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and thus only by one vote did wes wind up on the jury on survivor. yes one vote as after the reward challenge john was as expected once reed due to natile finaly giving up mostly for pizza and beer in the immunity challenge due to not taking being on the pole any more and reed in so much pain that jeff had to walk over to put the necklace on him. john was a target with the plan to make them think keith is going . which wound up with idols flying and both john and keith saving themselves and wes by only one vote went to the jury yes one vote that has not really happen on survivor which i can remember. as idols fly and the jury gets wes now . which means both john and keith will have to scramble with their idols gone.


and thus even though spencer and tasha are the main targets of tony and his group and tasha manage to win immunity again. in the end jeffra wound up going to the jury allowing spencer a little more time in the game. plus tony wound up with a another key to maybe be the winner as instead of at the old survivor auction he and spencer and tasha wound up while ever one else was buying food waited for an advantage and had to draw rocks to get it and tony got it a clue to another idol. which he already has the tyler perry one. if he found it no chance of him going at all he goes on to the finale no matter what as jeffra the next one making up the jury as survivor gets closer and closer to the finale.