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and some history has just happen by scotus not the gay marriage ruling yet but coming but for the first time ever even though its come knowledge that odds are the justices will never ever care or deal with any case that would have them once and for all clarify the true meaning of the second amendment. much to the chargrin of the nra who  for the first ever in the battle of gun rights and gun control got handed their first loss when the justices decided they would not hear an appeal and would let stand a cal law that requires gun owners to keep a lock on their guns and have them disabled when at home  for safety reasons the nra screamed the law is which is their motto a violation of the second amendment. and gun rights. the justices said nope not going to say anything with only scalie and thomas disenting. as for the first time ever the nra got a loss handed by scotus .

and now just three days after today and at long last much to gay opponents who now can’t file any more briefs days from now the justices of scotus hear arguments about gay marriage at last. with both sides going to argue no turning back no more filing briefs or delays or anything the clock is running out now hitting the 72 hours mark to go till scotus which to most has been a long time coming mostly for those waiting to read scalia descent if the justices finaly rule under the constitution that gay couples are allowed to be married legaly in june.  what his decent will be given his views on the issue. but mostly as the arguments now mean the repubs have run out of time trying to find ways to be able to be oposed to the issue to keep the old base but also have some wiggle room to gain younger voters of the base who are in favor including the presidental contenders like rubio . as at long last come this week the justices debate gay marriage clock is just about done now no turning back.

and thus proving how like the civil rights of the sixite with the brown case. the issue of gay marriage really is a big thing. and with the  clock ticking down and down till the justices finaly hear arguments over gay marriage the side against proably making themselves fools in front of the justices trying to come up with a valid reason to deny gays their right to marry any more. which also means the deadline for any more briefs to join the case is coming to a close and getting theirs in the repub leadership mostly both mcconel and presidental hopeful ted cruz filing their own brief asking the justices to let the bans stand including in kentucky. asking the justices to keep the bans in place. while if dems sneak in a brief real quick it will be asking the justices to get rid of them.  as even the repubs leadership races and gets their say with the justices of scotus on the big issue the gay marriage wanting the bans to stay. which means come june if the justices throw the things out would not be surpringly if cruz and mcconnel try for a constitutional amendent over turning the justices ruling .

when the justices ruled hobby lobby and others could deny woman birth control due to their reliegous reasons. justice ginsburg commented when it comes to birth control the male justices have a blind spot and so does the court. and testing that which will also have a far reaching effect for companies and business every where when it comes to woman and pregnaccy  . the case involves peggy young who says ups refused to assine her work that fit her pregnacy. since she was told not to lift heavy packages the case will if the justices prove they are not blind when it comes to certain things like pregnacy mostly the male ones . that it would change  the way business consider pregnacy and could make it that things like workers education and military record for senority on the job too.  may lead to craziness . though mostly the case will prove if the court has a blind spot or not with certain issues including woman health .

and as the justices of scotus are now busy talking and soon to finaly reveal what will be part of their case load in a few weeks. minus the jack kirby appeal now that marvel made a settlement with the estate to avoid such a thing.  the court is being watched over given all the gay marriage cases that are being on appeal and lawers asking the justices to finaly either issue a stay of rulings or just finaly decide at long last the issue for good and make it so gays can legaly marry once and for all nation wide legaly.  the big question is will the justices  wind up adding the issue to their load. since even souter knows the court will have to finaly deal with the issue and give their say espically now given almost every state has the courts execpt lousina shooting down the bans on gay marriage and a few on appeal have been eyeing scotus already the question is will the courts upcoming term finaly deal with what is the white elephant to them. gay marriage having a say once and for all is it going to happen this upcoming term or next one .

and thus for viewers fed up with high cable fees they now thanks to the justices have to either just do streaming or cut the cord for good as in a win for the big networks. scotus in a highely watched case ruled that aeros is illegal. the system that let viewers watch shows for just eight bucks or so a fee. wound up getting a death blows by the justices as it ruled the system violated copyright by rebroadcasting shows without paying the standard copyright fee. networks filed suit against it fearing it was a threat to them and the justices wound up not only striking a blow to future similar viewing type of tech like it for viewers to watch shows but in one of its most watched and last cases of its current term just gave the networks and cable companies a gift. struck a blow to aeros saying it violated copyright law and is illegal. which means the company is now all but dead since odds are next the networks will go after it for the fees it did not pay.as the justices had down another ruling in one of their most watched cases to end their term. next presidental power and the hobby lobby case rulings.

as scotus gets closer to wrapphing up its session soon one case that the justices now have taken will have an effect on what is the limit of speech one can put on social media. as the justices have decided to take up a case over if threats posted on face book can be considered free speech or if that type of speech falls under can’t say fire in a crowded theatre type a ruling by the justices will have an effect on what a person will be able to say and how now a days with social media if should the justices decide that threats are free speech may open the flood gates for facebook to have to work over time and risk censoring its users or if the justices rule that threats fall under can’t say fire in a theatre social media will be doing what they do any way and have to deal with any report of a threat like bodily harm being posted on some ones acocunt. but mostly the justices are going to now decide is making threats free speech including if one does it on social media.