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and thus the final bits that even though scotus made gay marriage legal including in south dakota. one more thing had to be taken care of mostly the lawsuit challenging the states ban with the 8th circuit court of appeals ruling for the couples  though the ruling does not affect things any more with scotus ruling but allows the lawers to collect fees. as south dakota takes care one of more bit with the gay marriage issue the court challenge taken care of with its ruling.

and now with the major big victory gay rights activists can now be happy they go with scotus ruling that as expected upset some of the conservative base. with the calls already calling for a constitutional amendment to over turn the ruling which is not going to happen.  now the next battles is gay rights activists to get what the ruling does not include discrimnation projection for housing and also gay couples being able to be protected in the work place from being fired just for being gay . but also the new battle brewing with the religeous right and other groups trying to figure out how to protect and preserve their beliefs including letting priest still be able to refuse to perform gay weddings if they don’t believe  in it  and not get in trouble due to the ruling . as one big fight for gay rights over with more ones still to be fought with the main opponent religous opponents of gays and gay marriage who don’t like the ruling.

and with it now mostly 14 days unless by the end of the week scotus winds up surprising every one and one of its next rulings is the gay marriage one. as the clock ticks down to when the justices will hand down the ruling that will shake up every one. churches are now busy scrambling to make it so they can continue to deny and not perform gay marriages by passing orders that are saying ignore the ruling and even telling clerks don’t peform the ceramonies. which has also put the repubs in a bind for they need the religeous right base including the evangalicals who make up the charge but also need the key voters who favor gay marriage too. besides gay couples once the ruling is issued have other places to marry besides churches .  as a scramble is on by the religeous right and churches to protect themsevles when the justices finaly send down the ruling every one is waiting for  that will proably happen either some time next week or maybe this week.

and as gay couples and states now get ready and wait for the justices on scotus to wind deciding their happiness as married couples and some states like  north carolina going so far as making it so court clerks can refuses still license citing religeos reasons for any one though mostly gay couples plus as expected the gaggle that is the repub presidental canidate snake pit rumbling about a constitutional amendment to over turn the ruling which has no chance .  never the less the wait now continues to just weeks as  given the courts history of not issuing big rulings in big talked about cases including the one that could screw people out of health care. that odds are in three weeks now when the term ends for scotus gay couples and the nation will learn once and for all gay marriage legality for in three weeks scotus will finaly end the wait and  gay marriage new fate will be decided count down of weeks now for scotus deciding the marriage fate of couples nation wide. and starting rumblings of the old oh constitutional amendment that will go no where.

and now just three days after today and at long last much to gay opponents who now can’t file any more briefs days from now the justices of scotus hear arguments about gay marriage at last. with both sides going to argue no turning back no more filing briefs or delays or anything the clock is running out now hitting the 72 hours mark to go till scotus which to most has been a long time coming mostly for those waiting to read scalia descent if the justices finaly rule under the constitution that gay couples are allowed to be married legaly in june.  what his decent will be given his views on the issue. but mostly as the arguments now mean the repubs have run out of time trying to find ways to be able to be oposed to the issue to keep the old base but also have some wiggle room to gain younger voters of the base who are in favor including the presidental contenders like rubio . as at long last come this week the justices debate gay marriage clock is just about done now no turning back.

though surprised given the word that scotus is finaly going to decide gay marriage that the call has not gone up in congress by the tea party and conservatives to try and stop the justices and as they would put make sure marriage is still protected by already proposing a constitutional amendment to should the justices rule for gay marriage block the ruling with a federal ban. since odds are that what ever side winds up losing when the justices in june issue the ruling that will really change the nation including equal rights for gay couples. that odds are the losing side will try and go for a constitutional amendment . both sides. even though the thing will not get any where  not the 2 thirds needed of congress and not the required number of states to pass it not enough only being the ones who have bans in place. as the final step with scotus going to put gay marriage to rest  coming. the losing side will try the old constitutional amendment as a final play. before giving up and knowing they came up short . including the anti gay marriage groups.

and thus for both sides on the issue of gay marriage the moment of truth has finaly come as the justices of scotus thanks a dividied ruling by the 6th court of appeals on the issue have stated now they will step up and decided if gay couples due indeed under the 14yh amendment  have a equal right to marry after all if the constitution equal protection clause does give them the right too plus also will decided if states who have bans will at least have to recognize marriages from states who let gay couples marry as legal.  with the ruling that could at last make it so every one who wants to marry their love including gays could make june a big wedding month with arguments to last for two hours longer then the normal time the justices hear arguments in a case . the date they will is april right before their term ends . as gay couples and opponents finaly see the end of the tunnel over the fight . scotus finaly says its time we are going to take care of the issue at last. should be fun should the justices rule that the 14th amendment gives gay couples the right to marry after all. the disent from scalia given he is the most homophobic anti gay of the justices.

and right now both sides the couples who finaly decided to challenge south dakotas gay marriage ban. and ag defending it still even after one by one states have said the bans are unconstitional and just accepted gays being allowed their right to marry as fellow citizens is a given. never less marty jankey is defending the ban in court right now with a judge who will decide to either dismiss the thing or for both sides rule a summary judgement that the state can either keep its assinine ban till scotus finaly rules on gay marriage at last. or the couples fighting for their right to marry in the state. get a judgement like other states the ban is unconstitional  plus also asking the judge to look on if the constitution does state these bans are wrong. and if a judgement is issued in the case. means likely an appeal and south dakota will be another state waiting and gunning for scotus and the justices. if dismissed which given how red this state is and sadly i see the judge doing it . then south dakota will have their ban still in play and have to wait for scotus  as gay couples in south dakota getting their day now before a judge trying to make south dakota  another state letting gay couples marry and be on the right side of things.

given how so far they did not take up a gay marriage case  this term. odds are by winter or for spring they will no doubt as most figure take up  the issue at long last. the question being do gay couples under the 14 amendment  the equel protection clause do indeed have a right to marry. the justices by winter or spring  since by then other courts in states will have ruled on appeals and such may then take up an appeal. with a ruling proably not coming till the earliest june when scotus term ends. as summer may wind up really hot for the gay marriage fight. a ruling from scotus could happen by then.

and as the justices of scotus are now busy talking and soon to finaly reveal what will be part of their case load in a few weeks. minus the jack kirby appeal now that marvel made a settlement with the estate to avoid such a thing.  the court is being watched over given all the gay marriage cases that are being on appeal and lawers asking the justices to finaly either issue a stay of rulings or just finaly decide at long last the issue for good and make it so gays can legaly marry once and for all nation wide legaly.  the big question is will the justices  wind up adding the issue to their load. since even souter knows the court will have to finaly deal with the issue and give their say espically now given almost every state has the courts execpt lousina shooting down the bans on gay marriage and a few on appeal have been eyeing scotus already the question is will the courts upcoming term finaly deal with what is the white elephant to them. gay marriage having a say once and for all is it going to happen this upcoming term or next one .