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and thus dc fans including those of arrow and mostly of the canceled constatine  have gotten their wish after it being hinted when it looked like the show was going to some how get another season but wound up canceled any way. fans of both arrow and constatine started lead by steve arrnell himself started saying they wanted a cross over or at least matt ryan show up on arrow as constatine one more time. and wishes are now granted as arrow producers confirmed ollie will cross paths with the con artist magic user. and all around un trustworthy guy since constatine is known to betray any one close to him for his own purposes.  and both casts are happy about it .  as constatine is not gone from the dc tv verse yet showing up on arrow too bad it can’t get the cw to resurect the series.

and even with super girl and lucifer coming to fox and cbs. dc fans will now just have gotham arrow. and flash and i zombie in the fall as nbc after keeping fans waiting and even doing things like twittering for a second season and even a petition. wound up learning that johns powers were not enough the show will not get a second season plug got pulled even though the show did not even get a full first season either plus was put on the friday death slot  . which means dc fans will have to be without their fix of the mystic side of the dc universe unless the character shows up flash or arrow or lucifer on fox has some of the characters like the spectre show up there.  though warners and the producers say they are not giving up on the show and looking at shopping it else were. even doing it as  a netflix show . though they could try and get amc to have it as a companion for preacher. for the first target when nbc had the show on the bubble was looking to have the show on sci fi channel. not to mention the canceling is part of a house cleaning nbc has done that includes about a boy and state of affairs and mary me. as constatine magic fails nbc says no to a season 2 for now.

and at least the producers of constatine and cast did manage to tie up a few things and also set up why if nothing else nbc should just put it on sci fi for  a second season and let it just be made up besides the hard choices story faster. made up of the back nine for this season. as constatine and zed  team up with jim corrigan again to track down a guy who is kidnapping girls and marrying them as a sacrifice to the devil.  with zed still freaked over knowing  that jim is going to die and become a the spectra .  and then johns old friend dan pops up taking over a corpse saying that some one has put a hit out on john. and on the trail to collect it papa midnight mostly for the main reason that killing john will allow him to free his sisters soul from hell. given how as the pilot pointed out john has royally pissed off hell and is a wanted man. papa midnight comes a calling and john manages to take him out as jim takes the first step towards being the spectra by shooting the guy when he splits. though since john has a gun too one could think john shot the guy.  and then  as papa midnight is headed away time is frozen and he is set free by manny who reveals to papa midnight the bacuria work for him yes the betrayal papa midnight warn john about happens and its manny revealing that he is proably with saying the bacuria work for him helping the rising darkness which means he is using john as a pawn. as constatine ends its season or its run as a series with a betrayal a reveal when zed tells jim he is going to die.  and the motivations of johns big rival and equal papa midnight revealed he is doing what he is doing for his sister plus setting up the spectre which if the show does not get a second season will just be teased along with the reveal that manny is working with the baddies.

and thus till nbc finaly says once and for all given how they only gave constatine a order of 13 episodes instead of a full season. and even though they kept saying oh its good a second season may happen. the show final fate is still unknown. as is tonights finale which has constatine not only find out a bounty is put on him but also  deals with jim corrigan aka the spectre again plus papa midnight back too. but mostly the episode is the end of the season but will it wind up the end of the series too. or will nbc reveal that the show got its second season and its as rumor has it going to return on sci fi . as constatines last episode  of the season  is either its season finale with a save or indeed its very final episodes. what will be constatines finale fate. now

when zed stars to feel some pain john and chaz  try and relax only to have manny show up and not only destroy their blood map. but manny  also takes over chaz body. giving john some new instructions.  mostly sneak to a hospital and deal with an lady who was attacked. which causes zed to wind up faiting due to turns out having a tumor in her brain which john thinks is the price he is making her pay for using her powers. and in a moment of anger and being scared about losing her plus proably a little payback for manny using him as a pawn john binds manny as a human . which manny does not take kindly too and tells john that doing so means he doesn’t have his powers as they discover that the source of the madness is none other then eclipso who source of power is the black diamond aka the heart of darkness that got smashed by an angel and is trying to put itself back together its target zeds doctor who has a shard in his heart as shrapnel. so john and manny and zed after seeing manny and thinking maybe her powers are from god . go to stop the thing. with zed telling john he has to unbind mannny that the power of heavens light is the key and john does and the black diamond is taken care. of and zed decides she is not going to remove the tumor as john reveals that his secret of dealing with all the stuff is he imagines his loved ones dead. and uses that as motivation. and next papa midnight back plus maybe the spectre too in what could be the final episode of constatine.

