besides airing as a tribute bart the lover earlier. the simpsons paid their respects to marcia wallances time as Edna k. from bart writing on the chalk board we will miss you mrs. k. to at the end of the episode edna is shown on her desk as the credit rolls and gives one more ha. the episode had the citizens of springfield dealing with their regrets after burying a guy named chip. from marge thinking bart is the way he is now from her listing to kiss music when she was pregnant with him. to homer trading all his apple stock for a bowling ball. where mr. burns reveals his regret was losing the one woman he truely loved and then tracking her down and finaly planning to seal the deal only to have her die and turn to dust on him. as bart gets stuck doing a little impression of up in a basket . which has homer save the day with his bowling ball and a cannon. but mostly the simpsons also paid tribute to Marcia by saying bye in their own way.