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what really should have happen when futurama was still briefly being run on fox. with the simpsons  instead after all this time and following a few weeks after the family guy cross over. bart and homer and lisa and marge  wind up due to a time portal from bender wind up meeting and crossing paths with the futurama crew as bender is sent back in time to kill homer thinking it would stop a plaque of mutant rabbits that are destroying new new york. only for them to find out that its not homer who helped the creatures but bart for turns out when bart put a sandwitch in a time capsule it mixed its dna with millhouses rabbits foot and created the creatures who then have the simpsons suck to new new york where they decide the best solution send them into space so lisa uses a halo phone and plays pied piper while bender bounds with maggie and goes to the track and makes money. and then the simpsons are returned home with bender as a house guest waiting for a thousand years to return home. as for the creatures they landed on bersi omicron i eight. where lars and the misses are having a diner party with kang and kodos and then in a real twist or that the writers forgot that only one of them is female. when lars tells them the female one go console my upset wife both go after her. plus one bad part of this cross over is they sneak in seymour fries dog in springfield. still waiting.

fox made it officlay known besides stating that the long talked about death of a character will now be the season 26 premire sept 9 . not only that the show will also have jane fonda lending her voice as mr. burns new girlfriend maxine lowbad and william defoe as barts new teacher mr. massen who bullies him. but the big news for simpsons fans is that besides the family guy crossover. the crossover with futurama has a air date . nov 9. the crossover has the planet express crew journey in time when its discovered bart does something that has bad results for the future plus fry and Lela must also stop bender from killing bart to prevent the event. yes bender is on a mission in it to kill bart. as fans of futurama and the simpsons will be getting a treat a crossover for season 26. on nov 9 the planet express crew make a trip to springfield mission to stop bart simpson or in benders case whack him. wonder if the thing will have bender drinking at moes with homer later?

and even though the finale of futurama should be all that is said about the characters till maybe future dvd movies.creator matt groeing made it known that now that futurama like on fox is done on comedy central that the thing is not dead for good as he revealed now he plans to shop the thing around to see if another network wants to bring back the show . yes turns out matt is now trying to make futurama live and wind up becoming like the simpsons never being dead at all finishing only to rise again never going away at all. though odds are no other network will buy at resurecting futurama for its for now since given how crazy hollywood is and that the simpsons are still around odds are futerama may not be dead for good even though the finale perfectuly was its swan song as matt plans to try and make it alive again.

and sadly for futurama fans the end is near for after todays holiday it will just be 24 hours to go till fans have to say goodbye for good to fry, and bender and leela no more doing another family guy that saved and rescued the show after fox killed it and dvd sales brought it back enough for comeday central to bring it back. that now only 48 hours since the finale is wednesday one of the first shows to end its run for good with fall now . futurama swan song is fast approaching .and fans will have to say goodbye and finaly learn the final fates of fry and crew. like if fry and leala finaly decide to marry or split. will bender wind up getting maybe his trip to the robot devil for good . or will the planet express crew just go on one more delivery and adventure and then thats it for good as clock now ticks to the end of futurama and the planet express crew come wednesday already headed to cartoon heaven and just sydication reruns forever. end near for futurama now hours and hours to go. after today this holiday . two days till futurama dies.

and proving that even at long last plus also being the episode before the very end of futurama since next weeks one is the finale of the series. zoiberg winds up finding some love by a woman named maria who grows flowers and the one differance she can’t smell so she does not know that zoiberg scent is like a landfill. while bender decide to take up tap dancing and runs into some stiff competion mainly a little girl who proves to be his equel in nastiness to the point of after lela and fry talk him out to resort to sabotage of her. she does it to him slicing one of his legs. while zoiberg and maria enjoy their romance only for zoiberg to soon be risking heartbreak when he learns she could smell with a nose transplant . so he is torn with giving her the transplant and risking her fleeing once she gets a whif of him or say nothing and let her never get to smell. but in the end he goes with the surgery and restores her smell. which has a surprining resault she thinks her flowers stink and zoiberg still smells nice then becomes a garbage man and dumps his dumpster so she can be with him still. love lives even for zoiberg as bender winds up still beat by the evil girl. only to have her pace maker go out and she seems to die and not wasting time since bender said he wants to dance on her grave he winds up proving how evil he is at times dances on her and winds up restarting her heart. and they team up and go on a spree of evil.as love and dancing on futurama the episode right before the end.

