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as the president and the soon to be new congress including new senate leader mconnel decide how to get things done  for the rest of  obamas term . one thing he made it known to the president that the repubs dream of repealing the health care act will not happen that mitch knows the senate does not have enough votes to over turn a vetoe were they to vote to repeal obamacare. though they did say they would go to get rid of the tax on medical devices and try for the mandate which the president says is a no go.  as he gets one things from the new repubs leadership they now know the reality that they will not be able to full fill their dream of repealing the health care act would not be able to override a vetoe which would happen they try it at last.

even though odds are should the repubs manage to take the senate in few weeks.that the first thing they will do is move to repeal the health care act again this time helping the house even though repubs know that since a lot of people are benifiting from the act now that repealing it would have a payment  for them later on. but some repubs finaly have at long last accepted the act and now in certain states after dragging their foot and even though they hate the act they are now moving to at last expand medicare all  but south dakota still even if  a new governor would happen. as more repubs see the light and just accepting the health care act as permenant now and now taking part with it putting the medicare part in place at long last. even though the first thing if a repub senate happens repeal

even though the house has voted on delaying some parts of the health care act. including delaying having small business have to get into insurance pools.  the big priorty for congress to get done before they go running again till  the lame duck and new congress takes over. is spending bills. mostly to keep the government from shutting down something the repubs don’t want to happen for it would then wind up hurting them big time in the  mid terms including trying to regain the senate.  not to mention they shut down the government over health care.  but mostly to avoid a shut down . congress big thing is passing the spending bills. plus also giving the president the okay for the air strikes in syria agaist isis now. the official nod. as congress race to be done this week two biggies. okay for the president to use a military response against isis now with bombings. and avoid a shut down due to running out of money.

and thus another deadline of the health care act is coming closer and closer but unlike all the other times the president will not issue a stay for the deadline is for people to clear up and prove their eligibility to be able to be part of the act if the records the government has on file does not match mostly for some  bad record keeping and some may have citizenshp problems like being here illegaly and not even be eligible to take part any way. but mostly the deadline is for some to clear up any problems and prove their eligbility and unlike all the other times the president has delayed a deadline like for the mandates no delay will be coming. plus the deadline is sure to have repubs screaming repeal repeal again . even if with it finaly another part of the roller coaster of obamacare is working. as a deadline looms for it again and no delay this time.

and now that the senate by a vote of 78 since they did away with filebustering judges and other appointments by the president for confirmation.next up for new sectary of health and human service sylvia mathew burwell will pick up where kathleen left off including continuing to over see the viled by some health care act go into place and of course over seeing medicare and medicaid plus also she will be overseeing and giving orders to the bosses of the fda and the nih. but mostly her big thing will be to continue the health care act being into place some more which also means the grief and headaches that are coming as the president gets a new health sectary confirmed to run things. senate okays sylvia burwell. easier since noms can’t be filebustered with out harry reid finaly going for the full nuke and getting rid of the thing.

interesting given his dislike of the health care act is the main reason governor daugard refuses to expand medicaid for south dakotans. he keeps this old partial expansion that will never be okayed by the government. that now the governor has gone and on his owned not only delayed for a couple more years the mandate that companies must supppy insurance if they have a certain number of workers. till 2016 but also has extended for south dakotans. letting people keep their plans even if they are not compatible with the act. yes the governor has gone a tweaking obamacare to make it more work for south dakotans a delay of a mandate and letting people keep their plans in the state which is ironic given his hatred of the act and day one tried to avoid it going into play with excuse after excuse including the ones he keeps making of not expanding medicaid under the act.

and if one thought the repubs of the house and some dems were now going to just finaly give up with the health care act manageing to reach its goal of 7 million sign ups with the president saying at last the talk and fight over it is over with. sorry no so for knowing the houses hatred of the act no matter what more benfits come from it next for them repeal again though the differance as the president points out repubs will have to explains to people who now signs up including voters why they want to take away their insurance. besides to help their big fat cat insurance companies who make a profit dening claims. but the war with the health care act even with its newly achieved goal not over next for the repubs repeal again in the house or court challenges some more.

and till the the president and katherine decide to extend the deadline for having insurance under the act. again with it being now by eleven tonight mostly due to knowing the traffic on the website could get jammed and also the call centers helping people nagigate see themselves really swampped. one thing is certain a mad rush is now going on by people to meet the deadline to get signed up. as the clock ticks down for people now to have health care or pay a fine under the health care act even south dakaotans even though they are on the sidelines still due to the governor refusing to expand medicaid. other wise a mad rush again for health care till the next one when the deadline as is habbit since the act first went into play till the deadline gets exteded again. as a rush for people to get health care is now on clock ticking down to the deadline. and no doubt repubs are trying to figure out when to vote on repealing it again.

and once again just like when the thing started. the clock is running down and has the president and congress in a race congress mostly the repubs to try and make sure that they derail the thing meeting even though by last count it reached its 6 million enrollment goal. as once again the hours tick down for the president to claim another victory from a little train wreck that keeps hitting the health care act. even with a deadline extended again due to last minute sign ups come monday as clock ticks down to another finish line for obamacare and for the president to get some clout from it again and repubs try to derail and lose their weapon of proving how much a train wreck it is .

and even though now the health care law is in effect for the new year. its also starting off the new year. with the justices of the scotus winding up not only with sonya issuing a stay over the part requiring coverage of birth control. mostly due to religeous objections by churches but the stay now looks to be in play till the court deals with the case they have with that part of the health care bill that is on their docket from home depot who sued saying stores have a right to not cover birth control if it is against their religeous beliefs. the stay ought to make the repubs happy given now they don’t dare try to repeal the health care act since people are now benifiting from it . so let the justices wind up helping them in their own way by delaying now parts of the act or look at its constitutionality . as the part that has business cover birth control for workers got delayed by justice sonya