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and the odd case though odds are the house bill to not give the homeland security department the funds to carry out the presidents orders on immigration including not deporting dreamer kids  that the bill does pass the senate which does not look likely due to a filebuster the senate does not even with repubs running it have enough votes to get pass one. but the odd chance the bill some how sneaks through the senate.  the president will veto it. which also sets up a show down with congress and risks the homeland security depart shutting down due to running out of funding. as the house goes to battle over the presidents immigration plans.they could have avoided it by just passing an immigration bill.

and thus now the immigration bill goes on to the house which already is in peril as the house not only really want to continue to lose the key hispanic vote by not as boehmer has said not consider or bring it to a vote with out a majority of repubs backing. their plan just ignore the senate bill and try their own which will proably given what they will put into it mostly deny the chance ever for citizen ship for those who under the senate after a certain point of time could start the long road for it. plus also ryans amendment to keep voting on if the boarders are secure. mostly the house is ready to play stupid with the immigration over haul and not bother to do the best thing after all the work the senate did. and just pass the senate version which some of their own party as the gang of eight worked on. house goal with immigration take the road of stupid and not pass one that can be signed by the president or even go back to the senate for a vote.but one can not have the house ever use its brains and follow suit and work with the senate that is wrong for repubs for it could help the evil to them that is the president.

and now even with homeland security janet signing on on the boarder security part of the bill. as dems round up repubs in the senate . in 72 hours from now the senate will try and finish being done with the immigration bill mostly come mon the big test vote on the bill the securing the boarders part and then maybe later voting on the thing to send it to the house. as now the senate has seventy hours to maybe at long last be done with the immigration bill. 72 hours and the senate tests themselves on trying to finish the issue that has divided them immigration reform.

and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel giving how the battle over the immigration bill is hot and heavy with the senate trying to make sure with boarder security it can get repubs on board. while boehmer already reeling from the farm bill failure is risking adding the thing when the house takes it up saying he would not bring it to a vote without most repub support. while the senate comes monday takes not only a key test vote on one key part to get repubs backing it but also now looking by the end of the week to maybe pass the thing at last then the fun for the house.

even though boehmer has already said that its a done deal the house will proably draw up and vote for its own immigration bill which may wind up with some amendments that the senate killed as poison pills. including the one dealing with denying immigrates to apply for a green card till the boarder is secured and one by paul ryan to vote every year from now on on if the boarder is that way. the senate never the less is already close to get a compromise and draw up more repub support to pass the thing at last. dealing with and making the boarder security more a reality mostly giving the resources for boarder security. as the senate inches closer and closer to passing something with both repubs and dems backing. house no doubt will do their own version which will be a train wreck.after all would not want the house for once to tell the tea party to put a sock in it and just save themselves some work and pass what the senate has passed. and just send it on to the president.

as the senate is busy working on the immigration bill. the house kept themselves busy by finaly passing a spending bill the defense one for 865 billion and also in a real surprise move. the bill also includes stripping the military chain of command of being able to over turn verdicts in sexual harassment cases. including making so if one is convicted they get a dishonorable discharge. or the solider who files a complaint of being harassed be allowed if they request be tranfered to a new unit. plus the bill also in another play by the reps blocks the president from closing gitanomo bay. the bill now has to go and get ironed out with a senate version that also killed an amendment to strip fully the right of military chain of command to even try sexual harassment cases. as the house passes a defense spending bill and also strips military command of being able to protect rapists by over turning verdicts.

talk about a miracle and proof when they said the immigration bill has bipartisian support. they ment it even as the boarder security has the thing tied up a little . the senate in a vote of 57 to 46 voted to pass a key part of the thing . granting legal status to illegal immigrants who live and work in the u.s they will not be deported but will not be allowed to go for citizen ship till the boarder is secured which could even be a decade yes. in what has to be a first for the repubs they bucked some of their party and voted to put a key part of the thing ahead of the boarder security. passing with dems a key part of the thing. which is a miracle in itself as the immigration bill seems to inch closer to maybe be law in the end. as senate stands firm and votes to pass a core part of it over the boarder security tie up.

and thus proving getting the immigration reform bill passed and to the presidents desk even as the senate manage to avoid a filebuster to start talking about it . proving the issue is not easy to fix the bill is now stuck with a fight over the part that deals with securing the boarders. the senate is stuck on how to best do it. which should not be a surprise since that is the one part of the bill that would proably cause the most argument and debate including with keeping support of the ones who wrote it . not to mention if the senate is bogged down on it the house is going to be more fiery and stuck worse. as the immigration bill is already proving to be harder to try and get passed and fix the system as even just one part is getting the senate stuck the main biggy securing the boarders. congress would have saved them some head aches and just pass the dream act.

and another step that the immigration reform bill though in the end may be tweaked due to the house. may finalhy become a reality . as the senate not only manage to stop a filebuster from happening on it but also manage to vote on starting debate on it which is sure to be heavy and a lot of arguing and also another attempt for a filebuster yet. as the senate now moves forward on immigration by voting to start the fun of talking and also shutting down for once a filebuster the first of many to come and many the senate may have to try and stop from happening to get the bill passed not to mention the house is sure to also have some filebustering on it . as the immigration bill moves another hurdle to law maybe. and avoiding a filebuster. the senate manage to shut one down though will have to do it again a few times to get the thing passed then the real fun the house .

with now only 24 hours congress will wind like with the health care bill. try and in the senate vote on doing something that has been a long time coming try and fix the immigration system. more so now that the house passed a bill stopping the president from using executive orders to put in place parts of the dream act which most immigration really want into law. the senate will get ready and in 24 hours vote on the bill created by the group of eight. and the big thing is harry reid made it clear that he will not let the bill be changed at the last minutes he will look at amendments but not any changes. which ought to really make some repubs who are against the idea really not happy. plus the fact that the senate may also by the time the vote comes up have the thing impossible to filebuster. the senate in 24 hours will once again vote and make some history by trying to pass the group of eight bipartisian immigration bill historic for its the first time congress may manage to start fixing the immigration system.after coming up short. plus repubs back the thing.