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and even though due to a screw up with one of her pies in the last pressure test between her and leslie since jessica won the last challenge and went straight into the finale. courtney manage to wind up in the finale also all due to leslie making one mistake by putting salt in one of his pies  which in the end after surviving every pressure test leslie finaly fell. and thus the final was jessica vs courty and both gave it their all even when jessica huband fainted from shock. in the end  when all is said and done courtney wound up winning master chef .even if she also ate part of her dish ment for the judges. she manage to in the end prove to be the top cook for master chef and won it.courtney the new master chef winner.


and then there were three left on master chef. as tonight at long last after cooking their way and for leslie cutters luck finaly failing and he got sent packing at last. after cooking through their competition. tonight either jessica , victoria or leslie will be one of the master chefs final three to walk away as master chef and win it.  as master chef comes to an end tonight with either jessica victoria , or Leslie of the final three chefs walking away with the master chef title. the question who will it be.

and thus after all this time the pressure finaly gets to jamie as not only when the final six wind up taking over a diner. and not only does gordon wind up with shades of hells kitchen from telling cutter and leslie to knock it off or he will send them both home to telling the blue team that their one dish that is cooked by courtny yes do no wrong courtney the front runner winds up screwing up . and it does not take ling and her and jamie after cutter and leslie  and liz win the challenge. and kristian wind up doing the pressure challenge which is to make the dessert cockle bush which is where one makes some pastries stacked high like a bush. and the three give it their go but jamies in the end comes out so hard gordon can’t even cut it and thus in the end jamie goes packing and thus leaving the top five for master chef now. and cutter still holds on . though odds are it will proably be down to courtney and liz  as the final two or christian and courtney.

and cutters luck still hold but barley for after victoria won the mystery box challenge she used the advantage to go after some rivals as pairing them in teams to cook timpora but the catch is that only one would cook at a time then switch which had  laura and cutter working together almost driving each other nuts plus leslie and emily being like oil and water. but in the end after leslie and her pulled it off and laura and cutter barley manage to make it at last since though their timpora was in the bottom kristian and big willies was the worst and big willie wound up after having a meltdown wound up leaving master chef yes big willie one of the top runners brought down by timpora. as now six remain can cutters luck hold out a few more times till a master chef winner.

not only did master chef do a few firsts from giving the chefs mystery boxes where the stuff in it was a alive including crabs. but also the youngest person ever in their pantry anotina wound up winning the breaks from taking one person out of the challenge and their box of doughnuts since that was the challenge the winner anton. as golden girl courtney after being on a streak wound up slipping in the mystery box then her doughnuts along with gina and cutters wound up with her in bottom three courtney like cutter forgot to put the one filling in their doughnuts they had plus courtney had to run around and ask for some yeast she forgot yeast when in the pantry who forgets yeast when getting ready to bake. in the end courtney manage to cook another day on master chef. as gina went home all due to a screw up with doughnuts. doughnuts brought down some one on master chef.

and not only was the latest mystery box really emotional on masterchef since the chefs families came to visit accept krissi who had to settle for a video message from her son who could not be there do to testing in school. but said he hopes to see her in the final and thus the challege was for the top seven to cook a dish inspired by their families and luca dish for his wife even though it was his love rossittie won and he an advantage sushie. and paired the teams up which wound up with the winners being natasha and chrissie yes those two teamed up and won. it the others not so well including one team committing a big no no putting salt on sushie no no in japan. and in the end the one going home was eddie. as now master chef is down to the top six. and in other master chef news. last seasons runner up is looking at some charges of assaulting some cops who pulled him over. and he not only assualted them but ran too. then he said his actions were due to being possessed by gordon ramsey. yes blamed gordon ramsey . a former contestant now in legal trouble and needing some metal help saying he was possessed.