fox made it officlay known besides stating that the long talked about death of a character will now be the season 26 premire sept 9 . not only that the show will also have jane fonda lending her voice as mr. burns new girlfriend maxine lowbad and william defoe as barts new teacher mr. massen who bullies him. but the big news for simpsons fans is that besides the family guy crossover. the crossover with futurama has a air date . nov 9. the crossover has the planet express crew journey in time when its discovered bart does something that has bad results for the future plus fry and Lela must also stop bender from killing bart to prevent the event. yes bender is on a mission in it to kill bart. as fans of futurama and the simpsons will be getting a treat a crossover for season 26. on nov 9 the planet express crew make a trip to springfield mission to stop bart simpson or in benders case whack him. wonder if the thing will have bender drinking at moes with homer later?