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its only been out only for now three days and iron man three has now already made the list of best box office take for a film ever. taking second place behind avengers. with a total of a 173 million . and odds are proably more that it may beat avengers box office debute take and could wind up on the list of highest grossing films ever before too long as iron man three comes out of the gate with a record already taken again best film opening take second time ever at a 173 million and climbing. and making the list of best film debute opening number two wonder if this means a iron man four now.

and now it will be blake and usher in the hot seat on the voice as they get their teams turning the knock out rounds down to four each for adam and shaquria did it last night with adam winding up with an all ladies team of as he says is one of the best set of lady signers he has ever seen. and now its blakes and ushers turn to get their teams and then start heading to the final battle on the voice blake and usher get their turn with the knock out rounds tonight on the voice.

hard to believe and what may be a new way and also proof that soap operas are still a entertainment value with its fans. as in 72 hours the new incarnation of both amc and olto live though not as long as they normaly did on network show wise plus due the cost of trying something like this and also being involved in a law suit with abc and gh over using the characters of starr . todd and john propsect parks the new home of both shows and also the pioneer of taking shows as old as both amc and oltl and trying and giving them new life online could only be able to launch the shows with smaller casts. so no erica and some favorites till proably maybe the shows prove they still have fan support and prospect park can rake in enough funds to afford suzann luci price to return even though she has said no as erica. as 72 hours and two killed soaps amc and oltl begins new life online. will fans be there to support their returns in the end and could this be the new way of seeing shows.

mostly to buy time since the finale is set for may 13 and the way the show moved so fast to get to the top four. ai wound up not elimating even though it had a bottom set of ladies. wound up sending no one home last night. yes the top four are still around at least for another week mostly because other wise idol and fox could wind up having to scramble to find something to put in place of the idol finale may 13 or idol if they were to finish too fast have to resort to clips shows of the final four. the final four still around on idol due to them buying some time to make the show meet the finale. may 13

even while the current season of real world the grand daddy of reality tv is now airing. at mtvs little press jucket the producer of the real world brad revealed that this current season is not the last of the real world that there is another one that is already in pre production yes season 29 already in the works. while 28 airs. and he even says he could see more for as long as fans tune into it and mtv wants it the real world so far has no last season for good yet. in fact it could wind up finaly out lasting the simpsons since its on season twenty eight the simpons only season 25 soon. as the grand daddy of reality tv shows no signs of going away yet. the real world has another season in the works already . and maybe more which could mean more room mates in the future showing how crazy one can get around cameras. and future mtv challenge players too.

and thus after so long and really this classic is another film that needs to be done for new generations who have never seen and were not around when the original film version that had frank sintra and marlon brando in the leads and singing. as fox has just made it known they have got the rights to remake the classic guys and dolls. with the leads of sky masterson and nathan detroit. fox says they have none other then jgl joe gordon leiviets and chantum tantum yes not only are the two hot now with gijoe retalation but both are now the hot guy in hollywood for the box office. though the big question is since odds are jg could proably carry a tune maybe on film. is can chantum one sing and two be able to hold the role that marlon brando made his own in the original . as fox is now adding guys and dolls to the remake pile which is one film that needs a reboot for new generations. even though musicals are not hot and the flavor of the month. other then les mis. wonder if it will work out nicely nicely for fox with a classic like guys and dolls to be remade.

and thus even though it wound up with a three way tie at tribal counsil and Malcom at the old survivor auction wound up buying a clue for another idol. which andre knew and made sure he did not have a chance to use it by blocking him from looking for it . and even though her and renolds name both caused a three way tie at tribal with cochran having the only immunity in the end and for the second time malcom will not be the winner of survivor but this time he got voted off the next member of the jury now. even with a chance for an idol again. that he paid almost five hundred bucks for. malcome ends his survivor run again on the jury not in the final at all this time

bad news every one as the prof will soon say proably on what will now be the final season of futurama as comedy central this time did what fox did twice already till dvd films and reruns on cartoon network and comedy central had the show do a family guy and comedy central wound up with more seasons. but this time its finaly the end as comedy central made it known they will pull the plug after seven seasons for the next batch of episodes that will hit in summer with a sept third finale. will be the very last. yes after seven seasons on a network that gave the thing a chance unlike its original home fox. futurama is done with fry and the planet express crew will now wind up making one final delivery and adventure after this current up coming round for the third time futurama sets a record and gets canceled this time for good. no little family guy phoenix bit this time.

if nothing else should he prove to be a bomb as a reality tv star espically given his last interview promoting the new series he came off as a little aloof and almost bored with the idea. plus the reporters seemed to wonder why any one really would take the time to watch a normal day when he is not training for the next olympics. as ryan Lochte new show what would ryan do finaly arrives tonight. with the big question will the olympic athlete add reality tv star plus get viewers to watch the thing since doubtful it include it may his training mostly just a normal day . will fans tune in or will ryan wind up joining some who tried reality tv and bombed big time. will ryan be a hit or crash and burn as a reality tv star. as what would ryan do finaly arrives showing fans a glimpse into the life of the olympic medal winner.

even though fox has not officialy stated the cleavland show is now dead. execs have said no more new episodes have been planned for the producers of the show have said its canceled. which means looks like seth mcfarlan foxs animated golden boy seems to be losing some real estate now. though the simpsons will still have family guy and american dad to keep them company on their sunday animation block. plus the cleavland show could always try and do a family guy with dvd sales or in syndication . but other wise. cleavland might as well prepare to return back to family guy again. as fox pulls the plug and frees up a space on its animation domniation block. down to five animated series come fall. simpsons , bobs burgers. family guy and american dad as fox says cleavland show done no more plans for any new episodes its over with. and thus seth mcfarlane does not have as much animated real estate now at fox