when the planet express crew wind up where their trust issues get carried away from fry finding bender instead of using his tooth brush to polish his ass. bender steals one of fries kidneys for the prof. to amy thinking lela wrecked her club to fluff out her punching bag which turns out zoiberg lives in and the culprit from the spy cam is scruffy killing a fly. then instead of hermes seeing that indeed zoieberg is stealing his lunch its lela and she eats fries kidney which has the prof get hermes lunch in place. the planet express crew wind up having to take some trust training with a big time guru one of those type who also sell time shares and he starts by bringing on his friend who is a shape shifter who pretends to eat every one even as they fight and team up with the one they least trust. leaving fry and bender in the end who work together and get the ship flying and then with out meaning too shoots and kills the gura and then hides his remains and vows to keep quiet till a reward is offered for information and immunity if the one turns the other in. as trust has to be built again on futurama with help of a shape shifter ala the thing. closer and closer to the end of the series.

not only does futurama riff the classic close encounters of the third kind. when a ship is found headed to earth in two weeks blasting some music that only fry knows the tune. which is so loud its causing destruction. so the prof and Lela and crew make fry go into dreamland and relive the day he got frozen again where he heard the tune though fry takes his own method to find the tune mostly wanting to hook up with his family one last time including telling his mother he misses her. but before he can and with time running out soon the rest of the gang enter fries dream. including nixon . which upsets fry when his house and family vanishes. as they find the tune coming from the cryolab. for turns out the tune is from nibblers own car its the lock tune from the key chain . for after nibbler made sure fry got into the tube that also now includes seymour in his pocket. he and his driver got drunk and lost the keys so his driver went back and has been searching for the car planet by planet. and they find it old and aged and bender jump starts it. and in return as a reward nibbler hooks fry up with his mother in her dreams where she reveals she has been dreaming of seeing fry again after he got frozen showing love lasts even if its a little creepy that odds are nibbler went and got her corpse and hooked up the dream machine. plus nibbler is still talking normaly. though amy says i forget nibbler can talk. as futurama not only riffs on close encounters but also takes a walk in fries dreams.

and giving jack and the beanstalk a new twist. when Lela winds up starting to mutate due to being a mutant . into a real squid. fry and crew wind up having to sell the old ship to treat her only for fry to wind up conned into trading the ship for some magic beans and as expected grows a bean stalk and leala while she heads to live under ground winds up climbing and finds that the beans are due to mom genitaclly engineering stuff to get rich again like beans with an elephant combining a pig with a porcupine. and even having real life giant who after Lela and crew free him learn mom was trying to cure him of his giantism. yes not only slicing to grow food to charge a fortune but also helping cure some one and even offers to cure Lela of her mutation which she winds up making a deal with the old devil and goes back to normal. while mother uses the gene she extracts from leala to make it so her big beans no longer tip over which soon covers the planet express building. as futurama does a new take on jack and the beanstalk closer and closer to the series winding down for good. plus mom doing some thing for good for a change.

and thus futurama finaly proves it has a character so annoying even the robot devil does not want him. as fry and bender mourning calculans lost and saying their show is not going to be the same decide to revive him. which involves going to robot hell and the robot devil is so happy to get rid of calculan he makes it so fry and bender win the agreement with him. to get rid of him he is that hamie as calculan soon learns when trying to get his job back in hollywood being told he is too hammy and washed up and winds up with a bit part on his own show. all my circuits. and then with lela help comes to the revelation about himself that he does not need to ham it up so much and then winds up dieing again and back in robot hell torchering the robot devil. proving futurama has created a character so annoying even the devil does not want him. a little irony for the robot devil and calculan.