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even though south dakota is really big on guns and would not do any thing to come close to violate the second amendment the sd legislature when they meet in the coming year may find a gun ban on their agenda as some towns being lead by siox falls plan to push the legislature for a ban on guns being alllowed into a building where government meets. mostly citing that some meetings with government both local and state can get heated and after one story where one guy brought in a loaded gun to a cousil meeting. south dakota towns don’t wan to take the risk. even though just like the texting and driving ban the thing will get no where. it will die or if it makes it pass the committee to the senate it will get killed in the house or vetoed by Daugard any way. as coming for the legislature a ban on letting guns be taken into government buildings or when government officials meet.

and thus all sides with the government now open and starting to get back to normal even though another similar thing could happen again over the budget later in winter. all sides are looking to claim some victory from repubs who lost claiming that they worked with dems. the president claiming victory that he was not weak and stood his ground and will not cater to threats. and the tea party even though they fall short now in the eyes of people find some victory saying they have open the thing up for a talk and also getting their base riled up. all sides looking to come out smelling like a rose now that the government is reopen and slowly getting back to normal till the next shut down.

even as the house votes to try and open at least parts of the government only to know that the senate will either not pass their attempts if it still includes anything dealing with the health care act. or wind facing a veto threat by the president. plus also trying to get it back and running and avoid the blame that both sides are going to get mostly the repubs and the tea party. and boehmer scrambling to try and get the government going and keep his speakership from losing it to a tea party rebellion or the dems using it as a political tool to take back the house and send him packing. but mostly given how the shut down is entering its second week and also the debt ceiling is soon to reach an end . congress is trying to not only save their butts and avoid blame for the mess mostly the repubs but also find a way out all can come away winners. mostly try and get things running and avoid any more blame. and a price to soon pay.

and leave it to south dakota legislatures even though they don’t make as much money as congress. plus the fact tried and failed to get their milage funds raised. never the less. state legislatures in south dakota are now finding themselves in the hot seat a little bit over what they do with their money including paying memebership dues in groups like alex. yes some south dakota legislatures are members of the group. and are being called out for spending a group that has come out a little conservative and also has as members corporations the dems are crying foul stating that tax payers paid for repubs to travel to alex yes tax payers footed the bill to go to alex. where repubs say nothing is wrong for dems did the same with the groups they joined and also with corporations as members of alex it can only help the state in the long run. as the state legilstures are back in the local news mostly this time their spending including joining groups like alex.

one would think after similar acts like sopa and pipa died due to uproar over the acts messing with civil liberties in the name of cyber security one would think the latest attempt the cyber intelligence security and sharing protection act. aka cisspa like its predessors even though it passed the house the thing once again due to civil rights concerns. the thing is dead again for the senate made it known they will not look at cispa at all no debate no vote nothing and once again the latest attempt by congress to try and improve online security and protect the u.s from cyber space piracy has been shot down due to the thing packed with the same civil rights concerns that killed sopa and pipa . senate says no to the third attempt for cyber security citing like sopa and pipa the act could trample on ones civil rights on line. though a fourth act no doubt will arise .

interesting it took congress members to experiance first hand the trouble the airport is in due to now having to furlough workers from budget cuts. including south dakotas own kristie and the senate wound up passing a bill to allow the ffa to take funds and start bringing back the furloughed workers for now. and the house is also set to pass it . and then congress is going to run for another break yes the only thing they are doing is finaly giving the ffa some funds to be able to get back on track and get staff they furloughed be able to come back. for congress saw the delays due to not enough airport workers from the budget cuts and decided no way time to move some money and fix it. mostly so they can then go on their break without any more delays like for those who have to fly home. including kristie.

as congress finaly begins some history mostly now starting debate and hearings about over hauling the u.s immigration system yes talking about the plans by the big eight. the one agency that will be doing besides the fbi most of the heavy lifting once the bill does manage to pass both the senate and house since both repubs and dems worked together including gop golden boy mark rubio.the thing just got some big help even with it just being talked right now as homeland sectary chief Janet napio is backing the thing saying the bill in the long run will help for it will once pass make the fbi find it easier to determine who is in the country legaly and who is here illegaly. looks like the bill will be giving homeland security and the fbi some new tools to deal with immigration like better tracking of who has a green card and whose visa is expired. if homeland security is already pleading for the bill. which also means big fire power when it comes for the vote and to send it to the presidents desk. as homeland security comes out backing the plans to reform the immigration system. as talk has begun on the so called group of eights plans even though they are soon to finaly reveal the bill.

and thus for now after the back ground check thing fell down in flames. the senate decided even though some parts could possibly pass like improving school safety . and also finaly make help for those with metal problems be better avaible. and also from making it easy to get a gun. harry reid made it known that the senate has decided that they are going to table the gun control bill. which means the thing is dead no trying again for the back ground checks no trying to block a filebuster or even the parts that looked like they could pass even in the house. with bipartisian support. and all due to the nra using their mussle and making congress be too scared in the end to vote on the bill. as gun control now dead.senate not going to do any thing more with it for now there is always hope maybe a new congress could try.

what will be the ulimate test besides maybe getting the measures through and even to the house at all. will be not only the senate not getting the whole package bogged down and having enough votes when the repubs try to filebuster again. but also mostly getting so far this week that they actully vote on any gun control package at all including the only thing that will manage to maybe pass back ground checks. as the senate faces a big thing this week actully taking vote on gun control bills. including getting them moving pass nothing but talk and debate to a vote at all. a big test for the senate and a bigger one for the house should they even get the thing at all since the house will be the same way. as gun control moves again its next hurdle a vote at all on any of the bills by the senate a vote .

even though mostly the so called eight the ones who are working lead by mccaine to get a deal to finaly fix the immigration system say they still don’t have any thing written yet to send to congress for debate. and have to sign off on any deal in the end. yet. most are now making it known in the halls of congress that a deal is closer to happening yes. miracles of miracles. the one thing besides health care . fixing the u.s immigration system. is now closer and closer to being a reality a miracle given how long congress has tried to mess with it only to kick the can down the road. a deal is with in reach to fix the immigration system. and not an aprils fools joke either.