the rich again is proably not going any where in congress . otherwise it now looks like the one thing that both congress and the president may wind up on the same page and congress will be rushing to get a bill too him with some glee the president revealed next on his agenda is fixing and closing the tax code loopholes the ones that have allowed people and business to wind up using to not pay any taxes what so ever.  along with renewing tax breaks again which is congress favorite thing taxes. including as some of the top repub presidental contenders and dems agree the tax code needs fixing including loopholes.  as the president and congress may finaly have found some common ground to get one thing done mostly taxes. since congress will no doubt be going after those loopholes to help their wall street friends any way.

and thus the next battle looming and sure to wind up or maybe finaly be one of the besides the cromibus bills from the new congress with some deal worked out for  the president could in the end sign. as the president is calling for congress to pass and give workers and family paid sick leave. for a lot don’t have it and half the time have to go to work sick due to needing the money. congress view is that they like the idea but their plan so far is  a bill that is coming up in the house that would have workers trade unsued comp time as sick leave time.   as a new battle brewing with the president and congress the issue paid sick leave for workers. could a deal be made in the end ?

and with congress set to start work with the repubs calling shots next week. one thing now is certain a fight with the president and also will give him his first time to keep his promise of using his vetoe pen may happen.as congress will gear up for trying to get a budget going with the big targets as expected social security and medicare which is sure to say vetoe even with paul ryan no longer in charge of the budget committee. plus also funding for homeland security will run out soon. not to mention congress knows they have to get the budget passed to avoid a shut down too. and even though the ceiling is lifted the treasury if no deal is made will have to do some juggling to avoid a default. as congress first order of business and testing  how fast the president will use his vetoe pen.  the budget .

while he still vacations including making news for crashing a wedding and telling the newlyweds he is sorry they got their wedding changed so he could golf. the president also made it known to congress that he is warming up his veto pen which unlike the early days of his term did not get used much. plus even though the repubs control both chambers they don’t have enough to override a vetoe would need some dems help. and no doubt the veto pen will get used when congress does things like going after the health care act or trying to stop his immgration plans. for odds are unless the repubs finaly tell their tea party comrads enough no more have to compromise. the veto pen is now going to get a work out as the president gives the warning its being readied.

even as some key repubs  canidates for the presidency in 2016 like rand paul and mark rubio differ on cuba and the u.s now renewing relationships rand paul in favor of the idea. and mark rubio who happens to be of  cuban decent like other repubs coming out and saying the president was wrong and is going to hurt the u.s by doing so. plus rand pointing out the u.s trades with other countries that have as a bad a human rights record as cuba . yet with cuba no trade deals.  one thing is proably a certain as cuba and the u.s now start working  the details out of their new relationship. the embargo chances of being lifted by congress since the president can’t do it himself is not likely to happen  by congress come next year. mostly with the repubs controlling things. at least not till close to election time in 2016 to get the key florida vote of hispanic and cuban americans. and two will not happen till congress business friends seeing the money they can make by deals with cuba at last start putting pressure on congress to do so the big leader sooner or later tobacoo for the profits to be able to at last make legaly in the u.s from cubans cigars. other wise the embargo being lifted is not likely to be a reality by congress . some repubs who favor the new relationship along with some dems may try but it will get no where in congress

and thus now after making a deal the budget bill to keep the government going is now on its way to the presidents desk.  which means congress can soon go running for the holiday break. though the senate has to still vote on the main trillion dollar one that among other things will roll back wall street control. increase pac donations and even help legalize marijuna plus give congress now some money for their cars but mostly congress has gottena  xmas gift no shut down of the government as the bill waits the presidents pen now. and congress will be running for the break.