and after trying to take a break after the last episode with chas with family and zed resting . constatine winds up thanks to many telling him he is needed. after john takes a shot at him being last cryptic and breaking more rules.  john takes off to help only to wind up learning he has to help richard again due to some students stealing a book he has and winding up in the mind of  an evil spirit who shows the students who is boss. plus john tells richard about dans death. and richard finaly has enough and calls john off on his bit of seeming to not care for any one. calling his bluff as the two go after the guy when thanks to her cell phone the only one to manage to avoid the guy gets sucked into his world and also trying to free her boy friend adam. as john and richard wind up  dealing with the magic of the mind. and richard turns the table on the guy and traps him and almost wants to stay in the world he created only to at the end have john tell him other wise and he finaly comes too as john and one of his mates go battling on the mind plane. and john shows he is not as cold as he lets on. with now only three more episodes left and constatine fate will soon be learned a second season to continue and maybe let the producers due what they had to pull  from not getting a full first season or will once the spectre returns in the finale will constatine be needing to pull off a last minute save or is dc recent con artist magic user about t end his tv run. plus the next episode also sets up eclipso with a black diemond found.

not only is nbc trying to avoid the riot that will come from dc fans if and when since they did not give constatine a full season pick up even though they keep saying the show is not canceled a second season looks good to be okayed. nbc also revealed that taking a big risk with also grimm  since when they return jan 16 instead of grimm being first then followed by john and zed and chaz instead constantine will follow in grimms time slot. which one can figure nbc is doing this to make sure to get an increase in viewers . even though they keep saying a second season looks good. as nbc pulls a new trick with constantine moving it into grimms slot. when it comes back after the holidays .  and given the fan support that the show has built up no doubt some how constatine will make the new time slot work for it. as for the second season nbc keeps saying its good odds are it will proably be the last show they say okay too

guess even places that are considered holly and sacred can’t in the world of constatine  escape sooner or later being in his path as when another of the old salem group ann comes a calling asking constatine for help who turns out also after new salem to ease her guilt became a nun. she calls john for help when a creature is kidnaping babies  while zed is left on her own and soon winds up with her past coming after her including the guy who she was suppose to date turns out saying he is her brother. as zed learns why john told her not to mess with the house as it takes care of zeds attackers in evil ways till zed is captured the reason for some how some cult thinks she is their savior. as john and ann and chaz .  john goes after the creature by making a fake baby and then ann uses a play from his own book and shoots him saying any price can be paid to protect the innocent and the blood will attract the creature who also reveals the darkness plan to turn earth into hell.  as john  winds up shot by anna to attract the creature another of his old group comes a calling and gives him a taste of his medicine. as zed has her past come a calling.

and thus finaly zed and manny cross paths and meet. when a priest suddely winds up with the power to heal people. john and zed who turns out is also being targeted by some bad dudes. go to investigate and john finds that the guy power comes from having a feather plucked from an angel that fell which brings manny and zed and he finaly meet or at least constatine tells zed manny is around since she can’t see him. and manny says he can’t interfere but they need to get the feather back or the angel will die. only to find out that the thing was a plot by the fallen that the angel is one of the fallen army and putting the feather back helped her be able to enter the mortal world. which causes manny to finaly after john screams are you going to help me or not. manny takes care of things by killing another angel to save zed knowing a price will be paid soon. plus constatine fans will also get another visit by jim corrigan according to zed herself plus she hints that the spectre will be around which proably is one of the last episodes of the season. with a short season but given that manny and now a fallen angel is running around how better to cap the season then the dcs universe wrath of gods vengence the spectre popping up and crossing paths with constatine. as the fallen makes a move now.

and its shades of astra again for constatine as  john and chance minus zed wind up having to track down an evil spirit who possesses kids and makes them kill. and its latest target a boy. as manny hints to john that he may have known him longer then he thinks while telling john his tools given the rising darkness may not work any more time for a new game plan including telling him to deal with a demon possessed kid john must remember being a kid which is bad for constatine given his childhood was bad. plus manny hints that maybe he knew john a long time. as john figures out the spirit is the first kid who did the killing and survived now in a metal ward and john binds the spirit to him. as john deals almost with another astra and manny hints that he and john may go way back then john thinks.