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and thus the final four of hells kitchen now are down to two from gordon having them create a meal on a budget to them trying the old running the diner service. all four showed they wanted it but in the end the final two standing and going on to try and be the winner of hells kitchen is t and megram  as miley and nicole were sent packing had to give up the black jackets. and given how firey t is personality wise megran is going to have to fight to win hells kitchen plus gordon may wind up with a new chef who can match him toe to toe now . as now there is two and soon one will rule hellls kitchen.

and thus after all this time the pressure finaly gets to jamie as not only when the final six wind up taking over a diner. and not only does gordon wind up with shades of hells kitchen from telling cutter and leslie to knock it off or he will send them both home to telling the blue team that their one dish that is cooked by courtny yes do no wrong courtney the front runner winds up screwing up . and it does not take ling and her and jamie after cutter and leslie  and liz win the challenge. and kristian wind up doing the pressure challenge which is to make the dessert cockle bush which is where one makes some pastries stacked high like a bush. and the three give it their go but jamies in the end comes out so hard gordon can’t even cut it and thus in the end jamie goes packing and thus leaving the top five for master chef now. and cutter still holds on . though odds are it will proably be down to courtney and liz  as the final two or christian and courtney.

and even though given how the ladies seemed to be united. plus the fact scott did the one thing you really don’t do if you want to stay in hells kitchen besides serve raw meat is back talk gordon yes when scott wound up having to help a floundering kashia on fish and it was not up to pare he wound up not only walking away from gordon but back talking him. which if gordon is not pissed all ready the way the final six are falling short doing that really pissed him off besides having to call kashia and michele into the walk in to tell them get it together. which had the chefs manage to get through the service. in the end which most figured scott would be going due to the strength and sister hood of the ladies. but in the end kashia wound up going with tears. and thus the final six are now the final five.

and thus the final six have been chosen on hells kitchen with the first black jacket going to joy who won the calendar slot and she and the rest of their team at least kashie started to work as a well oiled machine. plus joy also got a reward of eating with the hells kitchen winner where jason put his little plot for payback when one of the chefs wound up choking a little bit on the dish served him. nasty but other wise it was business as normal with the chefs catering a charity event having to have all their stuff out at certain time. only to get screwed by both scott and gaberial on fish. gabe to the point gordon finaly had enough and told him your done get out and not to the dorms leave hells kitchen for good out the front door first time gordon has ever done that on hells kitchen told some one leave during diner service. and with gabe gone that left the rest even though scott and jason were put up for elimination and given her meltdown melondy almost too. in the end all got their black jackets and the final six now for hells kitchen with my pick being joy or if she can hold it together kashia .

and finaly the toughest of the chefs on hells kitchen start to crack even after surving a challenge tasting some bad stuff and stuff they should have gotten right. both kashia and anton wound up cracking and risking going home kashia cracking and even talking back to gordon just risking pissing him off with her new i don’t care attitude as gaberilla even before service given a warning by gordon to keep it together . while anton after the red team had to redo wellingons. anton winds up getting into it with gordons sue chef talking back and arguing just pissing her off more and more out spite to the point gordon calls him out and then in the end he and scott who also screws his team gets put up for elimination and antons luck runs out even to the point that gordon says he hope he never comes back ever to hells kitchen. ouch he really pissed off gordon and screwed up if gordon says don’t ever darken hells kitchens doors again.

and even as both the red and blue wound up with a bad service. neither team won so both had to put up noms. with anton and scott for the men and rochell and rachel for the red. but instead of gordon sending one home or all home when he asked for them all to give him their jackets he pulled a switcheroo and sent them to the other team. the men get rochelle and rachel the ladies get antone and scott which should be interesting how the teams work now with new members. as no one went home on hells kitchen.

and first went jessica from last episode of hells kitchen. who kept bawling and pleading to stay all for nothing as gordon sent her packing then the guys and girls wound up having to meet gordon at his one resturant to plan the menu even as ralph was feeling sick . and then the blue wound up a train wreck in the kitchen. so the ladies had to in the end take over things. and the blue wound up sending three up throwing each other under buses. scott ralph and one guy who refused to go up. which is why ralph wound up sent up and sent home. as two went home on hells kitchen and the blue team seem to now have decided to throw each other under the bus.

in a twist on hells kitchen not only did gordon give an avaluation to each chef after the ladies won the reward and the guys had to do some chores that normaly the wait staff does. he decided to pit the two lowest chefs richard and jessica against each other they had to cook lobster halabit and skillet fish. and jessica dishes were good but her ristoe was over cooked. then richards dishes came up and he over cooked his rice. and then gordon made his choice and who it is one has to wait till next episode since too be continued flashed another twist in hells kitchen. two low ranking chefs battle it out to stay.

and at long lost surprise surprise the red and blue teams manage to even with some celebs eating at the chefs table. and gordon screaming a few times due to uncocked lobster and fish and scalops from the guys . the teams manage to complete the diner service yes complete after five episodes at last complete a diner service and no one set packing . but in the end the ladies wound up sending beth home who was even in tears begging not to go home. plus the ladies showed they have in in for sandra. as hells kitchen managed to have a diner service get completed by the guys and ladies for once.

a few firsts happen on hells kitchen. one the restuarant hosted its first wedding which ment the teams had to cater the reception and the losing team loses a member and both teams manage to get through the thing neck and neck too close to call who would win. till demarco and his partner got screwed up with the very last order on some eggs allowing the ladies with their waffles to snatch victory and win yes. both teams manage to finsih a service after not being able to get through one. and in the end demarco was sent packing. a couple firsts the teams finshinng a service working as teams. and hells kitchen had its first wedding.