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as the jokey and owners of cal charm take in the glory of his derby win plus the fact that he is the first horse from california to win the derby and be a pontenial triple crown contender since 1963 . yes since that long no horse from cal has taken the derby till california charm and next for him besides a little rest from the derby and now training for the preakness and trying to repeat his derby win and add the second jewel of the triple crown and then the ulimate test after the preakness in two weeks. the rumble of it cal charm will be able to go and take belmont and break the streak of no triple crown at last. as derby winner cal charm eyes his next thing a repeat win at the preakness in two weeks may 17 . which means a little rest for him too but mostly will he be adding the second triple crown jewel too.


and now since it looks that they moved up the derby to run at 3.one thing besides the 19 horses all including number one cal charm going to be fighting to become the derby winner and the horse that tries for the triple crown end the streak. that one thing fans will also get again is rosie trying on vicars in trouble for her second attempt. rosie trying to be the first female jockey to win the derby and make history since no female jockey has ever won the derby let alone tried for the triple crown too. so history once again is in the making for the derby as rosie is back taking her second attempt on a long shot with vicars in trouble to be the first female to win the derby and also maybe the first female jokey to try for the triple crown and break the streak at last. though she has a long shot.

not only now besides oxford and orb. does palace malice get to spend his days now in retirement and breeding. even as he wound up causing the triple crown to be broken and took belmont but his trainer Tom Pletcher gets to say to his critics and doubters who thought he was nuts to enter palace malice in the last leg of the triple crown due to the fact he only won one race. with Palace malice winning the belmont not only does tom get to brag over denying both the derby winner and preakness winner the last jewel of the triple crown with the win at belmont but also gets to say i told you so that palace Malice was worthy of running in horse racings super bowl not only running but took the third jewel that is Belmont. tom gets to say i told you so with Palace malice win at Belmont.

even though most fans wanted and would have loved to have belmont be in play and see a triple crown attempt. its not to be instead its just going to be with hours to go before race time which is also on a double card with an early race the manhattan handicap before it. as belmont will see the end of a riverly between derby winner orb who is also looking for some readamtion for losing the preakness to oxford and thus no triple crown run. and also orb and oxford ending their riverly that started with the preakness going to oxford plus both striving to add the last jewel of the triple crown. as in hours belmont will happen and a riverly and maybe some redemtion for orb will happen. even though fans would have loved for belmont to have been in play for the triple crown but will have to settle orb vs oxford in a rematch and end of their riverly or wind up seeing a broken triple crown and both get beat by another horse. hours will provide the answers of belmont.

and now with the derby only 48 hours since after today it will be 24 hours till race time and the horses after their training are ready to get out on the track and try to be the one to go for the triple crown. the horses are now like every fan of the race just counting and waiting for the clock to finaly tick down to race time. only 48 hours and the top horse that is getting buzzed as the derby winner is orb. yes orb is now number one pick to win the derby . only 48 hours and he like all the others horses to prove if he can live up to being the top pick with a derby win. as orb the number one horse to beat by the other horses to win the derby now 48 hours to go.