what wound up turning out not only to be a theme thing but also will wind up having a few acts cut for the finales. the judges on agt wound up not just getting one contortion act but three including one who wrapped them around howie. all went on then a pair of brothers did something with celos no one ever thought possible. played hendrix. then came a dancing roller blader that had howard buzz him and howie liking him did not go through. then later came the acts that sent the judges scrambling mostly because they involved bugs one guy breaking the record for the most tarantulas on his face mel went running and howard and howie also moved where hedi was even holding the tartanula then came a guy who was eating hissing cockroaches. the judges did not send him through .as bugs and contortionists seem to be the most on agt. and now one knows what one act can send the judges running for the door. bugs