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and now just 24 hours from now walking dead fans will at last see the long time arrival of Negan at last. which means fans may though proably not till the last five minutes of the episode and no doubt setting up the next season. fans will also learn who is once Negan has said hello who will get up close and personal with Lucille . learning once and for all if its glen or Daryle . though odds are that is proably how the episode will end Negan starting to use Lucille on glen or daryle then fade to black and wait for the new season picking up where the season ends in 24 hours. as wait almost over as Negan will be saying hello at last on the walking dead and making an intro with Lucille to some one either glen or daryle.odds are more and more daryle .


making it known that once again the walking dead tv show does not follow nor should it follow the comic literly. and since the show finaly has the Governor. Robert Kirckman made it known that other new fan favorite Baddi Negan is a long ways off the for the tv show. but saying yes for they want to get to him too. but not for a long time which proably means the show would have to still be on for them to finaly get to Negan who is the baddie in the comic right now and the leader of a really nasty gang who among other things kills and torchers a fan favorite. plus also adding to Negan evil he is molding Carl to be like him as his apprentice . besides the show has the Governor still around and lose waiting for revenge to deal with first. as Kirkman tells fans they will have to wait for current baddie Neagon to make his live action appearance. they want to do him but not for a while proably not even like if the show is around for season six or after that maybe.no Negon yet for walking dead tv show. kirckman says nope not now