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geez the rate the guys keep screwing up being four services in odds are hells kitchen may wind up yet with all ladies soon. since the ladies manage even after the guys had a big lead in the reward challenge. coming from behind and winning then also wound up taking charge in the service. to the point after the guys fell so far behind. with the ladies close to their second course. and nothing yet from the guys gordon had the ladies help the guys and laid down the law to one guy when he yelled and screamed at the courtney for helping . gordon told him the ladies are there and get over it. and the ladies manage to take over and finish which had the guys put up mike and demarco and once again demarco manage to survive. mike went home on hells kitchen.


what has to be a first for hells kitchen besides the teams managing to complete one diner service yet with once again the woman wound up with a couple sent out of the kitchen. plus too ladies under the weather still trying to do their part and the guys thanks to demarco cutting some lamb before he got the other stuff plus one guy shooting himself in the foot. the whole guys team kicked out and an embarresment again. and then gordon tells the team put up three people yes three people for he did say he was going to cut the dead weight. and in the end simmone before gordon revealed his pick said heres my coat and walked away. first time some one on hells kitchen actully willing handed gordon their jacket . though odds are gordon could have picked her any way.

and for the second time in hells kitchen history recent winner Janel citing personal reasons as why she has now told gordon she will not be the head chef in vegas. yes the head chef job that was the prize on the just completes season of hells kitchen that janel won is now open. as citing personal reasons plus that janel wound up violating certain standards the resteurant has mainly she turns out the other reason she was forced to tell gordon sorry she can’t take the job now is she failed the drug testing the resturaunt requires. testing positive for coke. so that plus personal reasons she cited. she wound up not being able to cash in and use the prize she won. which is also not the first time a hells kitchen winner has wound up not being able to be head chef for another winner was not able to take the job due to her not having citizen ship. so janele is now in that rare club of winning hells kitchen but in the end not being able to be head chef. which means and opening now. wonder if runner ups john or marry are free now to run a resturant for gordon ramsey. as for the 250 grand she will still get that money for its part of the package as winner. hope janela puts it to good use and doubtful any more coke. as hells kitchen winner janel winds up not being able to cash in as head chef citing personal issues.which include snorting some coke that violated the resteraunts policy. she still gets the money. and gordon now needs a new head chef. hope he calls mary or john .

and thus even knowing their teams for their very last diner service espically with rick and zack on board. would do every thing they could to maybe have their own agendas like rick going so far as even trying to sabatage mary to the point she had enough and sent him packing. and even losing the last challenge to Janelle.mary gave it her all with janelle fighting to be the champ but in the end when the door was turned Janelle proved to be the winner of hells kitchen season 11 and half a million bucks richer. not to mention no matter what obstacle put in front of her including her own team almost not talking she kept at it . and won. which now means gordon has his new chef and its janelle. hope the staff is ready to work hard and meet their new bosses standards now. as janelle walks away the hells kitchen champ.

proving they are up to their game and really want to win hells kitchen the final five wound squiring off against past winners as their opposing team among the chamaps dan who won with one arm. and rocko . and a few ladies. the challenge was each team prepared an entre and a appitizer the blue was lamb and duck. and manage to hold their own during the diner rush even though a few times mary had to reheat her meat including the last dish since she twice sent the lamb out raw. plus mary wound up freaking gordon out with her eyes having him make a comment he felt he was in pycho. but in the end the blue manage to hold their own agaist even winners of hells kitchen. even though they had to put up two for elimination only to have gordon do one more twist no one goes home. as the final five prove they are willing to do what it takes to be the one to win hells kitchen and even holding their own against past winners.

talk about real surprises and proving how the chefs remaining really have learned and want to win hells kitchen from the blue team winnig the reward for once which was a helicopter ride and eating 2 grand of the worlds rarest cavier. to one of the ladies on the red team needing the medic when she had an asma attack. to then both teams managing to make it through diner service perfectly . other then zack half the time in la la land. other wise gordon did not totaly go postal for once. and then in one more twist he revealed only four black jackets will be given . so two had to go home only the red team could not make up their minds but in the end zack finaly went bye bye with gordon even doing a poam to send him off . there once was a chef named zack whose communication were whack.though he was good a cooking he is never coming back. as only four black jackets will be had and the teams had a good dinner service so gordon did not have to go nuts.for once on hells kitchen

and for once the teams did not have a service for the episode ended before it happen with gordon not only bringing up the black jackets the three blue team members and the ladies on the red want to go on in hells kitchen but also gordon decided as a challenge he needed to test the chefs and see how much they have grown in their time in hells kitchen. by having them make a dish of their choice and the winner would be safe from elimination no matter how bad the service and knowing the chefs odds are another diner service is liable to go down in flames and cause gordon to go postal .and let lose a tirade. safe no matter what and it wound being first lisa with her dish who got so nervous she had to drink some water to john from the blue team. who only had one more chefs dish to not match his only to have it be as good as his and the episode of hells kitchen ended with gordon about to make a choice of who won the challenge. as black jackets and some one will be safe at the service on hells kitchen.

and not only did hells kitchen new night on fox see the blue and red teams have as gordon said the most embarressing service ever but even when the red team decide that sue was going home she manages to make it so they pick some one else as their weak link . where the blue team after having to rush and take over for nendra who was so slow and bitching about no one preped her table and also making a mess. when the blue team decided that she was going home she wound up having a tantrum and a meltdown screaming no way i am going home no way. but in the end her tirade was for nothing as gordon sent her packing and also told both teams if they want their black jackets and carry on get it together which includes making it through one service without getting sent out of the kitchen . as a new night sees a screaming fit by one chef nendra who goes home. on hells kitchen.

talk about a first for hells kitchen and a real game changer. after the diner service wound up once again with both blue and red all sent packing with the big mistake on the red besides some of the ladies not talking to each other and mary and kendra screwing up on the pork by dropping it and under cooking it plus dan being shut out out of cooking anything by ray to the point that after getting tired of being called a bitch and daring to hit him. that in the end gordon wound up sending not one but all four of the picks dan . ray, mary and kendra all got sent packing home. yes a four elimnation on hells kitchen a first and a game changer since now the teams are going to be afraid they could be going home in sets instead of just one.which would wind up getting down to the final four and the last two quicker as hells kitchen sends four home for once.