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and  at long last after 52 and so tries of wasting time trying to repeal it  and also now knowing if they do finaly do they would wind up being painted as the party bound and determine to take away health care including in their own states from the millions who now have it under the act. the repubs are now slowly even though they will never rest trying to repeal obamacare are now backing away as making it their number one key issue to keep trying to convince voters its the right thing to do. which gives dems a new key to use against them including trying to regain the house but mostly keep the senate from repubs hands. as at long last after so long the repeal health care  cry seems to at last going silent with repubs  at least when it comes to following their play book. a key for dems. to hurt republicans. since they will never rest until the health care act is dead. just now not screaming repeal repeal.

and what should really make the house happy and the repubs happy since odds are an appeal will wind up on the steps of scotus too. a judge has ruled that the subsides offered for people as part of the act to help pay for the health care plans are illegal. that only if a state has set up an exchange can the subsides be used. yet in virigina a pannel ruled that the irs did act legaly in setting up rules for the subsides and getting the tax collect. a divided courts with an appeal pending over the ruling that the subsides are now only legal if the state set up an exchange. as the battle over obamacare is still being fought in the courts which ought to make the repubs happy since odds sooner or later an appeal will be eyeing scotus. the house might as well stop trying to repel health care now and just sit back and see if the courts try.

and even though now the health care law is in effect for the new year. its also starting off the new year. with the justices of the scotus winding up not only with sonya issuing a stay over the part requiring coverage of birth control. mostly due to religeous objections by churches but the stay now looks to be in play till the court deals with the case they have with that part of the health care bill that is on their docket from home depot who sued saying stores have a right to not cover birth control if it is against their religeous beliefs. the stay ought to make the repubs happy given now they don’t dare try to repeal the health care act since people are now benifiting from it . so let the justices wind up helping them in their own way by delaying now parts of the act or look at its constitutionality . as the part that has business cover birth control for workers got delayed by justice sonya

and after all the headaches and the damage he took . the president is finaly getting close to obamacare giving him and kathleen a xmas gift along with those who can now benifit from it. as reports told the president the health care website is at now 90 so it can take the traffic and figures the repubs start bitching and screaming this time their claim the website is not secure enough. which is interesting given how odds are given their hatred for the act not one repub has actully looked at the website and checked its security . besides given the personal info some one would proably have to fill in to be able to sign up for a plan. odds the government was going to make sure the thing was secure otherwise the white house would wind up giving the repubs personal data theft of users to their list of the health care act a roller coaster off the tracks. as president gets some good finaly from the health care head ache webite told to be at 90 percent repubs scream excuse security not strong enough.

and thus just when one thinks the repubs and scared dems who know the roller coaster wreck of health care will be used against them including maybe by voters plus the clock ticking down till the thing is fully implemented at least the pars that have not gone kablooey yet . which also now may according to the white will include the website working . knowing time is running out . the repubs now have gotten ahold of another weapon against the health care act. lawsuits making the courts deal with the night mare. now challenges piece by piece on the thing. with scotus no doubt having like roe vs wade a few times having the thing visit them espically over their ruling that the manadte was legal because its a form of tax. which now they have to decide if its a tax then is it even legal since all taxes and matters of the purse are done in the house not the senate not to mention challenges of how the thing was even passed. as looks like the repubs and some dems are going to go into the new year still stuck and wasting time trying to do away with obamacare. new weapon tie the thing up legally by court challenges. which will even those scotus deal with will be moot for the thing will be in play and no stopping it .

and thus once again just like the dems will use the shut down against the repubs the repubs see obamacares little fall off of the tracks and the president having to save face. as like any other tool that could help them keep the house but also make tracks to the senate . the repubs see the health care mess as a new gift for victory and power by using the thing against dems who not only face reelection in mid terms but now are busy trying to save their own political face over some voting and backing the thing. even as nancy says the dems will remain strong on it. the repubs wind up getting a new gift a weapon to use politicaly the health care roller coaster wreck as dems run like hell trying to save them from the new damage of it with voters who will soon decide their fates

and thus trying to have some light from the roller coaster ride that has become the health care act. the president is now offering a patch according to even nacy pelosi that would fix the part where he said people could keep their insurance if they wanted to under the bill only to have that back fire. so he is offering a patch to try and fix that again another patch to the bill that has become a turkey for the president. and surpingly the house under the rouse of another step to repeal obamacare is looking at bills to do the same thing mostly block insurace companies from dropping any more people plans. yes the house who has made it their mission to repeal obamacare looking to fix it a little bit one bad part of it which means the house and the senate could actully work together on something again.as the president finding another key to right the thing that is health care. a patch over his one promise that people could keep their insurance would backfiring and the house is supporting it with their own bills

given and knowing they will not be able unless the repubs even though dems more and more are having buyers remorse passing the thing given the train wreck. repealing it . the call has now after the webite debacle even though its back running so far. congress is back to asking for a delay for a year again. and leading the charge thune asking for a delay so they can rework the thing . which will never happen. for the repubs will never ever consider or work on a better health care bill. and two the president made known over and over he will not repeal or delay any more. he already delayed the mandate that business with over 50 workers have to supply insurance. as the call up again lead by thune. delay health care act. no chance.

figured it would not take matt and trey long to weigh in on the health care roller coaster wreck. by their own way south park style. as when due to candas health care system screwed up ike gets some medicin that makes him hit puberty and move away from kyle. even after kyle takes him to a live perforrmence of yo gabba gabba which he winds up destroying and breaking up and turning one into their own brittny spears ready to twerk . while mr garrision tries to put in a new data system only to have the thing detrail a little shot at the health care website. and in the end goes nuts and gets rid of it. as ike is soon back to normal. as south park continues their trend on focusing on other charcters. and also giving their take on the obmacare train wreck that is the website

katherine seilbus should be happy as she takes the heat for the health care website not working right and a lot of people not being able to get on to shop for health care ideas. as congress is up in arms including now some dems upset over the act. and repubs giggling over the ammo they got to try and get rid of it. even as small business get ready to take the roller coaster ride that has become obamacare and shop for plans if they have 50 or more workers. one thing from the new mess of obamacare kathlene won’t have to shop for a new job. and the president hunt for a new health sectary . as the fallout from the website not working keeps bearing bad fruit even leading to the presdident saying the mandate every one has to buy insurance moved up a moth now.