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and as daugard goes around saying his bits like find the 75 million for teachers pay.and also his big sell medicare expansion admitting that it will be a hard sell for south dakota’s legislature given that the repubs have since day one been against the health care act. never the less daugard is working on trying to get the votes to pass the thing. knowing the work he has to do since its one of the tough things the south dakota legislature besides teachers pay they will have to deal with and the governor has to sell for results being the things passed.the biggie the medicare expansion . for odds are it won’t happen.


and thus the excuses keep coming from governor daugard over the issue of expanding medicare . still wants a partial expansion which he knows the feds will not okay ever. plus now saying that the cost to do so would hurt south dakota budget wise when the states have to fully fund medicare under health care. saying it would take away money used for education.  which means that any bill sd legislature tries to pass  would just get vetoed. not to mention daugard does not want to expand medicare because he would not be a good republican  to do so as daugard still making excuses for no medicare expansion. thus giving up federal funds for south dakota too.

even though Governor Duagard said he has not actully ruled out expanding medicare as part of the health care act. as expect once again his answer to expanding medicare no saying not at this time. yes not at this time. and the those pushing for one from the legislature not going to happen for any bill will in south dakota die or get vetoed. for after all Daugard day one has tried and drug his feet as a good repub over expanding medicare and complying with the hated health care act. and as expected his word is not at this time for expansion. in the future maybe which really means when he is long out of office or when the government winds up forcing him to do so as part of the health care act next year even though he wants south dakota to look at the states like iowa who set up their own version health isurance exchanges . and not having to give in to the health care act. medicare expansion as expected for south dakotans who would benfit. no from daugard.

looks like with all the new glitches the health care act winds up causing it also is giving more gifts. mostly causing the repubs who are suppose to be united to try and get rid of it to wind up divided with some repubs in some states trying to block the thing from taking place including risking giving up federal funds for the medicare expansion some like in florida trying to block the thing . other repubs actully in favor of implamenting the medicare expansion. yes some repubs see the future savings the state will get on medical bills for those with out insurance because they will not only be on medicare but also be able to buy insurance plans with out being denied from pre existing conditions even though even the exchanges still will only be a little fix of the health care system. as repubs have a division the health care bill and medicare expanding . some against some for in states. too bad the house can’t be the same way and stop trying to waste time repealing it .