and most said that the justices of scotus would proably start the term minus dealing with gay marriage yet.. with a bang and they did that by refusing to hear appeals of states bans of gay marriage. allowing now gay couples to be able to marry in va. oak, utah and wis plus their decline also means states like north carolina who have an appeal in court and looking at them couples now can marry too thus bringing fast from 19 states that let gay couples marry to now thirty with their decline. though coming still the justices finaly deciding once and for if gays do under the 14 amendment have a right to marriage and thus let gay couples marry nation wide at last . other wise scotus starts off with a bang says no to appeals of bans in some states that were being fought making the states now allowed to marry gay couples. with next the justices by spring deciding proably once and for gay marriage is legal nation wide under the constitutions 14 amendment. scotus starting off with a bang their term.