though surprised given the word that scotus is finaly going to decide gay marriage that the call has not gone up in congress by the tea party and conservatives to try and stop the justices and as they would put make sure marriage is still protected by already proposing a constitutional amendment to should the justices rule for gay marriage block the ruling with a federal ban. since odds are that what ever side winds up losing when the justices in june issue the ruling that will really change the nation including equal rights for gay couples. that odds are the losing side will try and go for a constitutional amendment . both sides. even though the thing will not get any where  not the 2 thirds needed of congress and not the required number of states to pass it not enough only being the ones who have bans in place. as the final step with scotus going to put gay marriage to rest  coming. the losing side will try the old constitutional amendment as a final play. before giving up and knowing they came up short . including the anti gay marriage groups.